Not Acting Like Adults

| Tacoma, WA, USA | Right | August 20, 2014

(I’m working at a popular adult store. It is five minutes before closing. Two girls come in, and they appear to have been drinking.)

Customer #1: “Are you still open?”

Me: “Well, we close in about five minutes, but I’d be happy to help you find what you’re looking for.”

Customer #2: “Oh-em-gee. I want my first vibrator!”

Me: “Okay. Well, we have a lot of good choices.”

(I try to show her the products. She proceeds to grab them out of my hands and hit her friend with them. Even though I’m not embarrassed by the products, I find this behavior pretty inappropriate. She is clearly not listening to anything I’m saying.)

Me: “You know what? It’s getting late, and I really think that you’ll want more time to make your decision. This is the hours we are open, and in fact, I will be here opening in the morning. You will have a lot more time to decide then.”

Customer #1: “Let’s just go. It’s getting late.”

Customer #2: “No, I want a vibrator!”

Customer #1: *pulling her out of the store, to me* “I’m really sorry about this. Have a good night.”

Coworker: “Man, I know we’re not supposed to kick people out of the store and stay open, but thank you for getting them out of here!”

One Of The Bugbears Of The Service Industry

| Joplin, MO, USA | Right | August 19, 2014

(I am working at a chain movie store. A young couple come in with two large cardboard boxes full of DVDs to sell back to us. I start the buy-back. I check about 10 DVDs for disk quality with no problem but when I open the next one, cockroaches literally explode out of it and all over me. Naturally, I scream, hurl the DVD away, and proceed to shake and twitch for five minutes. Once I get myself together I put the DVDs back in the box and call the customers back up.)

Me: “I’m sorry. I cannot complete your buy-back at this time. I found some cockroaches in one of the cases and don’t feel comfortable working with them. If you’d like to check over them yourselves I’d be glad to look at them when you bring them back.”

Young Woman: “You found what?”

Me: “Cockroaches.”

Young Woman: “Well, they’ve been sitting in a garage for months.”

Me: “If you go through them at home and bring them back I’ll be glad to help you then. But not today.”

Young Woman: “Okay. So, are you going to do the buy-back now?”

Me: “…no.”

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Pitching A Fit Ruins Your Pitch

| USA | Working | August 18, 2014

(My coworker decides he is unhappy with the boxes that are stored near the back office he uses. He proceeds to pitch a fit, throwing the boxes across the store and yelling at me before storming out and emailing in a threat to quit. We really can’t afford to lose him, so the boss gives him a few days off to reconsider. A few days later Boss and I are alone at work.)

Boss: “I just realized he could do this again. [Coworker] could threaten to quit again and hold us hostage to running things however he wants.”

Me: “Yes! That’s what I’ve been worried about since this happened. I’ve been trying to explain that to you.”

Boss: “Well, I won’t let [Coworker] do that. We aren’t going to walk around on tiptoe to keep from upsetting him. I don’t want to live like that.”

(A few minutes later I am putting some boxes back where we store them.)

Boss: “Well, [My Name], you know you’re going to have to change the way you do a lot of things around here so [Coworker] doesn’t get angry again.”

Me: “Yeah, I was waiting for you to say that…”

A Closing Time Is Half Open Kinda Caller

| Surrey, BC, Canada | Right | August 18, 2014

(I receive a phone call about half an hour to close.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Store]. This is [My Name] speaking. How may I help you?”

Caller: “What time are you open ’til?”

Me: “We close in 30 minutes, sir.”

Caller: “No! I don’t want to know when you close! I want to know how long you’ll be open!”

Me: “We’re open for another 30 minutes.”

Caller: “Thanks!” *hangs up*

(I’ve worked here too long.)

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Two Difficult For Them

| MA, USA | Working | August 16, 2014

(I’ve just handed the cashier, a teenaged girl who’s sitting on the counter and reaching around to scan items, a $10 and a $2 bill for my $11.75 in items.)

Cashier #1: “I… What is this? It’s so cool! But what do I do with it? [Cashier #2], where do these go?”

(She hands the other cashier the $2 bill.)

Cashier #2: “I don’t know. Hey, [Cashier #3], are these real?”

Cashier #3: “I don’t know. What the h*** is that? I don’t think it’s real.”

Me: “…”

Cashier #1: “I don’t know what to do. I’ll have to get a manager.”

Me: “Okay…”

(15 minutes later, the five of them decided to just put the $2 bill in the drawer for ones.)

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