No Point Crying Over Spilled Milk Chocolate

| NC, USA | Right | June 17, 2016

Customer: “How much is that?” *pointing to case*

Me: “I’m sorry, which piece?”

Customer: “The dark chocolate.”

(We have about ten dark chocolate choices.)

Me: “Oh, did you mean [product].”

Customer: “Yeah.”

Me: “Well they’re fifty dollars a pound and each piece usually is about two dollars.”

Customer: “Fifty dollars each?!”

Me: “No, that’s for a pound. A individual is around two dollars; we weigh each individually.”

Customer: “Well, how many are in a pound?”

Me: “20-25, depending on weight.”

Customer: “How much would that be?”

Me: “For a pound, that would be fifty.”

Customer: “Well, I’ll just get these then.”

(She picks out a product where she has a choice of milk or dark or white chocolate.)

Me: “Okay would you like milk, dark, or white?”

Customer: “Hmm, I’ll go with milk.”

(I start to pick the milk.)

Customer: “No, I wanted the milk one!”

(I handed her the white chocolate and made the transaction and then lost all faith in humanity.)

Some Guys Are Idiots Every Day Of The Month

| PA, USA | Working | June 17, 2016

(I am a 19-year-old female. The cashier, a mid- to late-twenty-something male, is ringing up a woman as I walk up, so I load my items onto the belt, leaving plenty of space in between, and wait. Among other things, the woman in front of me is purchasing tampons and a sports bra. The cashier rings up all of the other items, even reaching AROUND the tampon boxes to grab some other items and then pauses and looks between me and the other shopper.)

Cashier: “So is that where your stuff ends or…?

Customer: *confused look* “No, that’s still my stuff.”

Cashier: *embarrassed look* “Oh…” *mumbles* “If it had been a guy behind you it would have been easier to tell.”

Me: “Trust me, if those were mine there would be a LOT more chocolate with them.”

Cashier: *turns pink and doesn’t say anything else the rest of the transaction*

The Line Goes Cinnamon And On

| Atlanta, GA, USA | Friendly | June 16, 2016

(My friends are in the checkout line, but the people in front of us are trying to buy a wastebasket which doesn’t have a price tag, and they can’t remember where they got it from. As they’re going through this ordeal, I decide to wander off since I’m not buying anything and come back a little while later.)

Friend: “Where did you run off to?”

Me: “I went and got a cinnamon roll.”

Friend: “So, then, where’s the cinnamon roll?”

Me: “I ate it already.”

Friend #2: “Wait a minute! You mean to tell us that you went off, bought a cinnamon roll, ate it, and in that entire time, we haven’t moved a f****** inch in this line?!”

(I decided not to tell them that I went to the bathroom as well.)

That Deal Has Fully Checked Out

| Ansbach, Germany | Right | June 11, 2016

(Our store has a deal where you buy €200 worth of merchandise and you get €50 off. You have to have a flyer/coupon that we spammed everyone with for two weeks. Knowing most people will forget to bring them in, I stash a few extra away and help people out that are close to €200 that don’t have a flyer. Now I have just one left. I ring up a woman.)

Me: “Your total is €198 plus change. You can grab anything you wants in the store for less than €51, since it will effectively be free.”

Customer: “Why? I don’t want anything else!”

Me: *explains the promotion to her*

Customer: “I just want the things I have.”

Me: “I notice you have a pack of gum already rung up, if you hand me another pack I can save you €49 and change.”

Customer: *irritated* “I don’t want it!”

(I comply with her demands and finalize the sale. I ring up the next customer, a young American soldier; while she is pondering over her receipt.)

Soldier: *stating loudly* “I am getting a video game system and it will break the €200 barrier!”

(The conversation between the woman and me FINALLY sinks in.)

Customer: “Wait! I want to add to my total!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I’m in the middle of a transaction; it’s not possible.”

(The soldier secured my last ‘up for grabs’ flyer. The woman was upset and demanded a refund, which I was not allowed to do. She demanded to speak to the manager. When my manager spoke with her, I was out of earshot. When I was approached by the manager about what happened with the lady customer, whatever she said had me in hot water. The soldier then came back in, having seen or heard the commotion, and explained that I did everything I could to save the lady money. My Real American Hero!)

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Bad Worker, Bad Parenting

| Reno, NV, USA | Working | June 10, 2016

(We have one coworker at our store that has been there for less time than most of her coworkers. She thinks she is better than most of the people at the store and is not well-liked. She recently got her daughter a job cashiering. When the store gets busy and the lines at the registers get long we call for backup and the sales floor people have to come up and help out. On this day we have a couple of people not show up for work and are busy.)

Me: *calling out over the radio* “Hey, guys, can we get fast service to the front, please! We need two people!”

(The bad coworker comes up, grumbling, to help out. After the lines die down she comes up to me and my other coworker.)

Bad Coworker: “This is ridiculous! Why do you keep calling us up so many times for fast service! I have stuff to do!”

Me: “We had three call outs today up here alone! It sucks but that is part of the job. We have to make sure it is ‘guest first.’”

Bad Coworker: “We need more reliable people up here. This is why no one likes the front end people!”

Coworker #2: “Isn’t this like the fourth time in two weeks YOUR DAUGHTER has not shown up for her cashier shift?

(Bad coworker got quiet and then walked away. Since her daughter was still in her probation phase of working she was let go the next day! I guess she thought since her mom worked there she could do whatever she wanted.)

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