The Mother Of All Nice Gestures

| Fort Collins, CO, USA | Right | November 6, 2014

(I am just about to clock out from work when a teenage girl walks in to return a shirt that was paid for with credit card. My coworker handles the transaction.)

Coworker: “So, you’ll be getting $13.94 back for this. Do you have a credit card to put that on to?”

Girl: “No.”

Coworker: “Well, I can give you a voucher to the store instead.”

Girl: “Okay, that works.”

(My coworker finishes the transaction, and gives her the voucher. The girl’s mother then comes in and becomes furious when her daughter gives her the voucher instead of cash. So she stomps over to my coworker.)

Woman: “Excuse me, but I wanted cash back for this, not a voucher.”

Coworker: “I’m sorry; you only get back your return how it was originally paid for.”

Woman: “Fine, I’ll put it back on to my card.”

(Unfortunately my store cannot put money from a voucher back onto a credit card. It’s final once it becomes a voucher. My coworker explains this, the woman gets mad and demands to speak to a manager. My manager comes over.)

Woman: “You have to put this back onto my card. I need to get gas for my car.”

Manager: “I’m sorry, but once it’s been put onto a voucher there’s nothing we can do.”

Woman: “You have to.”

Manager: “I can’t.”

Woman: “You HAVE to!”

Manager: “I can’t!”

(This unpleasantness goes on for awhile, until my manager has had enough.)

Manager: “I don’t have to do anything. Especially something that’s impossible.”

(The woman finally gets it through her head and leaves with her daughter. Then after a couple minutes her daughter comes back in, tears streaming down her face, and goes back over to my coworker and manager.)

Girl: “Is there anything you can do?”

Manager: “I wish I could but it’s impossible.”

(The girl looks to be on the verge of tears again.)

Girl: “Please…”

(I’m finally clocked out now, and after watching this whole situation and feeling terrible for the girl, I walk over.)

Me: “How much is on the voucher?”

Coworker: “Uh…$13.94.”

Me: “Okay.”

(I pull out my wallet and get $14.)

Me: “I’ll give you this for the voucher.”

Girl: “…really?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Girl: “Thank you. So much.”

Me: “Of course.”

(The girl takes the money and leaves. My coworker hands me the voucher.)

Coworker: “Thank you, [My Name.]”

Me: “Yeah, no problem.”

Manager: “That was amazing, [My Name]. Thank you, I appreciate it.”

Me: “Just to be clear: I did it to help out the poor girl, not her f****** mother.”

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Can’t Quit Good Grammar

| IN, USA | Working | November 5, 2014

(I recently moved from Indiana to Denver, Colorado. Before my move I worked in a small retail store in a small town. The manager of said store had a hefty amount of bias toward me for having tattoos and piercings, even though she said that they would not be a problem during my interview. She even hired me right on the spot. I turned in my notice that I was quitting and worked even fewer days at the store. One night I was on break in the stockroom and I found a note full of complaints about the employees at the store. One was about me.)

Customer: “I see that you have a young lady working at your store. I don’t like her. I checked out the other day and she didn’t smile at me while I was standing there. She’s so ungrateful! She should feel lucky that she even has a job! I am really disappointed with your service.”

(After reading that, I see a note underneath it addressed to me from the manager.)

Manager: “[My Name] Not acceptable!!!! You been here to long.” (sic)

(Annoyed by the consistent, shallow complaints against some of my coworkers and me, and fully knowing I was not going to be working for this woman much longer, I proceed to scribble out a little message for her.)

Me: “[My Name] comma Unacceptable!” *I then slash the excessive punctuation marks* “YOU’VE or YOU HAVE been here for TOO long.”

(I gave her a generous B minus for a grade and proceeded to add my own thoughts:)

Me: “No kidding. Tell me about it. That’s why I quit.”

Should Have Built On A Stronger Foundation

| UK | Working | November 5, 2014

(My friend and I are out shopping for makeup together. We decide to go into this store to check if they still have the same foundation she likes to use. We are quite happy browsing alone, but a shop assistant approaches us.)

