The Socks That Saved Christmas

| Calgary, AB, Canada | Right | December 23, 2014

(It’s Christmas Eve when a man runs into our store and looks around frantically.)

Me: “Can I help you find something?”

Customer: *as if his life depends on it* “There is something I need to get my girls! The fate of Christmas depends on it!”

(He tells me what he needs and I lead him to them.)

Me: “Unfortunately, due to it being so close to Christmas, we don’t have a lot of different colours, but here they are.”

Customer: *eyes lighting up at the sight of them* “Oh, my god! You just saved Christmas!”

Me: “That’s no problem.”

(I go and help some more customers, but I come back to him later.)

Me: “Are you still finding everything all right?”

Customer: “Yes. Thank you. You saved Christmas!”

(Later, I happen to be at the till when my boss is checking the guy out.)

Boss: “Did you find everything all right today?”

Customer: *points to me* “Yes. That young lady just saved Christmas!”

(The man check out and goes happily on his way, and another customer who I noticed had seen the man thanking me a few times, comes up to me.)

Customer: “So, what exactly did you get him that the fate of Christmas rested upon?”

Me: “Fuzzy socks.”

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Comic: Too Rich For Jesus’ Blood

| Gulf Shores, AL, USA | Right | December 22, 2014

Christmas Cheer Versus Christmas Jeer

| SA, Australia | Right | December 22, 2014

(Close to Christmas, I decide to cheer up my uniform by wearing a pair of glitter Christmas trees on a headband.)

Me: “Good morning! Can I help you?”

Customer: “Why do you wear those stupid things?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “Those stupid things on your head. Absolutely ridiculous, and you look like an idiot.”

Me: *smiling and looking directly in her eyes* “Well, Christmas for me is actually a sad time. I lost my mum at Christmas, my uncle died shortly after, I have just lost my father-in-law to cancer, and my grown children live over 2000 kilometres away and cannot make it home. So, I try and make the holidays just that little bit happier by adding a bit of silliness. If I can make someone smile it’s worth it.”

Customer: “I’ll just take my foot out of my mouth now and leave.”

(I never did find out what she came in for but she left very humbled!)

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It’s The Most Wonderful Third Of The Year

| Dallas, TX, USA | Working | December 22, 2014

(At my store, we are already getting ready for Christmas, even though Halloween is still over a month away. As we are opening boxes of small fake trees, my coworker starts singing:)

Coworker:Oh, Christmas tree. Oh, Christmas tree…

Me: “…why are you here so early?”

Some People Have Extra Large Baggage At Christmas

| Marquette, MI, USA | Right | December 21, 2014

(A mother is buying a BB gun for her son for Christmas.)

Customer: “Do you have a really large bag that will cover this whole box?”

Me: “No. These are the largest bags I have, but I could put one on each end and only a little would be showing.”

Customer: “THANKS a lot! You are ruining my son’s Christmas! It’s ruined now! He is in the car and you can’t even get me a large bag!”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry. These are the only bags the stores orders. I can try to cover it the best I can. But maybe next time don’t shop with your son in the car.”

Customer: “You ruined his Christmas, I hope you can live with that!”

(She then walked away with no bag… and guess what, I’m still living.)

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