Someone Buy Them A Clue

| NJ, USA | At The Checkout, Money

(Customer orders two entrees and uses a buy one, get one free coupon.)

Me: “Okay, so your total is [price].”

Customer: “Excuse me? Don’t I get one for free?”

Me: “Yes, you do, so you’re getting two and only paying for one.”

Customer: “But it says free.”

Me: “It says buy one, get one free. You have to buy one first in order to get one for free.”

Customer: “Wait, what? What does that mean?”

Me: “It means you owe me [price].”

A Nice Big Karma Sandwich

| Cape Cod, MA, USA | Bad Behavior, Time

(We close at 9 pm most nights, but on Sunday, we close at 8 pm due to there not being much business. At 7:45, a group of customers comes in and orders their meals to eat in, which we aren’t allowed to say no to. The line team gets their order out in record time and they sit down to eat. At 8 pm, I lock the doors, but I usually give customers a 10-15 minute cushion to finish up before I ask them to leave. It is required, however, that I inform them that we are closed, as they will need one of us to let them out.)

Me: “Hi, how is your meal so far? I just wanted to let you know that we are now closed. When you are ready to leave, please ask one of my coworkers to let you out. But please, do not feel rushed to leave if you haven’t finished your meal yet.”

Customer #1: “I thought you closed at 9 pm?”

Me: “Monday through Saturday, yes, but the company decided to close the store early on Sunday because we normally don’t make any sales.”

Customer #1: “Can I talk to your manager?”

Me: *pointing at my “supervisor” name tag* “I am the manager on duty right now. Is there a problem?”

Customer #1: “Well, I come in this store four times per week, and I have never heard anyone here be as rude to me as you have been just now.”

Me: “…I’m sorry?”

Customer #2: “[Customer #1], leave the poor girl alone. She doesn’t make the rules. She—”

Customer #1: “NO! You listen to me! This is terrible service. The food took so long, and now you’re kicking us out when you aren’t even closed yet? I want your corporate number right now!”

Me: “Sir, I’m sorry if I have upset you somehow, but I am not ‘kicking you out.’ I told you that we were closed because the doors are locked and you will need someone to let you out, but I also let you know that you are welcome to take a few minutes to finish your meal.”

Customer #3: “[Customer #1], you heard the lady. Just finish your sandwich.”

Customer #1: “That’s not what you said to me! I demand a refund and I want your corporate manager on the phone in the next five minutes or you will be sorry!”

(I sigh and get the corporate number. I hand the man the phone. He slams it down.)


Me: “I don’t see much point in someone at corporate answering the phones at 8:15 when we close at 8. I can write down the phone number for you to try again tomorrow, if you would like?”

Customer #1: *turning red* “WHO AM I SUPPOSED TO COMPLAIN TO RIGHT NOW?”

Me: “I’m the manager on duty right now, sir.”

(The man threw his hands up, screamed expletives at me and my coworkers, headed for the door and slammed right into it when it didn’t open. I unlocked the door for him while his friends laughed and packed the remainder of his sandwich into a box. Sometimes karma strikes back at the right moment!)

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Should Just Drive Straight-Thru That Morning

, | Tempe, AZ, USA | At The Checkout, Extra Stupid, Food & Drink

(I work at a fast-service chain restaurant.)

Me: *taking an order in the drive-thru* “Good morning, welcome to [Company]. What can I get you?”

Customer: “Give me two sausage burritos and a large iced mocha.”

Me: “We only have original and vanilla iced coffee.”

Customer: *huge sigh* “SERIOUSLY? Fine, vanilla.”

Me: “Okay, your total is [amount].”

Customer: “HOW much?!”

Me: “Uh… [amount].”

Customer: “Ugh…” *drives up to window*

Me: *take his payment, hand him his coffee* “Here you go, sir.”

Customer: “THAT’S your LARGE size?”

Me: “Uh… yes?”

Customer: *rolls his eyes and looks away from me in disgust, spotting [Other Chain Restaurant] next door to us* “Oh, my god… I’m not at [Other Chain Restaurant]…”

(He was quiet while I finished the rest of his transaction. I figured that since he hadn’t had that coffee yet and it was only 6:00 in the morning, I could be understanding of his plight and not say anything about it either.)

Very Fluid Parenting

, | AB, Canada | Bad Behavior, Family & Kids

(I am a server at a restaurant where one side is family dining and the other is 18+ only, the drinking age in Alberta. Each side, while under the same roof, has completely different entrances, the sports bar clearly marked in bold letters – NO MINORS, 18+. A party of five brings in a very young baby in a child seat into the sports bar.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but this is an adult’s-only bar. No one under 18 is allowed.”

Customer: “It’s okay; she’s only a few months old.”

Me: “It’s actually illegal for your child to be in this part of the restaurant. It’s only for adults. You are more than welcome to try the other side. They have the same channels and sports playing over there.”

Customer: *scoffs and rolls her eyes at me* “It’s not like I’m going to give her any alcohol!”

Me: *very slowly* “I’m sorry, ma’am, but you cannot have your BABY in a BAR!”

(She got flustered and then just muttered something to me as she and her baby left the bar, with the rest of her friends slowly following, looking embarrassed.)

A Stampede Of Demands

| Calgary, AB, Canada | Bad Behavior, Crazy Requests

(I work as a manager in a popular and large restaurant in downtown Calgary. The first day of the Calgary stampede has started with parades and such, and we have a full house/patio and a line of at least thirty people waiting to be seated. I am supporting the hosts with the chaos. A woman storms up to the front of the line, interrupts the hosts, and demands a table.)

Woman: “We have fourteen people. That will be five, five, and four.” *all the while she is slamming the host’s stand EVERY TIME she says five, five, and four*

Host: “I’m sorry, we can’t accommodate those numbers without a wa—”

Woman: “There are fourteen people, and that will be five, five, and four.” *slamming the stand three times continues*

Me: “I’m sorry, but there are at least ten tables ahead of you and we are completely full; there is going to be a wait to seat you.”

Woman: “Are you stupid? Which part of this are you not understanding? I need a five, five, and four!” *again, hitting*

Me: “Okay, I may be able to sit one four in 30 minutes, the other five maybe 35-40 minutes after that, and the five in another 35-40. That’s at best and there is almost no chance you will be sitting anywhere near each others tables.”

(This goes on for a good five minutes of slapping and a whole lotta “five, five, and four,” all whilst the host is being called stupid, idiot, and slow.”)

Me: “There is NO WAY for us to get you in immediately, and certainly not with fourteen people all sitting at the same time.” *gesturing to the chaos outside and the lineup going clear out the doors and down the street*

Woman: “Well, you will most certainly be sorry for losing our business!”

Me: “Yes, well, I think we will do okay.”

(We broke sales records by over $100,000 that stampede!)

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