Human Kindness Stretches Beyond A Dollar

, | Shreveport, LA, USA | Working | March 12, 2015

(A bunch of my friends and I are staying after school one day to go to a school function, and we decide we were hungry. There is six of us, and between us we have eleven dollars. Luckily, there is a fast food restaurant that has a dollar menu about five minutes away by walking.)

Cashier: “Hello and welcome to [Restaurant]. May I take your order?”

Me: “Yes, I have eleven dollars and need to feed six people.”

(I go through the order, which was six burgers and four large drinks, which would cover everyone if we shared. Unfortunately, it cost a dollar more than we had.)

Friend #1: “Okay, guys, empty your pockets!”

Friend #2: “I have 68 cents!”

(At this time I notice a man in line with two little girls and his wallet out. He pulls out a dollar and hands it to Friend #1.)

Me: “Oh, my god, thank you so much, sir!”

Friend #1: “That was so nice! Thank you!”

(I pay for the food, and then the cashier pulls out four large cups so we can fill them at the drink fountain. As I’m passing them out, I hear two more cups being placed on the counter.)

Cashier: “Don’t say I never did anything for you. Now, have a good day.”

(This made our day, in between the random man helping us and the extra cups so everyone could get their own. We made the function in time, too!)

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Girls Love Biker Boys

| Tel-Aviv, Israel | Related | March 11, 2015

(My little cousin has ADHD and loves to ride his bike. We are currently talking about marriages.)

My Dad: “So are you going to be like [Cousin #2] and have lots of girlfriends?”

My Aunt: “Yeah, are you going to kiss lots of girls as well? Even TWO at once?”

Cousin #1: “No, I’m already married to my bike. Tell the girls I’m taken.”

When New Hires Become New Fires, Part 2

, | Ottawa, ON, Canada | Working | March 11, 2015

(I’m a woman in my early 20s working as the manager at a fast food restaurant. Just before Christmas season starts, an older woman comes up and slaps a resume onto the counter in front of my coworker.)

Woman: “Look, I want a job! Give this to your manager!”

Coworker: “Actually, she…”

Me: “Just went out. Just make sure your availability is on it, and we’ll pass it along.”

Woman: “Fine! I’ll be manager soon enough, anyway!”

Me: *barely even looks at it before throwing it out after she leaves* “If she’s going to be like that applying, I’m not going to hire her.”

Coworker: “Thank you!”

When New Hires Become New Fires

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If Batman Had A Little Sister

| USA | Romantic | March 10, 2015

(I’m on a first date at a nice little place, just chatting with the guy I’m out with, when he clears his throat a little. He also is friends with my older brother.)

Him: “So… ah… [Older Brother] found out we were going out tonight and called me.”

Me: “Yeah… He did text me something to that effect today. Something about him being in every shadow?”

Him: “Yep.”

Me: “He also says ‘he is vengeance; he is the night,’ by the way.”

Needs To Wake Up And Smell The Wrong Coffee

, | San Francisco, CA, USA | Working | March 10, 2015

Me: “Medium coffee with two milks, two sweeteners, please!”

Cashier: “Hot coffee?”

Me: “Yup, medium coffee with two milks, two sweeteners.”

(I watch in confusion as a medium fries is added, then voided, then an ice cream added, then voided. Then, to my horror, decaf is added, and thankfully voided, before I see two medium coffees up on the little screen.)

Cashier: “Two coffees?”

Me: “No, one coffee. Two milks, two sweeteners.”

Cashier: *voids the 2 coffees, adds 1*

Cashier: “One cream, one sugar?”

Me: “No, two milks, two sweeteners, please.”

(I pay, and watch as he fills my coffee, adding two sugars and no milk.)

Me: “…Thanks.”

Friend: “He probably needed that more than you do.”

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