Disney Dilemmas

| Alexandria, LA, USA | Related | April 23, 2017

(My husband and I are looking for a gift for our one-year-old when I hear a small child’s squeal of excitement. I turn around and spot a man and a little girl, who’s holding a large Captain America action figure and pointing to an end cap display of the new Belle dolls.)

Little Girl: *gasps* “It’s Belle from Beauty and the Beast! I loved that movie!” *turns to the man* “Daddy, can I have her?!”

Man: “No, you have Captain America. Mommy and I said one toy and only one.”

Little Girl: *groans loudly* “How am I supposed to make such a big decision like this? It’s just much too hard!”

Man: *laughs* “Well, hurry, because we have to catch Mommy. If she checks out before we find her, you don’t get a toy.”

Little Girl: *hops from one foot to the other* “I just don’t knoooooow!” *sighs then looks up at her father* “Daddy, you pick for me!”

Man: *smiles* “Okay. I say we get Captain America and come back for Belle later.”

Little Girl: “Okay!” *hugs the Captain America and skips off with her father in tow*

Not Fully Open Minded

| Sydney, NSW, Australia | Right | April 22, 2017

(We are setting up a new store. The owners want to open as soon as possible so leave part of the store blocked off because it hasn’t been set up yet. An older woman approaches me.)

Customer: “What’s in that area?”

Me: “Nothing at the moment but it will be [Department] when it is.”

(She starts moving stock that we have blocking access into the area, as it’s dangerous to have customers wandering around in there.)

Me: “Sorry, you can’t go in there.”

Customer: “I want to see what’s in there.”

Me: “I can’t let you in there. There isn’t anything set up in there yet.”


Breast You Just Walk Away

| Naperville, IL, USA | Working | April 19, 2017

(A new, high school aged, male employee, eager to help out a customer, sees me gathering stray carts from around the store. Behind him stands a blonde young lady, but I don’t really look at her. They are both standing next to the area where the nursing supplies are.)

Coworker: “Do you know where the breastfeed boxes are?”

Me: “Breastfeed boxes?”

Coworker: “Yes, she needs to find the breastfeed boxes.”

(I’m very confused. I’m also a guy, just out of high school at the time. I don’t know too much about nursing supplies, but I am certain that I’ve never heard of such a thing. I also can’t help but wonder why she’s asked a young man about this, since the average teenage boy wouldn’t be knowledgeable on the subject either. So many different things are flashing through my mind trying to figure out how boxes would relate to breastfeeding.)

Me: “I’m not sure what that is. I mean, I know we have breast pumps; they come in boxes… Privacy blankets… We have bottles, but those aren’t box like at all…” *I make eye contact with the customer* “What exactly is it that you’re looking for?

Customer: “Recipe boxes.”

Me: *realizes my coworker has quite spectacularly misheard what she’d said* “RECIPE boxes! Are you looking for a product that has pre-made recipes on cards?”

Customer: *looking confused, and slightly disturbed* “A box with a lid where I can place recipe cards in. You know, cards I’ve written up or gotten from—”

(Her face lights up as she finally has realized what the other employee had heard. She turns her cart around and starts making her way towards housewares.)

Customer: “It’s oookay! I’ll find it myself!”

Me: *holding back laughter* “Are you sure you don’t want help? They might be in—”

Customer: “Oh, nope! I’m fine!” *shaking her head, holds her hand up in the air in an over exaggerated dismissive gesture* “I’ve got it from here!”

(I glanced at my coworker, who was so embarrassed that he was blushing a deep, deep red. I couldn’t think of anything to say, so I continue gathering stray carts, but choose to avoid the housewares section.)

Won’t Be Party To Your Attempt To Party

| Auckland, New Zealand | Working | April 18, 2017

(My friend and I used to work for the same retail shop. I left a few months ago to accept a job in the field that I studied at university. My friend is doing the same, but her hours are very open for work. They have recently hired a new manager who is less than accommodating, though. My friend is usually very good at taking on hours and meeting requirements for hours set by the new manager. Often she is the go-to for covering shifts when people cannot attend. However, recently she needed a few days off to attend an important event, and had asked for her entitled annual leave. She never asks for time off and she has always picked up shifts to help out where she can and she has for months. This is the first time she has dipped into her annual leave… and this is what happens.)

Friend: *to manager* “I noticed that my annual leave has been approved, but I am still rostered for these days?”

Manager: “Oh, yes, well we have no workers available, so we will pay you out for those days as annual, but we need you to work.”

Friend: “That isn’t how annual leave works. I shouldn’t have to come in if I’m getting paid my annual leave. And why do I not get it off?”

Manager: “Well… [Coworkers #1, #2, #3]—” *notorious for showing up hungover or not at all on shifts* “—asked for it off this week.”

Friend: “But I asked for it weeks ago? It was approved! And it is for my brother’s wedding! They only asked for it off this week because [Coworker #1] has some party on!”

Manager: “Well, I’m sorry; I’m not in charge of the rostering.” *lies*

Friend: “My annual leave was approved, though. I’m not working when I’m getting that paid out! And I’m not coming to work. It’s my brothers wedding!”

(This went back and forth for a bit, apparently. My friend refused to show up and the manager threatened disciplinary action. Thankfully, my friend was smart enough to threaten union action and the disciplinary was was magically waived. She complained about the manager and the staff after it showed up online that the manager had attended Coworker #1’s party and the stunt they tried to pull regarding annual leave. Still waiting on a result. My friend recently graduated and will be leaving this job soon!)

Jailhouse Bump

| NY, USA | Friendly | April 18, 2017

(I’m picking up a few things from the grocery store in a rush because I have a party to get to. I’m reading the list of things I need to get from my phone, and forget to watch where I’m going. I run full force into a very buff, tattooed, tough looking man.)

Me: “Oh, no, I’m so sorry!”

(The man looks calmly at me and puts his hand on my shoulder.)

Man: “My man, I just finished a ten year sentence at [Federal Prison]. I’m about to go home and make love to my beautiful wife for the first time in a f****** decade. You could hit me in the face with a baseball bat right now, and it would not ruin my mood one bit. Don’t even worry about bumping into me.”

Me: “Oh…” *unsure of how to respond* “Um, congratulations on getting out?”

Man: “Thanks. Now go tell someone you love ’em. Peace out, dude.”

(He walked away, leaving me both confused and amused. I think about that encounter every day. I hope he’s still doing well out there.)

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