Caught Red-Solo-Cupped

| MI, USA | Right | October 18, 2016

(A family has just finished checking out their smaller-sized order and left their shopping cart in front of the u-scan. I don’t want to take care of the cart just yet, but decide not to ignore it when I see they also left an empty drink cup in the seat.)

Me: *follows them out the door with their cart* “Hey, guys, did you want your drink?”

Woman: *stops and stares at me* “Oh yeah, um, thank you.” *reluctantly takes her empty drink cup and walks away*

Me: *cheerfully* “You’re welcome! You guys have a good night!”

(It was so awkward, but so worth it!)

New Highs And Lows Of Conversation

| Holyoke, MA, USA | Friendly | October 17, 2016

(I am a sixty inch tall, middle aged lady. I am in the soda aisle of a discount store when an exceedingly tall man starts walking past me.)

Me: “If I were your height, I’d have a whole different life.”

Man: “Ha ha… Can I reach something for you?”

Me: “No, but if you need something picked up off the floor, I’m your gal!”

Locked In To The Task

| USA | Working | October 17, 2016

(My boss closed the shop around 5:00 p.m., but he calls me at home at 6:30 p.m. Note: we have five parking spaces, right in front of the store.)

Boss: “Hi, can you pop back to the store for me? There’s a customer locked in the car park.”

Me: “What? How did you not notice when you left?”

Boss: “She pulled in while I was cashing up. I shouted at her but she just waved at me and went on down the street. So I locked her in and drove home.”

Me: “And she’s still there?”

Boss: “Yeah, one of the neighbors called me. Apparently she’s threatening to call the cops.”

Me: “And you want me to drive over and deal with this furious customer who’s going to yell at me? You do it!”

Boss: “You’re closer and it’ll be quicker and she’ll be less cross.”

Me: “I can’t believe you did this.”

Boss: “B**** deserved it for being rude!”

(I withstood the torrent of abuse and let her out, but now the boss owes me, big style!)

Taxing Can Be Taxing

| WA, USA | Right | October 17, 2016

(A customer wants to send a money transfer to a friend in another state. Rates are pretty high for sending within the USA and people generally gripe.)

Me: “Would you like to send ‘Money in Minutes’ for [high price] or would you like to do ‘Next Day’ for [slightly lower price]?”

Customer: “Oh, I’ll do ‘Money in Minutes.’ I don’t mind paying the higher price.”

Me: *surprised at the lack of complaining* “Okay, no problem.”

Customer: “Yeah, I used to avoid paying any kind of taxes. I thought they were so stupid.”

Me: *confused as to why he’s suddenly talking about taxes, then realizing he thinks the transfer fee is a government tax* “Well, actually…”

Customer: “Then I realized that if we all actually, like, pay our taxes… then the government has more to, like, give out to us, you know?”

Me: “That is how that works, yes.”

Decency On A Diet

| IL, USA | Right | October 17, 2016

(I work as a cashier in a very well-known retail store. By the registers we have refrigerators that hold soda, juice, and water. Two women decide to come through my line, and as I am ringing them up, they decide to add two sodas to their order. They’re mother and daughter. I finish their order and am about to move on to the next person. I notice the daughter has already opened her soda and taken a sip. That’s when she notices what type it is.)

Daughter: “Wait, this isn’t diet.”

Mother: “I thought I grabbed one for you.”

(The daughter then proceeded to put the soda she had already opened back into the refrigerator. She grabbed a diet version of the drink and left with her mother before I could react and say something.)

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