Common Sense Does Not Register

| IL, USA | Right | August 3, 2016

(I’m working the service desk when a guy comes up with a sheet from a registry.)

Customer: “This is my daughter’s registry. We tried to go online to delete this item –” *points to an item* “– but it won’t let us. Can you do that for me?”

Me: “Unfortunately not. She would have to go in and do it herself. And the item has been purchased?”

Customer: “Yeah, we bought it.” *sighs in frustration* “There’s a flaw in the system!”

Me: “Did you have the cashier scan this when you purchased it?”

Customer: “Well, we purchased it at a different store.”

Me: “Did you purchase it at a different location or did you get it at a different store altogether?”

Customer: “A different store altogether. So you’re saying you won’t take it off? This is a flaw in the system.”

Me: “Sir… we cannot take it off if you didn’t purchase it at our store. We cannot do anything with it on our end. We have NO access to people’s accounts. If you purchase it in our store or online, we can fix it then.”

Customer: “Why not? So if I buy it here, take it off, and return it, will that take it off the registry? Then no one else can buy it for her.”

Me: “No, because once you return it, it returns back to the registry.”

Customer: “Well, that’s a flaw they should fix. I get that they want to keep the business in the store, but I bought it; I should be able to take it off the registry!”

Me: *fed up after having a long night* “It’s. Not. A. Flaw. We can’t have it so anyone can go in and change things. If that were true, then things could be taken off EVEN IF THEY WEREN’T PURCHASED!”

(The man then walks out, still mumbling about how there’s a flaw in our registry system. Sadly, this was not the first time someone has asked me to take something off a registry that they did not buy in our store.)

Only Credited With Confusion

| AR, USA | Right | August 3, 2016

(I am called over by an employee handling an order. The customer has already returned two items because the were the wrong color. We only had one item in the correct color in stock, so we are ordering the second item from another store. Apparently, my employee and the customer have been discussing the order for a while and the customer has convinced my employee that the item we are ordering should be free.)

Me: “Ma’am, we’ve already returned this item to your card, and we will only be giving you this new item at the same price. So you aren’t really paying for another one; it’s just an extended exchange.”

Customer: “I don’t understand why I have to pay for it again. I bought these in [Other City] and now I just want to get the other color.”

Me: *thinking she might not have been paying very close attention* “We have to charge you for this new one because you’ve been given a credit on your [Store] card for the one that was the wrong color. When they ship it, they will charge you the same amount and you won’t owe anything.”

Customer: “No, I already paid for it. I paid for it in [Other City].”

Me: “Yes, and you returned it here. See, you have a credit on your account.”

Customer: “Ugh, I just wish I had the others back. I could just drive to [Other Store which is three hours away], and get the right colors there.”

Me: “Certainly, ma’am. Just a moment.”

(I immediately voided the return of her items and the sale of the new one, gave her the old receipt and one that proved her items had not been returned, and sent her on her way. She looked happy, if not a little confused on her way out.)

Wish You Could Counter The Culture

| UK | Right | August 3, 2016

(I work in a small store that does not have enough sales to warrant paying for a credit/debit machine, so we take cash only. There is a large sign at the counter saying this, and there is a cash machine right outside. The cashier’s counter is very small and cramped. On this day, I have three or four people lining up to pay, and the first customer in the queue is buying a large kid’s toy plus a vase and some books.)

Customer #1: “Do you take cards?”

Me: “Sorry, no, it’s cash only.”

Customer #1: “Oh, sorry, I don’t have enough. Can you hold these while I pop over to the machine?”

Me: “Yes, no problem.”

(The customer leaves and due to the limited space I stand up and put the vase and the kid’s toy on my cashier chair and then start to stack the books at the edge of the counter to leave space for the next customer.)

Customer #2: *handing me his items – two books* “Didn’t she want her things?”

Me: “Oh, yes. She only had her card and we only take cash so she’s just gone to get some money. That’ll be [total].”

Customer #2: “Do you take cards?”

Me: “No… only cash. Sorry.”

Customer #2: “Oh. I’ll just have to go get some money out then. Can you hold these books for a few minutes?”

Me: “Yes, that’s fine.”

(I stack them next to Customer #1’s books. By now, there is very little counter space left.)

