Karma Knows Where To Park

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(A customer cut in front of the cart pusher on a busy day and parks his car in the fire lane. The cart pusher, unable to stop, ends up scratching his car. The customer comes inside, reasonably ticked off, wanting to speak to me, the manager, over the front end. Note: With matters such as this I have no power, so I’m forced to escalate him to the store manager.)

Customer: “Your cart pusher hit my expensive car. I want this store to pay for the repairs.”

Me: That call’s above me; let me get the store manager.” *walks to service desk to call Store Manager*

Customer: “Geez… nobody here knows what they’re doing. Especially those idiots outside.”

Me: “I’m sorry your car was hit, but I don’t have the authority to reimburse you.”

Customer: *verbatim* “You really need to fire those f****** Girl Scouts outside. They don’t know what the f*** they’re doing. I tried asking them for help but they just looked at me like I was r*******.”

Me: “They aren’t employees, sir. They’re volunteering, and essentially renting the space.” *getting frustrated* “They’re also children.”

Customer: “Like I give a s***. If they don’t know how to treat one of your customers, they shouldn’t be allowed on your property.”

(The customer’s wife ends up storming in hysterically at this point. The store manager is also approaching.)

Wife: “The car’s being towed. Apparently we’re not allowed to park in the fire lane anymore!”

(The customer and his wife storm out to try to stop the police and tow truck from towing their car.)

Store Manager: *to me* “What seems to be the issue?”

Me: “Karma seems to have taken care of it for us.”

(I did end up explaining what happened and sharing a laugh.)


Not Very Closed Minded, Part 15

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(I work in a store in a large shopping mall. To lock up at night, tables of sale stock have to be shifted inside the store and large mesh doors have to be dragged across the entire store front and locked with two dead bolts. One night I’m closing the left hand door ten minutes later than usual when a customer rushes up to me out of breath.)

Customer: “Oh, good, you’re still open.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but we’re just closing. Unless you know exactly what you want you’ll have to come back tomorrow.”

Customer: “No, it’s okay; she’s coming. Can you wait just ten seconds?”

(The customer immediately gets out his mobile phone to make a call. It becomes clear pretty quickly that he’s stalling me in order to give someone else extra time to walk to the store.)

Customer: *on phone* “Hello? Yeah, they’re still open; how far away are you?”

Customer: *to me* “Could you wait five minutes?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. The store is closing now.”

Customer: *on phone* “Yeah, yeah, hurry up. They’re closing.”

Me: “Sir, I can’t wait. I have to close the store now. I’m sorry. You’ll have to come back tomorrow.”

Customer: *to me, snapping* “I know! I know! Just hold on.”

(The customer then gets distracted by the phone call and steps away from the store entrance. He has his back turned, and is no longer listening to my warnings, so I close and lock the door behind him and walk away to count the registers. A couple of minutes later the front door rattles. I look up and the man I’d been speaking to and a woman — assumedly the one he’d been on the phone to — are standing outside the doors. She has several shopping bags in her hands.)

Customer: “Hello? Oi, are you going to let us in?”

(I ignore the man even as he continues to rattled the door, but he doesn’t give up. Eventually I have to approach the front of the shop.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but the shop is closed now. You’ll have to come back another time.”

Customer: “Oi, let me in, though. You’re still there.”

Me: “Sir, as I said when you approached me before, the store is closed now. I’m going to have to ask you to step away from the store front.”

Customer #2: “He said you were still open! It’s only five forty five!”

(We closed at five thirty.)

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In Line And Out Of Line, Part 12

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(At the store I cashier for, our lines come and go in these terrible spurts — we’ll have no one making purchases for half an hour, and then suddenly there are 20 people in line. Today that has just happened, and the customers all form one line because of the way some displays are set up near the registers. I have just called up the next person in line when a woman not in line, with an overflowing cart, comes out of nowhere and tries to cut off my customer. The customer looks at me completely bewildered and defeated.)

Me: *in my super-sweet voice to the offending customer* “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but the line is over there.”


(The customer I was intending to help and the rest of the line instantly looks furious, and just stares at me to see what I do.)

Me: “Ma’am, like I said, I’m sorry, but that is the line. We’ll have you out in no time if you just join it, please.”

(The lady walks off ranting but joins the line.)


(The customers clapped while my coworkers died laughing. I still ended up serving the line-cutter, and she wouldn’t even look at me.)

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