Coming To The Rescue On Aisle Three

| NJ, USA | Working | August 2, 2016

(I’m the one who pulled a bone-head move in this one. I’m taking the returned/left-behind/misplaced merchandise from the front end and putting it all back on the shelves. For whatever reason there’s suddenly six shopping carts full of the stuff all at once, when normally there’s less than half a cart. Needless to say, I’m scrambling back and forth to put it all away, as I’m the only one in that sub-section of the store, when suddenly a customer yells out.)

Customer: “Excuse me!”

Me: *whirling around, still holding the household decorations in my hand* “Yes?! I’m sorry, is something wrong?”

Customer: “Yeah, those are mine!”

(I blink and look down, then back at the cart I pulled them from, seeing there is a LOT of stuff in there that isn’t from the home decor/appliance section!)

Me: “OH, MY GOSH! I’m so sorry, I’ve just been pulling from this whole line of carts here with all the stuff that needs to go back on the shelves and I didn’t notice your cart had gotten into the middle of it all!”

Customer: “Oh, my gosh! Wait, they have you putting ALL of this away by yourself?”

Me: “It’s an odd situation. There’s normally only about half a cart to put away, but I guess with the store so busy everything got flooded, and everyone else is up on register right now.”

Customer: “Hm… okay, hold on.”

(She then pushed her cart down one of the seldom-busy aisles, came back, and helped me put away two baskets! Turned out she comes by about once a week to see what new stuff we have, and knew where more stuff was located than half the people that work here. Big thanks to the lady that helped me dig myself out of a hole, and not scream at me when I took her framed mirrors!)

Doesn’t Know What State His Mind Is In

| Baton Rouge, LA, USA | Right | August 1, 2016

(The customer approaches my register, looking dazed:)

Customer: “Um, what city is this?”

Me: “Baton Rouge.”

Customer: “So… Louisiana?”

Our Great DiscrimiNation, Part 4

| USA | Right | July 30, 2016

(It’s a very busy day, as it’s the end of Ramadan. Lots of Muslim customers are here, and as expected, they find quiet corners to do their prayers in. I’m walking inside and see a customer berating one of the men.)

Customer: “Keep your [slur] religion at home! This is a good Christian establishment they have kindly let you in!”

Me: “Sir, please stop!”

Customer: “You! Kick this d*** n***** out!”

Me: “I’m asking YOU to leave. This man has done nothing to you.”

Customer: “He’s f**** rubbing his terrorist religion in my face! He’s probably gonna blow this place up! Him and his [slur] family!”

Me: “I’m asking you one more time to leave, before I call security.”

Customer: “Yeah, call them! Kick this [slur] out and arrest him!”

(I call security. The Muslim man tries walking away, but the other customer grabs his arm and pulls him back.)

Customer: “NO, YOU DON’T! You’re gonna go detonate your f**** bomb or something! Your a** stays here where I can keep people safe!”

Me: “Sir, please do not touch him! He has done nothing to you or anyone else!”

Customer: “HE’S GONNA KILL YOU!”

(At this point, lots of people are staring and backing away. The Muslim man looks frightened, but doesn’t move. Security pushes through the crowd.)

Customer: “Thank f***** God you’re here! This [slur] was gonna blow the whole place up!”

Security: “You’re gonna have to come with me.”

Customer: “What?! Why?! He’s the one that’s gonna blow us up!”

(Security drags the screaming customer away. I turn to the other man.)

Me: “I’m very, very sorry about that! Are you all right?”

Muslim Customer: “Yes, I’m fine, thank you. And thank you for standing up for me.”

(The Muslim man had his tickets given to him for free. The customer who had attacked him was banned for life.)


Not The Brightest Firework In The Pack

| Marysville, WA, USA | Right | July 30, 2016

(I work at a well known retail store with a certain price match guarantee. This happens just before lunch so I’m already flustered and thinking about finally eating something. A call comes in and like normal I answer.)

Me: “Thanks for calling your [Location] [Store]; how can I direct your call?”

Caller: “I’m standing in your CD aisle in electronics hoping for some help finding a CD.”

Me: “All right, I can either transfer you to the electronics phone or page someone to your location.”

Caller: “Paging someone to me would be great, thanks.”

Me: “All right, do you want to stay on the line with me in case they don’t show up right away?”

(The caller says yes and I put her on hold while I page help for her. I check in every couple of minutes asking if help had arrived to her and each time she says no so I page again. I follow this pattern three more times before getting fed up and asking over the walkie for a manager or pretty much anyone to help this woman who is surprisingly nice despite being on the phone with me so long. Management says they’ve been in the CD aisle for the past 5 minutes and haven’t seen anyone. I get back on the phone with the customer.)

Me: “Ma’am, management has informed me they are in the CD aisle and don’t see you there.”

Caller: *has a bit of a dreamy/ditzy voice at this point* “Oh, well, I’m actually at home but was hoping you could find a Katy Perry CD. I don’t know the name but it’s got the Fireworks song on it.”

Me: *face on desk and irritated but still trying to stay professional* “Okay, ma’am, let me put you back on hold and I’ll get someone to look.”

(Management was just as annoyed and we eventually found a CD with the Fireworks song, but I’m still not sure it’s the one she wanted. And ironically 10 minutes later the radio started playing Firework by Katy Perry.)

The Little Devils Are Little Angels

| Sacramento, CA, USA | Related | July 29, 2016

(I am a mother of four. Sadly, my second child passed away shortly after birth. I am at the store with my three surviving children, eight, four, and two. My kids are acting up a bit, but nothing too bad: staying the cart, just talking a little loudly, and the four-year-old is asking for stuff.)

Cashier: “Having a good day?”

Me: *my typical response* “With these kids? It’s always a good day.”

Cashier: “Really? Even when they are being like that?”

Me: “Yep! I’ve got one kid dead and in heaven, so any day with these kids—” *gestures to my sweeties who yes, are currently being loud, but staying in the cart* “—is a GOOD ONE.”

Cashier: *shuts up*

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