Tried The Wrong Cake

| New Hope, MN, USA | Working | May 4, 2015

(Towards the end of my schooling I am working at a bakery as an intern. I am also working at a local Italian restaurant, as a waitress. This happened after multiple shifts at both jobs and sheer tiredness.)

Me: *answering the bakery phone* “[Restaurant] in— Wrong job. Oh jeez. [Bakery]!”

(The woman on the phone had been to both places and thought it was hysterical. The bakery’s front end, however, did not.)

Sick Of Their Complaints

| Australia | Right | May 4, 2015

(I work in a Chinese restaurant in a small town, and a couple come in whilst we have a few people eating in. I have seen them in here a few times, and they are known around the town for being alcoholics. The woman is constantly complaining and trying to take things (such as magazines in the waiting area). On this particular night they are complaining about their food last night.)

Husband: “We want a full refund. Your food last night made us sick. I went to the toilet three times and vomited straight after eating it.”

Me: “Sir, if it was food poisoning you wouldn’t have felt it until later, not right away.”

Husband: “It was food poisoning and I know it. I know what it was. We come here all the time and we never complain, but I’m sick of it now. We’re going to tell the whole town about this and we’re never coming back.”

Me: “With all due respect sir, your wife complains almost every time you get food from here.”

Husband: “Yeah, but she’s a b****. I’m the one complaining now!”

Buying A Drive At The Drive-Thru

, | Olathe, KS, USA | Right | May 4, 2015

(It is my first night working the drive-thru by myself on the side we lovingly call ‘The Hole,’ due to how removed it is from the rest of the store, as well as the fact that it is freaking cold in winter.)

Me: *chipper* “Hello and welcome to [Restaurant]. How may I take your order?”

Customer: *rambles off order* “Oh, and, uh, could I get the green ’96 Plymouth Breeze?”

Me: *confused* “…I’m sorry, could you repeat that?”

Customer: *serious tone* “There’s a green ‘96 Plymouth Breeze out here and I was hoping I could pay for it here.”

Me: *still slightly confused* “I don’t know anything about that, sir. Can I still get you your food?”

Customer: *sighs* “Yeah, I guess.”

Too Chicken To Admit Their Mistake

| Long Island, NY, USA | Working | May 3, 2015

(I’m at a prix-fixed Fourth of July dinner at a beachfront seafood restaurant. It is $100 per person, and we are a table of 10. Being a vegetarian, there isn’t anything on the menu that I can eat. The waitress tells me that they have a plain pasta dish as an alternative, and I agree to that. Service has been slow and sporadic. It takes forever to get appetizers and drinks. Over two hours later, dinner is finally served.)

Me: “This isn’t plain pasta.”

Server: “Yes, it is.”

Me: “No, there are clearly chunks of chicken in it. This was supposed to be vegetarian.”

Server: “Then it is.”

Me: “Chicken is not vegetarian.”

Server: “Okay. I’ll get you a new plate.”

(A few moments later, he comes back with a dish and puts it in front of me quickly before walking away.)

Me: “This is the exact same plate.”

Friend: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Yes! Look! They only picked out the chunks of chicken that were on top. There’s still chicken underneath.”

(Needless to say, a manager was called for and the heads of our party chewed him out. I wasn’t surprised to find out that the restaurant ended up going out of business later on.)

A Good Demonstration Of Bad Automation

, | Germany | Working | April 30, 2015

(I’m at a store of a popular sandwich chain where they prepare the food as you order. As a semi-regular, I recognize most of the employees. This guy, however, is new to me. He flashes me a friendly smile as I get to the counter.)

Me: “Hi there. Would you make me two large subs on white bread with turkey and ham, with cheddar on both of them, please?”

(He grabs one sub and starts preparing it.)

Employee: “Sure thing. And would you like that toasted?”

Me: “Yes, please.”

Employee: “And what kind of cheese?”

Me: “Cheddar. On both of them.”

(He looks confused for a second, then turns to the bread and hovers with his hand over it.)

Employee: “What kind of bread for the second one?”

Me: “It’s the same as the first.”

Employee: “Oh, right.” *grabs the white bread and prepares it* “And what kind of cheese?”

Me: “Cheddar. Both are pretty much exactly the same, save for the sauce.”

Employee: “All righty! You wanted that toasted, right?”

Me: “Yes, please.”

Employee: “Both of them?”

Me: “Yes, they’re the same.”

Employee: *after he put the subs in the toaster* “Sorry, I spilled some of the cheese on one of them.” *he looks at me expectantly but does nothing*

Me: “That’s all right.”

Employee: “And what else would you like on that?”

Me: “Both with lettuce, onions, peppers ,and olives, please.”

(He nods and begins putting tomatoes on the sandwich.)

Me: “No tomatoes, please.”

Employee: *laughing insecurely* “Oh, I’m sorry, it’s just that row is basically what I have to put on everything.”

Me: “That’s okay. Automatism sometimes gets the best of us, huh?”

Employee: *staring at the vegetables for a second* “What did you want on that, again?”

Me: “Onions, peppers, olives.”

Employee: “Oh, right.” *he forgets the olives and goes for the sauces*

Me: “Olives, too, please.”

(Since he already forgot that I wanted the same on both subs, the same process repeats with the second one.)

Employee: “Sorry, right. And what kind of sauce would you like?”

Me: “The chipotle on one, mayo on the other. Easy on the mayo, please.”

Employee: “Sure thing.” *prepares the chipotle* “And aioli for the other?”

Me: “Regular mayo, and about half the amount you’d usually put on there, if that’s okay.”

Employee: *proceeds to cover half of the sub length-wise, and looks at me expectantly*

Me: *internal face-palm, but getting impatient* “Yeah, sure. That’s all right, I guess…”

(As he rings me up, chipper as before, I notice he rings my order up as to eat there – without asking me.)

Me: “I’d like that for take-away, please.”

Employee: “Oh! Sure, sorry. Most people just eat here.”

Me: “Yeah, sorry. Should’ve said that earlier.” *thinking ‘not that you’d remember if I had’*

Employee:“That’ll be [price], please.”

Me: *as I hand him the money, smiling* “Been a long day, huh?”

Employee: “What do you mean?”

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