With No Bacon, Comes No Responsibility, Part 2

| Petaluma, CA, USA | Working | August 2, 2016

(A new restaurant has opened up in town, so my boyfriend and I decide to try it out. He orders a sandwich while I get the bacon cheeseburger. After taking a bite, I realize something is wrong.)

Me: “Um, excuse me. There is no bacon on my burger.”

Waiter: “Um, yeah, we’re out of bacon.” *he walks away*

Boyfriend: “Well, that’s weird they didn’t tell you. Do you want to go?”

Me: “No, no, it’s not that big of deal.”

(Later, when the check arrives, we notice something.)

Me: “Hey, you overcharged us. You charged for his sandwich and the bacon cheeseburger.”

Waiter: *looking annoyed* “Yeah, that’s what you ordered.”

Me: “But it’s not what I ate; you ran out of bacon so I only had a cheeseburger. That’s a $3.50 difference.”

Waiter: “You ordered the bacon cheeseburger. You’re paying for the bacon cheeseburger.”

(Normally, I’d let it go but we asked for the manager. He agreed with the waiter and said that it wasn’t his fault we ordered something they ran out of! We never went back.)

Wait For It…

| Sheffield, England, UK | Working | August 1, 2016

(I’m a broke girl in her early 20s living with friends. After a long, cold walk home I decide to treat myself and my (even more broke) three friends to some burritos from a popular American chain that has recently made its way to my city in England.)

Me: “Hey, can I have three bean burritos, two small fries, and a small drink?”

Server #1: *gives me a large cup, which annoys me until I realize she only charged me for a small*

(There’s a small wait for my food but I really don’t mind sitting inside the warm, almost empty restaurant, and it really isn’t a long wait.)

Server #2: “I’m really sorry for your wait. We’re cooking more fries. I’m really sorry.”

(30 seconds later…)

Server #3: “I’m really sorry this is taking so long. We’ll give you a large fries to make up for it.”

Me: “No, honestly, it’s fine. Fresh fries are a good enough bonus!”

Server #2: “Here, we’ll give you churros, too, to make up for your wait. You shouldn’t have to wait so long!”

Me: “Thank you, but it’s honestly fine!”

Server #4: “Here’s your food; I’m sorry you had to wait. I gave you some desserts to make up for it.”

(I ended up leaving the restaurant with three burritos, two large fries, a large drink, and two portions of churros, all to make up for a two-minute wait. Thank you, servers. We went from being destined to a tiny dinner to having more than enough for us four!)

Hasn’t Quite Nailed It

| IA, USA | Working | August 1, 2016

(Three other coworkers and I are waiting for tables, chatting.)

Coworker #1: “I need to get my three dogs in to a groomer to get their nails trimmed.”

Coworker #2: “How much does it cost?”

Coworker #1: ” $15 each.”

Coworker #3: “Per nail?!”

(Coworker #2 and I could not look at each other for fear of laughing out loud.)

He’s Worth Every Penny

| WA, USA | Romantic | July 29, 2016

(My girlfriend and I are out to eat. I don’t remember why, but we are talking about the financial aspect of eating.)

Me: “I get uncomfortable going to restaurants; it’s so expensive. I feel like an old person who’s angry that you can’t buy candy for a penny anymore.” *self-deprecating laugh*

Girlfriend: “You are the most – frugal isn’t a negative word, is it? You are the most frugal person I know.”

Me: “Really? Am I? I don’t think of myself as frugal. I’m pretty liberal with my other expenses.”

Girlfriend: “Well, from what I see of your spending, you’re even more frugal than [Stereotypically Cheap Grandpa]. And he buys rotten food because it’s cheaper.”

Me: “Wait. I can maybe get behind me being frugal, but how is he second to me?”

That’s Two For Two On Number One

| Atlanta, GA, USA | Friendly | July 29, 2016

(A friend and I are talking to the son of a mutual friend.)

Mutual Friend’s Son: “I gotta pee.” *walks off to the restroom*

Me: “Randomly announcing he has to pee, and then walking off. Yep, that’s definitely [Mutual Friend]’s kid.”

Friend: *laughs* “Was there ever any doubt?”

Me: “No, not really.”

(About a minute or so later, our mutual friend comes barreling through.)

Mutual Friend: “Excuse me. I gotta pee.”

(He couldn’t figure out why we were laughing.)

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