Not Very Closed Minded, Part 19

| UK | Right | August 31, 2016

(It’s about half an hour before the shop I work in opens, and currently we’re just setting up for the day. All of the lights are off, and on all of our doors we have clear signs with our opening hours, as well as signs saying “CLOSED.” All of the doors except for one are locked. A customer walks in through the only open door, after having tried to open all the other locked ones, and picks up a basket.)

Customer: “Why is it so dark in here?”

Me: “Oh, sorry, ma’am, we’re not actually open yet. I’m going to have to ask you to come back later.”

Customer: “What? That’s ridiculous. How was I meant to know you weren’t open? Your door would be locked if you were ACTUALLY closed!”

Me: “Well, with all due respect, ma’am, how would our staff get into work if the doors were all locked?”

(She left, but still couldn’t understand why we had to have a door open for staff to get in.)


Doesn’t Pilipi-Know What She’s Talking About

| Hamilton, ON, Canada | Related | August 31, 2016

My mother is horrific any time she has to interact with anyone in the service industry. When she comes to visit my husband and me, we intentionally only take her to places we will never go back to, because we know she will embarrass us to no end.

Case 1:

We are at a small, family run diner that has a liquor license. She orders some obscure rum, argues when the server says they don’t carry it, then demands to be shown their entire liquor selection, just in case the server doesn’t know what she is talking about.

Case 2:

I take her for a pedicure in an adjacent town — again, I’ve never been before, and know I’ll never be back. She attempts to engage in small talk with the technician, asking where she is from. The lady replies that she is from the Philippines. My mother replied “Oh, I know Pilipinos”. (Yes, she said it that way, with a hard P, not an F sound.) “You people are great at menial labour.”

A Very Interesting Exchange

| Fayetteville, AR, USA | Related | August 29, 2016

(I am at the register closest to the door, which is the only place to do returns and exchanges, and usually get a lot of questions from customers as they come in. A young girl walks up, looking slightly embarrassed.)

Me: “What can I do for you?”

Girl: “Ummmm…” *embarrassed laugh*

Me: “It’s okay, ask whatever you want… I won’t laugh, I promise.”

Girl: “Is this where you go to exchange granddaughters?”

Me: “Hmm, how old is said granddaughter?”

Girl: “15.”

Me: “Is she willing to work?”

Girl: “Yes.”

Me: “What are we exchanging her for?”

Girl: *bursts out laughing* “I don’t know. I’ll have to ask my grandpa.” *walks away*

(Totally made my day.)

PayPal Payback

, | | Right | August 28, 2016

(I know the owner of a cleaning supplies company whom I see every week at a networking group. One day, I place an order on his website for some toilet roll and a few other cleaning bits and bobs. I realise shortly after that I put the wrong delivery address (the address I put is outside his area of delivery) so I email him to let him know. I don’t hear back. A few days later I see him.)

Me: “Hi, [Owner]. I put an order through on your website, but I put the wrong address. I emailed you. Did you see it?”

Owner: “Oh, no, my email’s been down. Email me your details and I’ll sort it out.”

(I resend the email. When I see him the next week…)

Me: “Hey, did you get that email I sent you about my order?”

Owner: “I’ve just got a new secretary and I’m training her to deal with my emails. She mustn’t have got to that one yet. Write it down for me now.”

(I do so. The next week…)

Me: “Hi, [Owner], I still haven’t heard from you regarding my order…”

Owner: “My new secretary is s***. Sorry, send me another email, this time on [new email address]. I’ll sort it out.”

(This continues for about two months. Eventually I ask for my money back.)

Me: “Look, it’s been a while. I’ve bought some toilet roll. Can I just have my money back? I paid Paypal.”

Owner: “Sure, I’ll just reverse the transaction.”

(Lo and behold… next week…)

Me: “Hey, I haven’t got my refund yet.”

Owner: “Oh, yeah. How much was it again?”

Me: “About £30.”

Owner: “I’ll bring cash next week.”

(It took three more weeks for me to get my money back.)

Fails To Plant The Concept

| IL, USA | Right | August 27, 2016

(I get to have this conversation at least once per work-day.)

Customer: “Do you work here?”

Me: “I’m the plant vendor. If you have a question about the flowering plants, I can help you.”

Customer: “Great. Can you help me with the lawn mowers/barbecues/pots?”

(Said with varying levels of politeness.)

Me: “I work with the plants…”

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