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*I’m standing in line at a popular, drive in restaurant. There’s a customer next to me leaning against the wall, obviously impatient.*

Customer: *huffing* “Come on! How long does it take?”

*15 seconds pass*

Customer: “My GOD. Are you serious?!”

*Another 30 seconds pass*

Customer: “It’s just two bags of ice!”

(Note that the restaurant is extremely busy, with a line to the exit door.)

Customer: “Come on! Get off your a** and get me the f****** bags of ice!”

(At this point the cashier, who’d been extremely nervous, abandoned the line to go back and ask again for the ice. She brings it out, the man grabs it, and storms out of the restaurant.)

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I’ve been waiting tables for 10 years. Unlike most experienced waiters, I refuse to profile my tables. I give everyone the same level of service regardless of race, gender, age, disability, national origin, etc.

Black patron pays and leaves 5 on 30, which is less than I’m accustomed to.

I bring a bag to put their boxes in, bag it up, and they leave.

As I’m at the wait station the lady walks up to me.

Customer: My husband said to give you this because no one has ever bagged up our Togo items. *hands me 5 more dollars* (that’s now 10 on 30, a very nice tip)

Don’t judge people

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I am working on a fairly busy Saturday night. We make pizza and sandwiches, and each pizza and sandwich has a different cost based on what’s in or on them. There are three different sizes of about 30 different sandwiches. We also have six specialty pizzas in three different sizes, as well as make-your-own pizzas in those sizes as well. This is a call I got in the middle of the busy hour:

Me: [Restaurant name], this is [Name]. How can I help you?

Customer: Can I place an order for takeout?

Me: For sure!

I wait for the customer to tell me her order, but nothing happens.

Me: What can I get for you?

Customer: Oh! How much do your sandwiches cost?

Me: Well, it depends on what sandwich you get, as well as the size you choose.

Customer: Okay, well what comes on a sandwich?

Me: Well, our most popular items are [Sandwich] and [Sandwich]. Do either of those sound good to you?

Customer: Not really. What else do you have?

By now, it has become clear that the customer does not know what she wants.

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am. We are pretty busy right now. I can refer you to our website, where our menu has the full list of sandwiches, pizzas, and the prices for all those things.

Customer: Can’t you just tell me what you have?

Me: No ma’am, I can’t. There is a big line waiting to be helped now. However, if you take a look at our menu, you can give us a call back and we’ll get cooking for you.

Customer:…oh. Okay. *Hangs up*

Harassment Meets Dismemberment

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My best female friend is a waitress at a small restaurant. Just another waiter and the owners man the kitchen. My friend is very obviously of Asian descent and her coworker has been harassing her, telling her that he has never slept with an Asian girl and that he wants her to be his first. My friend repeatedly reports him to the owner, but he just tells her that she can live with it.

I’m at her restaurant waiting for her to finish her shift when her coworker makes yet another inappropriate comment. My friend, red with anger, approaches him and hits him as hard as she can in the groin. The guy is in so much pain he can’t breathe, and my friend grabs his hair and pulls him towards her and says, “If you ever talk to me like that again, I will make sure you’ll leave no kids behind.”

By this moment, one of the owners has come out to see what’s going on, and quickly realises what happened. He shouts at my friend that she can’t do that, and that her coworker is in so much pain he can’t even breathe. Her answer? “If I can live with his harassment, he can live with the pain.”

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(It was near closing time and I was standing in line to get a refill on my drink. A couple ahead of me approached the drink station attended by a worker.)

Male Customer: Do you guys have any beers.

(Male employee gestured a selection of beers on tap)

Male Customer: I’ll just have a coke.

Employee: Are you sure?

Male customer: Yea, I gotta drive.