Cost You Rosemary And Time

| Hutchinson, KS, USA | Working | August 22, 2016

(It’s opening day for a new restaurant in town. My husband and I have decided to brave the crowds and try it out for lunch. We’re pretty easy-going and we’re understanding when things aren’t perfect, especially when things are busy, but this restaurant’s opening was a cluster-f***. We wait 20 minutes to get our drinks, another hour to get our food. We rarely see our server. I had ordered rosemary garlic fries to go with my sandwich, which is an up-charge. However, they run out of rosemary garlic fries before making my order, so I end up with regular fries and an apology, which is fine. Time for the bill.)

Me: “Excuse me, you charged us for a meal we didn’t order, and the rosemary garlic fries are still on the bill even though I didn’t get them.”

Server: “I’ll get that other order taken off, but the fries are on there because you ordered them.”

Me: “Yes… I ordered them, but you were out, so I didn’t get them.”

Server: “But you ordered them.”

Me: “But I didn’t GET them, so I shouldn’t have to pay for food you never brought me.”

Server: “But you ordered them.”

Me: “I’m not paying for something you never brought me.”

Server: “Let me get my manager.”

(Time passes… my husband is dying trying not to laugh at this point.)

Manager: “Was there a problem with your order?”

Me: “No, but you were out of the rosemary garlic fries so I ended up with regular fries. I’d like the up-charge for the rosemary garlic fries taken off.”

Manager: “But you ordered the rosemary garlic fries.”

Me: “But I didn’t get them. You were out. No one brought me rosemary garlic fries. I shouldn’t have to pay for something I never received.”

Manager: “But you ordered them.”

Me: “What part of this aren’t you getting?”

Manager: *visibly angry* “Okay, fine, just give me a minute.”

(Time passes… the server comes back and gives me our updated bill. The manager had comped 50% of the bill just to shut me up. All I wanted was to NOT pay the $3 up-charge for fries I didn’t get. That restaurant lasted two months before going out of business. We weren’t surprised.)

Sorting Out The Disorder

| TX, USA | Right | August 19, 2016

(I’m a customer in this one.)

Worker: “Hi, welcome to [Restaurant]. What can I get you?”

Me: “I had a call in order for [My Name].”

Worker: “Oh… uh. Can I see your credit card?” *looks at card and verifies the last four digits on receipt* “We actually had a lady come in a few minutes ago, saying she was [My Name] and took that order. Did you have someone else coming for the order?”

Me: “No… not that I know of.”

Worker: “It was an order of [repeats my order to me]?”

Me: *laughing* “Yeah, it was. Oh, man, did you have any other pick up orders?”

Worker: “Yes, two others, but there’s only one order with a woman’s name. I even asked her what her name was, and she said [My Name].”

Me: “That’s weird! Oh, well. She’ll be upset when she gets home with the wrong order. And, of course, it’ll completely be your fault, because she didn’t pay attention.”

Worker: “I’m so sorry about that. We’ll make it up again, but it’ll be ten minutes. In the meantime, if you’d like a drink, it’s on the house.”

Me: “No, that’s fine. It wasn’t your fault at all that she didn’t listen.”

(I sit down and wait for my order to be remade. My name has just been called when a woman comes barreling up to the front.)

Her: “You screwed up my order. I didn’t order any of this crap.”

Worker: “Wait… was this the order for [My Name]?”

Her: “YES! I ordered [something more expensive] and I paid for this? I expect you to remake it!”

Worker: “We didn’t get an order for [something more expensive], only this one right here. Are you sure you’re at the right place?”

Her: “Yes! I always come here! You need to make this order again. I’d demand you refund my money if I didn’t think you’d double charge me.”

Worker: “Actually, you will have to pay for this order, ma’am.”

Her: “The h*** I will! Why would I need to pay for your screw up?”

Me: *stepping up after listening* “Oh, is this the order for [My Name]? Great, thanks!” *reaches over to put my hand on the order the woman has* “I guess this means that this is my order, too. Thanks for bringing it back for me.”

Woman: “Wait, but… what?”

Worker: “We can’t fill your order until you actually place an order in, ma’am. Are you sure you are in the right place?”

(The woman rushed back out, leaving the food behind. The worker offered it to me, but knowing some stranger had her hands in my food was a nauseating idea. We think the woman was trying to get a free meal out of the situation, but even if she’d been at the right place, she would have had to pay the difference in the meal if she’d truthfully ordered what she’d claimed to begin with.)

Janeway Wouldn’t Stand For It

| Allentown, PA, USA | Working | August 19, 2016

(I am the customer in the story, pulling up to the drive-thru in a popular fast food place.)

Employee: “Welcome to [Fast Food Place]. May I take your order, please?”

Me: “I would like a large black coffee, please. That will be all.”

Employee: “How many cream and sugar? Would you like it in or on the side?”

(Thinking it was just habit on her side.)

Me: “Just black, please. Large.”

