Treating Us Like We Were Born Today

| OR, USA | Working | March 15, 2016

(I’m a restaurant with my sister. The waitress comes over to take our order. It’s about six in the evening.)

Waitress: “What can I get for you?”

(My sister and I order. My sister’s order includes a margarita.)

Waitress: “I love margaritas. I’m probably gonna get some tonight; my friends are taking me out celebrating for my birthday.”

(She makes several more comments about her birthday through the meal to us and other nearby tables, such as:)

Waitress: “I wish I could go out for a birthday dinner with my boyfriend.”

Waitress: “I’m getting off in 20 minutes to go celebrate my birthday so I’ll just leave the check here.”

(At first we congratulate her on her birthday but by the end of the meal my sister rolls her eyes any time it’s mentioned. At the end of our meal a busboy comes out to take our empty plates while we’re finishing our drinks and talking.)

Sister: “Why didn’t she just request the day off? She clearly doesn’t want to be here on her birthday.”

Busboy: “It’s not her birthday. Her birthday’s in November. Apparently she read something online about people giving better tips if they know it’s your birthday and I guess she’s trying it out.”

(It’s January. We didn’t leave a tip.)

This Conversation Doesn’t Fit The Bill

| AB, Canada | Right | March 14, 2016

(My family is eating at a large restaurant. My dad is talking to my mom about an unrelated school activity that he didn’t know has fees involved. As this happens, the waitress comes with the bill.)

Dad: “I didn’t know we had to pay for it!”

Waitress: “Umm…”

Dad: “Oh, sorry, not that. I was talking about [school related activity].”

Waitress: “Thanks! You’d be surprised how many people don’t think they have to pay.”

28 Comments Later

| New Orleans, LA, USA | Right | March 12, 2016

(My restaurant has a comment-card box where customers can tell us their opinions this is an anonymous card we found in the box one day.)

Card: “I found your food to be quite delicious, your service amazing, and the prices incredibly cheap. I shall be back again- OH S***, THE ZOMBIES HAVE FOUND ME! AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!”

(We now refer to the comment-card box as the Zombie-Box.)

Adele Never Had This Issue

, | TN, USA | Working | March 11, 2016

(I’m a manager at a popular fast food restaurant. The phone is ringing but i’m too busy at the moment to grab it. I flag down an employee who has a history of asking not so bright questions.)

Me: “Hey, [Coworker], can you grab the phone for me?”

Coworker: *gives me a blank look* “What do I say?”

Me: “You could always start with hello and work from there.”

Getting To The Real Sauce Of The Problem

| FL, USA | Right | March 11, 2016

(I work at a restaurant known for our fish and chips, which is made with codfish. I am serving a family of five and taking a teenage boy’s order.)

Me: “And what would you like?”

Customer: “The fish and chips. But I don’t want any cod with it.”

Me:” Excuse me?”

Customer: “No cod.”

(I’m really confused at this point and thinking the kid just wants a pile of fried batter.)

Me: “So, uhm, how exactly did you want it?”

Customer’s Dad: “You know cod is the fish, right?”

Customer: “You mean it’s not the sauce that comes with it?”

Customer’s Dad: “No, that’s tartar sauce.”

Customer: “Oh! No tartar sauce, please.”

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