Enveloping An Attitude

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(I work part-time in a retail store. We are primarily a book store but also sell stationery, magazines and cards. At the moment we have a display of boxed Christmas cards at the front of the store.)

Customer: “Do you have any Christmas cards that will fit this envelope?” *holds up a bunch of very thin, very long envelopes*

Me: “We might do! Have a look around and see what we have.”

(The customer is looking at the cards on display and clearly didn’t hear me.)

Customer: *a moment later, already with attitude* “Well, do you?”

Me: *repeats, still cheerfully* “Yeah, we might do!”

Customer: *quite aggressively* “No I want you to come and HELP me find one.”

(I was just about to cash up one of the tills as it’s near closing.)

Me: “Oh, okay, sure.” *I walk around the counter and approach her* “May I have a look at the envelope size you have there?”

Customer: *hands me one of them* “See, because they’re all pre-paid for and I’ve written on them already.”

Me: “Okay, I see.” *I start comparing the envelope in my hand to cards in the boxed packs she’s looking at* “These ones here look like they might fit?”

Customer: “No, you have to take it out of the box to see for sure.”

(It sounds like a mild suggestion to me. I don’t oblige because we typically don’t open packaging unless they’re going to buy it. Sometimes we do make exceptions but these boxed packs of cards aren’t a simple open and close. I keep comparing the card sizes inside the boxes.)

Customer: “What about these ones? These are nice.” *hands me a pack*

Me: *checking* “Yeah, they look like they’d be a good fit!”

Customer: *snaps* “No, you have to take it out and LOOK!”

(I’m surprised, not really sure what to say for a moment because, again, we don’t typically do that. I open my mouth to speak… but apparently too late.)

Customer: *practically yelling now* “Look, if you don’t WANT to help me, I’ll just go somewhere else!” *snatches the envelope from my hand and storms off*

(I just let her go with a very bewildered “Okay…?” Who wants to serve a customer like that, anyway?)

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I’ve just joined a checkout line and inadvertantly placed myself in the center of this altercation.

[Cashier]: Ma’am I’ve already told you it is store policy to I.D. everyone attempting to purchase tobacco products. You have no identification and simply stating “this is my card” will not allow me to complete this purchase.

[Angry Woman]: Listen here kid I’ve shopped here longer then you’ve been alive! How do you treat your elders like this and sleep at night?

[Cashier]: Ma’am I-


[Cashier]: “Okay”

The cashier then proceeded to turn off the lane open light and calmly waked away leaving the woman to scream incoherently until she was removed by security!

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Phew!!! Had a rather large, (50rs old) blonde lady come in today with three very rowdy children. The kids pull things off the shelves and toss it on the floor, and she just ignores it and keeps walking. Fifteen minutes later, she comes up to my register (even though we have clear signs pointing to the line)
Me: (Helping another customer) “Okay your total is $20-”
Woman: “Hey. HEY YOU.”
Both the customer and I looked at her.
Me: “Hi there Ma’am, did you need something?”
Woman: “YES. This is the return line right?????”
(Quick explanation, other stores have a separate line for returns and purchases. However, since we are a very new store, I was instructed to let people know that the returns and the purchases will be in the same line for now.)
Me: “Sorry Ma’am, I know other stores have the separate lines, but here you can just go into the regular line and any one of our employees will help you o-”
Woman: (Throws her hands up in the air)”UGH. COME ON GUYS”
(She grabs one of the kids and drags him to the purchase line.)
Woman: *talking very loudly* This is why I HATE [retail store], it’s SO MESSY and I can’t even find the LINE. UGHHH.”
Me: (helping other customers out, I see her go to my coworker to do her return.)
Coworker: “Oh!!! My supervisor is over there (pointing to me) if you have a question?”
Woman: *Looks at me* ” UGH no not her!!!”
Manager comes over
Manager: “Hi, what can I help you with toda-”
Woman: ” Yes yes!!!! That girl over there said that the returns and purchases are in the same line, but I don’t believe her!!! Look your signs say purchases here and her sign says returns!!!! Why is she being racist?!!!”
Manager: * looking baffled* “Sorry, but she is correct, the returns and purchases are in the same line for now. It’s only because we’re a new store.”
Manager leaves while the lady huffs.
As I’m working with another customer, the lady comes over to me
Woman : “You better get rid of that nasty attitude you and your ‘manager’ have. You’re disgusting.” She leaves.
Me:*feeling rather baffled and incredulous *”Er……..??????”
Customer: “I think that one has a problem..”
Me : “….Definitely”

….im still confused, how was I rude or….racist??

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So I work in a pretty busy retail store that is in a mall. This mall attracts quite a bit of tourists, yet the problems always come from the locals. We’re a new store, and quickly ran out of shopping bags. The complaints are amazing, and go something like this…
Family of three comes in; Daughter about 21 yrs, mother and father about 50.
Me :(ringing the items up) “I hate to say it, but I’m sorry, we’re out of bags at the moment. ”
Daughter: “Oh it’s totally fine-”
Dad: WHAT. WHAAAAT. How do you guys even expect us to carry all of this?!!!! DO YOU SEE THIS STUFF?!!!”
Daughter: “Dad it’s fine….?”
Me: I’m really sorry sir, we actually placed an emergency order for the bags a while ago, but they haven’t come in-”
Dad: “HOW COULD YOU GUYS NOT HAVE BAGS?!!! What kind of a store is this?!!!! WHERE IS YOUR MANAGER???!!!”
Manager (who was standing next to me): “I’m sorry we can’t do much si-”
Dad: “AN APOLOGY ISNT GOING TO GET US ANYWHERE!!!! Don’t you see all these people shopping?!!! This is so bad for business you guys are not fit to have a store open!!!! OUTRAGEOUS!!”
Manager: “Again I’m sorry sir, but there really is nothing we can do. We do have some backpacks that are really cheap if you’re interested!”
Dad: *scoffs* “No.”
My manager again apologizes, then leaves.
Me: “Thanks and have a good day!”
He then leaves, looking over our counters. As if we’re just bag hoarders with some kind of a problem??? Does he think I’m hiding bags up my ass???

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(Second to last customer approaches my register and starts placing items. Customer is an older woman with younger girl in tow, either her daughter or granddaughter.)

Me: Hi! Is that all for you today? (NOTE: I have a tendency to talk a bit fast and I ask this as the customers are placing their items)

Customer: *Sigh* Must be a Millennial thing. (I am a Millennial)

Me: (Utterly confused) I’m sorry? What’s a Millennial thing?

Customer: Oh don’t get me started Honey.

I guess manners are Millennial thing too these days.