Twice As Stupid

| CA, USA | Right | July 20, 2015

(I work in a restaurant where we ‘twice fry’ our fries. We cut them ourselves then blanch them, a process of semi cooking them, then fry them to order later. They are listed on the menu as twice fried. We get an order on the screen that has the fried modified to say ‘once fried only.’)

Fry Cook: “Once fried? They want uncooked fries?”

Waitress: “That’s what they said. I tried to explain that would be a soggy, uncooked fry. They won’t listen.”

Fry Cook: “I can’t send that out.”

Sous Chef: “Just send out the regular fries and don’t say anything.”

Waitress: *coming back 30 minutes later* “Well, they loved their ‘once fried’ fries, and insisted they were soooo much better than our normal fries. They asked, how come we didn’t always make them like this?”

A Very Taxing Customer

| GA, USA | Right | July 19, 2015

Cashier: “Okay your total is $8.57.”

Customer: “Whoa, hang on a second; the menu board says the meal is $8.26.”

Cashier: “Yes, the extra is the sales tax.”

Customer: “No, no, that’s bull-s***. You guys are lying on your advertisements. Why don’t you list the real price?”

Me: “Well, sir, the prices are set by corporate. Most businesses don’t include the tax because it varies by location. The tax added in one state is different than another.”

Customer: “Whatever, that is still crap. Here.” *hands over $8.26*

Cashier: “Okay, sir you still owe 31 cents.”

Customer: “No, I just told you I will NOT pay the tax on it.”

Me: “Sir, we cannot complete the transaction until you pay the remainder.”

Customer: “But why should I have to pay more than is listed?”

Me: “The sales taxes are what the state of Georgia says they are. I don’t have control over that.”

Customer: “Whatever.”

(The customer walks off leaving his $8.26 on the counter. We put it to the side and continue with the next customers in line. About 10 minutes later he walks up to the counter again.)

Customer: “Have y’all called my name yet; is my sandwich ready?”

Me: “Sir, we never processed your order.”


Me: “Sir, you never paid for the order.”

Customer: “Yes, I did! I gave the cashier $8.26!”

Me: “Yes, but as I explained to you, you owed 31 cents and didn’t pay it. Your money is over here if you want it, or if you want to pay the 31 cents we can start your order now.”

Customer: “This is total bull-s***. I am going to be filing a complaint with your store owner AND with corporate. ”

(The customer stormed off without taking his money. I put the money aside and waited for him to come back. By the end of the shift he didn’t show up so I put in the charity collection… ironically, the charity collection that doesn’t have a tax on it.)

With No Bacon, Comes No Responsibility

, | WI, USA | Right | July 17, 2015

(I work at a burger joint. I’m working on making burgers, when a woman marches up and tosses her burger on the counter. I look up from my work as one of my coworkers moves over to her.)

Coworker: “Is there a problem, ma,am?”

Woman: “Yes, I ordered a bacon double cheeseburger. This doesn’t have bacon.”

(I know for a fact it does, as I was the one who made it. I also noticed she un-wrapped it, but didn’t bite into it or take it apart. My coworker signals for me, and I walk over.)

Me: “I’m sorry; I’m the one who made this. I’m sure I included bacon. Could you please check?”

(We do this so customers can’t complain if we handle their food after it’s already been made and given to them.)

Woman: *sigh* “Isn’t that your job?”

Me: “So you’re giving me permission to re-handle your food?”

Woman: “What do you think?!”

Me: “All right.”

(I open the burger up, and sure enough, there’s bacon there.)

Woman: “I want to see your manager.”

Me: “Sure, but may I ask why?”

Woman: “You ruined my burger; you shouldn’t have taken it apart to show me the bacon.”

Me: “…I’ll go get her now.”

(I got an official write-up for this! I’m sorry I was supposed to give customers x-ray vision, and have it myself.)

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Causing The Problem

| USA | Working | July 15, 2015

(I am a hostess at a pancake house. A pair of customers asks to be seated by the front door due to a leg injury, and their server is double sat. After a quick burst of people I equalize everything quickly and the server isn’t seated the next round since he was double sat the last. The server that got double sat comes up to the hostess stand to check the list as the owner of the restaurant counts the register next to me.)

Server: “Hey, did you skip me?”

Me: “No. The man with the crutches needed a table up front, so you got double sat for a bit. But now everyone’s caught up, so I can seat you again.”

Server: “Oh, okay. Thanks.”

(He walks away, and the owner hunches over my list.)

Owner: “What’s the problem?”

Me: “Oh, there wasn’t a problem. I was just telling him what happened.”

Owner: “What?”

Me: “Before, he was double sat for a bit because the man with crutches needed a table at the front. But I caught everyone up now, so it’s fine.”

Owner: “I don’t understand.”

Me: *explains everything again*

Owner: *getting angry* “I don’t get it. What was the problem?”

Me: “Don’t worry, there isn’t a problem.”

Owner: “DON’T TELL ME THERE ISN’T A PROBLEM, BECAUSE THIS IS A PROBLEM! WHAT IS THIS?!” *points to the chart where I marked the requested table*

Me: “I just told you. That man there wanted a table close to the door and [Server] got double sat, so I didn’t seat him this round so I could catch everyone up.”

Owner: “Then who’s next?”

Me: *points to chart* “This one.”

Owner: “Oh. Well, that guy was just wondering why he got skipped. He shouldn’t even be up here talking to you. Servers aren’t allowed to bother you or tell you how to sit.”

Me: “But that was never the problem…”

Making A Graceful Exit

| USA | Friendly | July 14, 2015

(At the table next to me is quite a large group. It is obviously a family, with one of the children’s friends. The girl is about 13.)

Adult #1: “Before we eat, let’s say grace.”

Girl: “Excuse me; I am going to the bathroom.”

Adult #2: “No dear, stay for grace.”

Girl: “That’s okay, thanks.”

Adult #1: “Do you not want to say grace?”

Girl: “Well… I am an Atheist.”

Adult #1: “What?!”

Girl: “I don’t believe in God.”

(I notice that the whole table erupts in chatter, and Adult #1 is especially firing off insults to the girl. As I go to the bathroom I stop briefly by her chair.)

Me: “Don’t worry sweetie, they wouldn’t realize that there are many different answers even if God taught them for a year straight.”

(I noticed that after I left the girl was very polite in taking their hands and simply joining them in their grace.)

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