Customer #3: “That was ridiculous!” *hands me some CD’s*

Me: “Yeah, it happens. That’s [total], please.”

Customer #3: *hands me her credit card*

Me: *speechless*

Oreos And Plain Old Milk Just Don’t Cut It Anymore

| USA | Working | August 2, 2016

(I work in a confectionary store. We’re on a little street in the historic area of town, where many ritzy boutiques and the like are located. This happens after lunch, when many of the small restaurants are closing for the day.)

Manager: “Ugh, I’m feeling slow. I’m going to put on some coffee.”

(She starts setting it up, but quickly realizes we don’t have any creamer left.)

Manager: “D****t! I can’t drink coffee without creamer!”

(We’re pretty laidback and low-key in this job. One of my other coworkers starts teasing the manager about her need for caffeine, while I just smirk to myself. As the manager keeps grumbling, my coworker gets a bright idea.)

Coworker: “Hey, I bet they’ve got creamer down at [Restaurant on corner]. [My Name], go get some so she’ll stop grumbling!”

Me: “Okay.”

(Here in this area, the businesses often give small free stuff to other merchants and their employees, so a little creamer shouldn’t be bad. I go down to the corner, where they’re prepping for closing. There’s only one customer left, enjoying her food. The owner is standing near the register and greets me. We’ve never been formally introduced, but I’m wearing my distinctive smock, so he knows where I work.)

Owner: “Hi, how can I help you?”

Me: “Can ya’ll spare some creamer? We don’t have any, and my manager really needs coffee.”

Owner: *goes behind counter, comes back with full, unopened half-n-half carton* “This good?”

Me: *completely surprised by such generosity* “Uh, yeah, that’s good.”

Owner: “Cool. Just have her buy another carton, and bring it back within the week. Enjoy.”

(I head back down to our shop. When my manager sees the carton, she’s flabbergasted.)

Manager: “[My Name]! I didn’t need all this!”

Me: “Well, it’s what he gave me, and it seemed wrong to refuse. He says you just need to buy another one, and bring it in by next week. Doesn’t have to be the same brand.”

Manager: “I don’t have time to go buy him creamer! Here, take him some cookies!”

(One of our candies is a chocolate-covered sandwich-type cookie. I grab two two-packs, walk back down to the corner, and enter. Everyone, from the line cook to the owner to the one single customer, is still there.)

Me: “Yeah, so, she likes the creamer, but doesn’t want to go buy you another one. You cool with some cookies?” *holds up packs*

Owner: *eyebrows raised* “Cookies for creamer? Yeah, sure.”

(He took the cookies, while everyone, including me, laughed. My manager was happy with the creamer, and told everyone about how I’m an awesome deal-maker. I just hope she doesn’t expect me to be the go-between for other trades!)

Coming To The Rescue On Aisle Three

| NJ, USA | Working | August 2, 2016

(I’m the one who pulled a bone-head move in this one. I’m taking the returned/left-behind/misplaced merchandise from the front end and putting it all back on the shelves. For whatever reason there’s suddenly six shopping carts full of the stuff all at once, when normally there’s less than half a cart. Needless to say, I’m scrambling back and forth to put it all away, as I’m the only one in that sub-section of the store, when suddenly a customer yells out.)

Customer: “Excuse me!”

Me: *whirling around, still holding the household decorations in my hand* “Yes?! I’m sorry, is something wrong?”

Customer: “Yeah, those are mine!”

(I blink and look down, then back at the cart I pulled them from, seeing there is a LOT of stuff in there that isn’t from the home decor/appliance section!)

Me: “OH, MY GOSH! I’m so sorry, I’ve just been pulling from this whole line of carts here with all the stuff that needs to go back on the shelves and I didn’t notice your cart had gotten into the middle of it all!”

Customer: “Oh, my gosh! Wait, they have you putting ALL of this away by yourself?”

Me: “It’s an odd situation. There’s normally only about half a cart to put away, but I guess with the store so busy everything got flooded, and everyone else is up on register right now.”

Customer: “Hm… okay, hold on.”

(She then pushed her cart down one of the seldom-busy aisles, came back, and helped me put away two baskets! Turned out she comes by about once a week to see what new stuff we have, and knew where more stuff was located than half the people that work here. Big thanks to the lady that helped me dig myself out of a hole, and not scream at me when I took her framed mirrors!)

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