Assistant: “Hi, girls, found everything you’re looking for?”

Friend: “Actually, I was just wondering if you still had this foundation?”

Assistant: “Oh, you don’t want that. It’s moisturising.”

Friend: “Yes, I know. I use it a lot and wanted to check if you still had it. I have very dry skin.”

Assistant: “No! You’re a teenager and you have blemishes. Moisturiser will just make your skin even greasier! Come over, I’ll show you our special range for oily skin.”

Friend: “No, it’s fine…”

(The assistant literally grabs hold of my friend’s hand and leads her over to their most expensive range of foundation.)

Assistant: “Now these will dry out the oil on your skin. Stop all those oily spots you have!”

Friend: “My skin isn’t oily. It’s actually really dry. That’s why I have these spots! I just want the foundation I always have. That’s all!”

Assistant: “But you’re a teenager! Teenagers always have greasy skin! And look at you, you’re really spotty! That’s typical teenager symptoms. You NEED to have this foundation!”

Friend: “Actually, we’ll just leave. Those are too expensive for me anyway. Thanks for the… um… help.”

Assistant: “Don’t walk away from me! You’re spotty! You need this!”

Me: “Thanks, but no…”

Assistant: “Well, you teenagers should get a d*** job! At least you’d be able to afford decent makeup!”

(We left without buying anything.)

Total Recall

| WI, USA | Right | November 5, 2014

(Whenever a customer hands me actual cash, I always recount it and repeat the sum back to them to ensure they have given me the right amount, The customer is in a rush and not listening to me.)

Me: “With your coupons, your total is $12.34.”

(The customer hands me $21 and some change while looking at the display.)

Me: “Out of $21.46?”

(She ignores me so I enter the amount into the computer, take out her change and close the drawer.)

Me: “Your change is $9.12. Would you like your receipt with you or in the bag?”

Customer: “What? I didn’t want change back! That’s why I gave you exact change! I should be getting $5 back!”

Me: “No, Ma’am. I told you the total was $12.34 after your discounts and repeated how much you gave me back to you.”

Customer: “But the display says $16.46! Give me the right change back; I’m trying to lighten my purse and I don’t want coins!”

Me: “That was before the discounts. The display shows the amount due after discounts on this side of the display.” *I reach over the monitor to point*

Customer: “Open the register back up and get me the correct change! NOW!”

Me: “The register will only open for a cash transaction.”

(The lady continues to yell at me, disregarding her own stupidity until another customer eventually pushes in front of her while giving her a dirty look.)

Next Customer: “She told you the correct total and you didn’t bother paying attention.”

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The Power Of The Lanyard

| Portland, OR, USA | Right | November 4, 2014

(I am shopping at a popular punk/pop culture outfitter for some new shirts. I have recently moved onto a nearby college dorm and am wearing a lanyard with my keycard and keys on it that clearly have my school logo on them. I am also wearing a t-shirt referencing a popular rock band and an animated series and have a purple streak dyed in my hair. As I’m stepping out of the dressing room with several shirts, I am approached by two fellow customers.)

Customer #1: “Hi, is it okay if I try these clothes on after I buy them?”

Me: “…what?” *thinking she may be asking the employee nearby*

Customer #1: *looking me in the eye* “Yes, I want to try them on AFTER I purchase them.”

Me: *deer in headlights* “Uh… I guess there’s no harm in that.”

Customer #1: “Excellent, thank you!” *goes to pay*

(Immediately behind her, Customer #2 approaches me, having heard the entirety of our conversation.)

Customer #2: “Do you have dressing rooms?”

Me: “Yes…?” *points to the room I just exited*

(He leaves, and I turn to my friend.)

Me: “They both thought I worked here!”

Friend: *laughing* “Maybe you should apply here!”

(Considering the stupidity of those two customers, maybe I should NOT.)

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