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(I work in the main restaurant at my local zoo, this takes places in the outdoor, two-tiered terrace outside the restaurant which I have been assigned to clear. The steps leading up to the top terrace had just been remade and the cement was still wet so the maintenance team had taped off the stairs and had a sign directing people to use the ramp leading up a few meters away. I have just finished cleaning a table and spot a child jumping up and down the taped off steps, with a woman (I believe to be her grandma) just standing watching her)
Me: Hello madam, is that your grandchild on the stairs?
G: Yes, is there a problem at all?
Me: I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask that you take her off the stairs as they have just been relaid and the cement is still wet.
G: Oh, I wouldn’t worry dear, she’s doing no harm. (To her grandchild) Come along dear, this mean woman won’t let you play.
Me: (Now feeling a bit annoyed and offended) The area has been taped off for a reason, ma’am.
(Suddenly the girl slips, knocking one of the bricks out)
G: (Now screaming at me) Now look what has happened! This zoo is a death trap! I demand to see your manager!
(Luckily my manager was on the upper terrace talking to the head of maintenance so came over when she heard shouting)
Manager: How can I help you?
(Grandma angrily screeches about us not clearly marking out a dangerous area and demands compensation for her grandchild’s grazed knee)
Manager: Sorry, did you mean the red tape, orange traffic cones and warning signs that are blocking off the stairs? (She points at the tape, cones and sign, Grandma goes bright red)
Grandma: (Spluttering) Well… Well I-
Manager: I would also like to point out ma’am that your grandchild has caused damage to a set of stairs that have only just been relain and this isn’t the first time you have caused trouble on the zoo grounds.
(After this my manager apologies to me and escorts grandma and her grandchild to her office.)
(I later heard that the other trouble she had caused involved damaging information displays, damaging products in the gift shop and harassing other members of staff and zoo visitors. Grandma and her whole family have now been banned from the zoo for the foreseeable future, thank goodness)

A Dinner To Celebrate The Anniversary Dinner

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(My husband and I go to a local restaurant for our anniversary, which falls on a Wednesday. The restaurant is surprisingly busy and by the frazzled faces of the workers, they weren’t expecting the rush, either. We are sat in a booth with high walls so it feels rather secluded, but we often hear a lot of muffled raised voices trailing over the wall between the booths. Between gaps of what sounds like a heated discussion, we periodically see our waiter rush past, looking more and more frazzled. However, every time he comes to our table he is absolutely fantastic and nothing but cheerful and polite. He is obviously in a hurry and rushed off his feet, but he takes the time to ask how our day has been and if we are celebrating anything and so on. All the while, the other tables around us seem to all be cranky with whatever first-world problems they are dealing with. This is what happens when we have finished our meals.)

Waiter: “How was everything?”

Me: “Fantastic, thanks.”

Husband: “Definitely great.”

Waiter: “Great! Can I get you anything else? Dessert menu, maybe?”

Me: “Oh, no, thanks. We are both incredibly full.”

Waiter: “I am glad to hear it. Sorry for the bit of delay. We’re a little short staffed, but I hope that you enjoyed your anniversary regardless.”

Me: “Oh, we absolutely have. And we were just saying what a great job you’re doing. It’s pretty busy tonight, but we really haven’t had to wait long at all.”

Husband: “Yeah. We could hear people getting a little worked up.”

Waiter: “Gosh, I am sorry about that. I hope they didn’t bother you.”

Husband: “No, it’s fine. But sorry you have to deal with that. You’re obviously working as fast as you can.”

Waiter: “Thank you very much; that means a lot. Actually, in truth, I am a manager and usually spend my time on the books, so I am a little rusty out here. I don’t know how the others do it. But I appreciate the compliments.”

Husband: “No worries! Can we please have these leftovers for takeaway?” *gestures at plates*

Waiter: “Sure, no problem. Do you want all of these or just these?” *gesturing to different configurations*

Me: “Oh, just surprise us. We just need one serve for [Husband]’s lunch tomorrow.”

Waiter: “Surprise you? Haha, okay, I will.”

(He left with the plates and came back with a bag. We thanked him, paid, and headed home. The next day, my husband got the box out of the bag for his lunch and found underneath it a voucher for $30 at the restaurant. That was more than we’d even spent on our anniversary dinner! My husband was so excited he took a photo and send it to me, and then called me. On the voucher where it had a space for the name of the manager that approved it, it also said “Surprise!” I immediately called the restaurant and spoke to the manager on duty who passed along my thanks and compliments to the manager that had served us, as well as the owner. We went back a week later for a secondary anniversary dinner, which was just as fantastic, and we gave the waiter/manager that served us a box of chocolates since they weren’t allowed tips. It honestly does pay to be kind.)

You Say Potato, I Say Don’t Worry

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(I am the customer in this story. A friend and I are getting dinner at this local BBQ restaurant. I order my usual but they are out of sweet potato fries so I order a side of potato salad. I haven’t had potato salad here before; I am a picky eater and it has a lot of pepper in it, so I just set it to the side. As we are eating, I notice the waitresses all in a group talking, looking a little concerned. Then, our waitress comes over with a worried look on her face and we have this conversation.)

Waitress: “Is everything okay with your potato salad?”

Me: “Yes, just had a lot of pepper.”

Waitress: “Do you want something else?”

Me: “No, it’s fine.”

Waitress: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Yes, thank you.”

Waitress: “Are you positive it would be no problem?”

Me: “I am, but I will need a box when you get a chance.”

Waitress: “Okay, I will be right back.”

(She kind of had a look of shock, but she went to check on her other table and came back with a box and to-go drinks. All the food was very good. It’s just so sad that she thought since I didn’t like one thing that she was going to get yelled at or a poor tip or something. We left her a $10 tip on a $25 meal. I hope one day people don’t have to worry so much because of a situation like this.)

The Prime-Orderless Soup

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On a snowy January day, I decided to go to a popular fast-casual restaurant known for their soup because that sounded like the perfect meal for the weather. There was no one else in line, and there were four employees working behind the counter. They all looked like they were stocking the food, with two on the bakery side and two on the cafe side.

As I stood at the register, about three feet from the closest employee, no one looked at me or spoke to me. After about thirty seconds had passed, the employee closest to me shouted for someone else to come “ring.” Still, no one told me it might be a minute or even looked at me.

The person the employee called for never came up to ring. At this point, I just wanted to see if anyone would actually acknowledge me, so I stayed quiet. They all went on working for about a minute or so when the employee closest to me who had shouted for help started complaining about the person she called for. She talked about how “lazy” and “stupid” he was because he couldn’t make it up to the front to the register.

I completely understand complaining about coworkers, but not in front of customers, especially when you haven’t even looked at them! Finally, I checked my phone and realized it had been more than three minutes since I first got to the register. Three minutes isn’t a long time, but it sure felt like it when all I wanted was them to scoop some soup into a bowl for me! By now, I wanted to make sure I was still corporeal, so I left the restaurant and got food at a different fast-casual chain. I had my food from the second restaurant in about a minute and was much happier with my meal.

Repeat Refill

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(I am a waitress.)

Me: “Okay, here is your dinner for you. It looks like you’re about ready for a refill. I’m going to go grab that, but is there anything else you need?”

Guest: “Yes, I need a refill on my drink.”

Me: “No problem. I’ll go get that for you.” *wonders why I bother speaking as I walk away*

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