Should Have Exercised Some Restraint

| Wales, UK | Working | June 22, 2016

(I’m overweight and have been trying to lose some. I’ve already started, thanks to diet and exercise, and go to the health food store to see about getting something to boost it before meeting a friend for lunch. Being a small store there’s only a new employee there and he’s clearly chatting up a rather attractive girl. I go up to him after about 10 minutes.)

Me: “Excuse me? Sorry to interrupt but I’m looking for something to help with weight loss. Can you recommend something?”

Employee: “How about you stop eating and go exercise instead?”

(He looked at the girl, clearly expecting a laugh, but she looked disgusted and left. He was even more horrified when the manager appeared without me even asking. He doesn’t work there anymore.)

Mismanaged Your Money

| Dublin, Ireland | Working | June 22, 2016

(I am shopping for little diamanté hair accessories for my wedding. I am not sure how many I will need so I buy a few packs and make sure I can return any unopened ones.)

Me: “Wow, these really add up when you buy a few together.”

Employee: “Yes, they’re really expensive. I don’t know what they do with the money; they only pay me [about 5-10% more than minimum wage] per hour.”

Me: *confused why she is telling this to a random customer* “Em… okay.”

Employee: “Yeah, and that’s after nine years.”

(I’ve worked plenty of retail jobs and I know that’s actually a good wage for a starting position but I’m surprised in a big chain company with lots of turnover that someone would still be in an entry level job after nine years.)

Me: “That’s really strange. After nine years you would think they’d at least have offered you assistant manager.”

Employee: “Oh, I don’t want to be a manager. Too much stress!” *laughs*

Me: “Well, that’s where the money is.”

Got A Chip On Their Shoulder About Using The Chip

| USA | Right | June 22, 2016

(Our chain began using a credit/debit card chip-reader before Christmas, but since most other companies are not yet equipped, a lot of our customers haven’t gotten the hang of it yet.)

Me: “Is that a chipped card, sir? Just slide it into that slot at the bottom, below the number buttons.”

Him: *slightly rude or annoyed tone* “I know how it works!”

Me: *in my head, with a mental smirk* “Then why did you insert the wrong end of your card?”

Famous Celebrities On Aisle Three

| CO, USA | Right | June 22, 2016

(I am working on stocking shelves when the call for multiple customers at the register goes over the speakers. I run up to a register and call some customers over. One of the customers coming over I recognize as an actor in a TV series I watch regularly. He is also a regular at the store and I know he doesn’t like to be recognized and get bombarded by fans, so I keep my head down and get him out of there as fast as possible. This happens after he leaves.)

Me: *jokingly* “Sorry, miss, I need a second to catch my breath. I must have been holding it.”

Customer: “Did that man make you upset? Oh, no, that won’t do.”

Me: “No, no, miss. I know him and know he wanted to get out of here as soon as possible so I just have to learn to breathe when rushing stuff like this.” *I am now finished scanning her items* “Your total is [total] today.”

Customer: “Well, no wonder he wanted out of here; he is very famous, you know. If you hadn’t rushed him I was going to get him to autograph a couple of things for me. So, thanks for ruining that for me!”

(I was taken slightly by surprise at her change in attitude, so I just handed her the receipt and she left. I guess to please one customer you have to ruin another’s day.)

Their Intelligence Is At Death’s Door

| CA, USA | Right | June 17, 2016

(I walk up to the doors to go inside a store. I notice the regular automatic doors are marked as OUT OF SERVICE so I use the old-fashioned, manual doors. When I get inside I notice there is someone on a ladder working on the automatic doors, hence the reason they are out of order. After watching the worker for a while I see some confused customers trying to come in through the obviously closed automatic doors.)

Me: *to the worker* “You’d think they’d never used regular doors before.”

Worker: “You’d be surprised at how many people I’ve seen just leave because the automatic doors were out of order.”

Me: “Sadly… probably not.”

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