Employee: “So…. How many?”

Me: “None. Zero. Nada. Nein.”

Employee: “None at all?”

Me: “No!”

Employee: “And what size?”

Me: *now starting to think I am being pranked* “Large. Coffee. Black. Meaning no cream or sugar. That’s it.”

Employee: “Anything else for you today?”

Me: “No! That’s all!”

(I pull around and pay at the first window without incident. However when I pull to the second window the young girl is leaning “my” order out the window while turned talking to someone inside. I begin to try to get her attention.)

Me: “Excuse me! Ma’am!”

Employee: “Here, take your order!”

Me: “That is not my order.”

Employee: *sighs* “How can you even tell? You haven’t looked in the bag.”

Me: “Because all I ordered was a large black coffee and you are trying to hand me $20 worth of food. Although I appreciate free food, I already ate and all I want is some coffee. PLEASE.”

(Employee took it back and handed me a small coffee and a bag. I give up and drive off. I look in the bag thinking maybe they gave me a free sandwich or something. It was filled with creamers and sugars.)

Let Them Eat Cake

| MD, USA | Right | August 18, 2016

(I’m a young African-American man who is working at the dessert bar at the restaurant. An elderly lady walks up to the bar and selects a slice of cake.)

Me: “Hello, ma’am, how are you today?”

Lady: “Good, good. Say, do you have any smaller slices of this cake?”

Me: “No, sorry. All of the cakes are pre-cut in the back.”

Lady: “Oh, all right. I would just hate to waste.”

Me: “Well, I’m sorry, ma’am. Tell you what, I can get a knife and cut that piece in half for you?”

Lady: “Oh, yes, please. I’d hate to waste, you know, with all the American children out there starving. Did you grow-up starving? I’m sure you did.”

Me: “Haha, no, ma’am.” *in my head* “THIS B****.”

Got The Meat-Balls To Stand Up To Him

, | USA | Right | August 16, 2016

(I work at the front desk in a government office. While at my station at the front desk, a coworker is speaking with a young man, very near me in the lobby. I can easily overhear the conversation in which the young man is describing how he likes to go through the lines at sandwich restaurants and “just for fun” say the sandwich was bad, and make them re-do his sandwich. It was a fun game for him, and sometimes he even received the “bad” sandwich too, or would even get a free sandwich “for the trouble.” As I hear him say this, I think “What an a**hole!”, but say nothing. About a week later, I go to lunch at the local sandwich shop. I find myself in line behind this young man. I don’t recognize him at first, but who he is gradually dawns on me as I watch him. He is looking right at the sandwich maker as she is putting his meatball sub together and sure enough, when he gets to the register, he says it is wrong and wants another because it has too much sauce. At that point I know what is happening and decide to call him on his game.)

Me: “Why didn’t you tell her it was wrong while she was making it?”

Customer: “I wasn’t looking.”

Me: “Yes, you were. I was watching you. You were staring at her the whole time. If you didn’t like the way she made your sandwich, you should have told her AT THE TIME.”

Customer: *getting flustered* “No, really, I wasn’t looking.”

Me: *getting adamant* “Yes, you were. I SAW YOU! You were staring at her, watching her make that sandwich the whole time. If you didn’t like the way she made your sandwich, you should have told her AT THE TIME. THAT’S WHY THEY MAKE THE SANDWICHES IN FRONT OF US!!”

Customer: *flustered* “But it’s…”

Sandwich Maker: *she doesn’t know what I know about him* “Ma’am, it’s really okay.”

Me: *to her* “NO, IT’S NOT! If he didn’t like the way the sandwich was being made” *me turning to him* “HE SHOULD HAVE TOLD YOU AT THE TIME!” *back to sandwich maker* “He was looking at you the whole time!”

Sandwich Maker: *stares at me with eyes wide and slack-jawed, not knowing what to say*

(I keep laying it on him and he remains flustered while the sandwich maker’s coworkers make him another which he accepts and pays for, and then makes a quick dash out the door. The line workers and the manager are all gathered around the register and a couple staff persons are peeking out the doors to the back area and all are looking at me in awe.)

Manager: “Here. Why don’t you take this?” *holding out the “bad” meatball sub*

Me: “No, but thank you. I’m vegetarian.”

Manager: “Take it. You could give it to someone…”

Me: “But I can’t eat it. Why don’t you have it?”

Manager: “No, really, we can’t eat it. If we keep it here, it will have to be thrown away.”

Me: *while the injustice of a cow losing his life only to be thrown away flashes through my mind, I reply* “Okay, I’ll take it back to work and see if anyone wants it.”

(So I left with two sandwiches, and as it turned out, my supervisor was a devout carnivore, and even though he’d had lunch already, was very fond the meatball subs from that shop and decided to take one for the team and have two lunches! He also remembered the young man, and agreed that he was an a**-hole. I can only hope that in the future, that young man will think twice about what might be a “fun game.”)

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