The Cake Is Bittersweet

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I work at a restaurant that offers those “singing and cake” extras for birthdays. One day, I am approached by two teenage boys who pay for the birthday special for their female friend. I’m thinking, “Aw, that’s cute!”

We make the cake and we go sing “Happy Birthday” to their table… and it quickly becomes obvious that the girl is not into it. She’s death-glaring at the boys so hard I’m surprised they don’t burst into flames. They giggle the entire time. When it’s time to blow out the candle, she puts it out between her index and thumb, then smashes the cake against the face of the boy closest to her.

Turns out, she hated this kind of stuff and they got it anyway, just to mess with her. Good times.

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I was a hostess at a restaurant downtown during the summer. We had patio seating, the catch was the elevated train was directly above our patio. The train ran through every four minutes, so it was quite obvious it was noisy out there.
A couple comes in and asks to be seated outside, so I seat them and return to my duties inside at the host stand and everything seems fine.
Then my coworker, the couples’ server, comes up to me.
Coworker- with disbelief in her voice: “Man, that couple is PISSED at you!”
Me- terrified I did something wrong : “Why, what did I do!?!?”
Coworker- deadpan, her voice dripping with sarcasm:
“They cannot believe that you didn’t warn them that the train was so loud”
*Staring at each other*
Both of us: lots of quiet swear words
The kicker: the train looped around the other side of the block, so no matter what direction the couple came into the restaurant, they had to have sprinted down the block and into the restaurant to not hear or see the train screeching by.

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(Note:  I am the customer in this story.)
(My wife and I are eating at a cook-to-order buffet restaurant when we notice two woman and a 5-year-old are seated at the table next to us.)
Waiter:  Welcome to (restaurant).  Can I get you something to drink?
(After taking their drink order, the waiter brings a bag of chips for the little guy to eat while the women are eating salads.  The kid proceeds to dump the chips on the table, crushing them and pushing the crumbs on the floor.)
Waiter:  Oh!  Let me help with that.
(The waiter proceeds to sweep up the chips, while the women ignore the child.  The kid then goes over to a table clearly marked as reserved)
Waiter:  I’m sorry, but you can’t sit over there!
(The child then takes a salt shaker and dumps it out on the reserved table)
Waiter:  You can’t sit here, young man.  Please go back to your table.
Woman #1:  You don’t need to talk to my child like that!  I can take care of him myself!
(Later, after all three of them have taken plates of food…)
Woman #1:  (looking at her bill, to waiter)  Why has my son been charged for a meal?
Waiter:  Because he took a plate of food, ma’am.
Woman #1:  But he didn’t eat it!
Waiter:  We charge per person who gets food from the buffet, and he did get food from the buffet.
Woman #1:  But he didn’t like it, so he didn’t eat it!  The food was horrible!  You’re trying to charge me for food we didn’t eat!  And you’ve been very rude to my son!  I want to speak to your manager RIGHT NOW!
(The Manager comes over and tries to calm them down, offering to comp the kid’s meal.  They storm out)
Later, on my way out, I pull the manager aside)
Me:  Do you know that customer who was complaining over there?  She was completely out of line.
Manager:  Oh, OK.  What do you mean?
Me:  Her child was a nightmare, making a mess of everything.  The waiter who served her did nothing wrong.  He should be commended for having to play maid and babysitter as well as being an excellent waiter.
Manager:  Thanks!
(Needless to say, I left a great tip for that waiter!)

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Me:(I am currently training on the drivethru with my coworker, she is teaching me how to make certain drinks as they’re ordered) So you have to fill it to the pink line? (Drivethru sensor beeps)
Coworker: Hello welcome to Dunkin Donuts how may I help you?
Customer: I’ll have a hazelnut iced coffee extra extra
Coworker: What size?
Customer: Hazelnut
Coworker: What size?
Customer: Hazelnut
Coworker: Large, medium, small?
Customer: Medium
Coworker: (Off the speaker) Hazelnut isn’t a size

Not Receiving Service, Or Just Generally Receiving

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There is a small restaurant that I’ve grown fond of, but it’s a good distance from my home. They’re expanding, and my mother and I are excited to see that a store is opening up a few blocks from our house. We wait months for them to open, planning to be some of their best customers.

The store delivers, so we place an order shortly. We specifically clearly that the burger should have no cheese and no lettuce. The woman taking the order assures us this is no problem. Thirty minutes later, when the food arrives, the burger contains both lettuce and cheese. The lettuce can be picked off, but the cheese is melted into the sandwich.

We call the restaurant, and the person we speak with apologizes and promises they will deliver a new burger within twenty minutes. An hour passes, so we call to check on the status. A different woman answers, puts us on hold, and then hangs up on us.

Thinking it was an accident, we call back. The receiver is picked up and then immediately disconnected. We spend the next hour trying to call them, and each time the phone is picked up and quickly hung up. No new food ever arrives. My mother  — who is furious by now — leaves them a voicemail asking to be called ASAP by a manager. This, of course, does not happen.

I go to their Facebook page and contact them, detailing what has happened and reiterating that all we want is a correct sandwich. I get a poorly written message back that someone will call us the next day. This does not happen.

I send them another message through Facebook. I receive a reply a few days later that, “I chked with the manager and everythink was correc.” I respond back that no, it was not correct, and again to have someone call us. No one calls or replies to this message.

Really angry at this point, I leave a bad review on YELP hoping that will get their attention. When that does not get a response, I file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Finally, nearly a month after the whole thing started, we get a very apologetic call from the owner of the store. They reviewed their security footage from the night in question and saw on tape the employees deliberately lifting the receiver and hanging up on us time and time again. The owner promises us a credit and states that two employees have been terminated over the incident.

While I’m glad to have it resolved, this was by far the worst and most bizarre bad-customer-service experience I’ve ever had. I am completely baffled why they wouldn’t just send us a new burger as promised and why it had to come down to people losing their jobs. I don’t want to see anyone unemployed, but it was good to know that at least someone in their restaurant cared about their employees acting like brats.

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