Some True Glass Class

| Old Linköping, Sweden | Working | September 16, 2015

(I’m eight years old and on a school trip to a nearby city. Some of the girls and I in my class are in a small shop, looking at various trinkets. I’m looking at some small glass figurines when I notice that one of them is broken: a crab that is missing one of its claws. Concerned that someone might buy it without realising it is broken, I bring it to the shop owner, just to make her aware of it.)

Me: “Excuse me; I just wanted to let you know that this crab is broken. A claw is missing.”

Shop Owner: *looks at the crab* “Oh, you’re right.”

(She looks over at the other girls from my class, who are in a nearby room, looking at things and not aware of us talking. Then she smiles at me:)

Shop Owner: “Tell you what, if you keep this to yourself, I’ll give it to you.”

(She then proceeds to carefully wrapping the figurine in some tissue paper before handing it to me. Surprised and very grateful, I accept it and profusely thank her for it, before gently putting it in my small handbag, with a smile. As an eight year old, that meant a lot to me. I’m 32 now, but I still have the glass crab and remember the story fondly.)

Should Have Left At Right

| MI, USA | Right | September 16, 2015

(Because of the snow outside, I have been spending most of my time mopping up what has melted in my section. I start on the aisle with printer ink and paper when a customer approaches me in the middle of said aisle.)

Customer: “Where is your printer ink?”

Me: *points to their left*

Customer: “Oh… where’s your printer paper?”

Me: *points to their right*

Customer: *turns red* “You’re going to make fun of me when I leave, aren’t you?”

Me: “No, but there’s a very good chance that I’ll submit this to!”

It’s All Fun And Games Until The Till

| Ashford, England, UK | Right | September 16, 2015

(Every morning, around 9 am, we have “Team Brief,” where the manager talks about the business issues of the day with the workers. The briefing takes place in an alcove near the lift, which is just off to the side of the main store. There is no door separating the customer area and alcove. The manager usually makes the briefings very informal. On this particular day, two colleagues remain on the tills to serve customers – one on a full sized till, and one on the “10 items or fewer” till. The briefing is going well and the manager has said something amusing, causing us all to laugh.)

Angry Customer: “Why the **** are you standing here laughing? I want to be served!”

(Everyone stops laughing, and the manager goes out to see what is happening. The small till is empty, but there are two customers waiting at the big till.)

Manager: “This till is available, sir.”

Angry Customer: “That’s not a proper till! I demand a proper till! If you were serving and not f****** around in there then I wouldn’t have to f****** wait!”

(Another employee opened another “proper” till and serves the man, who stormed off angrily after that. Nevertheless, we were all in a quiet mood for some time afterward.)

Accentuating The Problem, Part Trois

| France | Right | September 15, 2015

(I’m on one of those 12-countries-in-8-days bus trip through Europe. Our group, mostly composed of Americans, pulls into a gift shop. Behind the counter, a young French girl, apparently new to the job, is excited to be able to practice her English. As a Canadian, it is also a chance for me to practice my French. We’ve been able to communicate pretty well and I tell her that her English is quite good. She is delighted.  An old Southern gentleman walks up the counter, places an item in front of the clerk.)

Customer: “Emma chizzit?” *how much is it?*

(The clerk just stares, crestfallen. She is not even sure that her customer is speaking English, much less what he means.)

Me: “Qu’elle prix?” *what price?*

(And the clerk bubbles back to life, able to answer the customer in, again, decent English!)


Accentuating The Problem, Part Deux
Accentuating The Problem

Will Be Sent Home Phone

| Baltimore, MD, USA | Working | September 15, 2015

(I’m at a small store buying a few things and as I’m walking to the register I notice the cashier has her phone out. I walk up and set my items on the counter waiting to be rung up.)

Cashier: “Hi, hold on one secondddddd…” *continues to text on her phone while I stand there with my wallet in my hand staring at her*

(After about 30 more seconds she sends her text message and finally sets her phone down.)

Cashier: “Okay. Did you find everything okay?”

Me: “Wait, did you just make me, a paying customer, wait while you finished texting?”

Cashier: *blank stare* “Uh…”

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