A Sickening Lack Of Concern

, | Surrey, England, UK | Working | March 13, 2015

(I’ve recently had to take some time off work due to a family emergency. I go back for one shift, then have a day off, but feel ill that day and spend most of the night throwing up. I have a shift later that day so call my manager.)

Manager: “Hello?”

Me: “Hi. I’m scheduled to work this evening, but spent most of last night throwing up. Is there a rule—”

Manager: “—you’re not missing another shift.”

Me: “I actually feel better now. But seeing as we’re working with food, do I have to wait 24 hours or anything after being sick?”

Manager: “Just come in. You can clear tables.”

(I went in. I ended up serving food. Luckily that manager left a month later.)

Our Beef With The Beef Isn’t With You

| Zel am See, Austria | Working | March 13, 2015

(My father and I are on a skiing trip and trying out a new restaurant. I order the venison stew, and my father orders the sirloin steak, asking to have it done medium rare. The food is pretty good, but there’s one glaring problem. The stew has beef in it – rib meat – not venison, and what my father has gotten is clearly not sirloin, but some other cut which isn’t quite as good. Since we’re really hungry and tired from skiing all day, we decide not to make a fuss. The waitress approaches us at the end of the meal.)

Waitress: “Did everything taste good?”

Father: “Yes, it’s good. It’s not what we ordered, but it’s good.”

Waitress: “…What?”

Me: “Well, I can tell this isn’t venison in the stew, and whatever is on my father’s plate isn’t sirloin steak. And he asked for medium rare, but this is rare bordering on raw.”

Father: “We just thought you could pass it on that people CAN tell the difference.”

Waitress: *looking like she’s about to panic* “I’m so sorry. I—”

Me: “Please. We know this isn’t your fault. You’ve been nothing but kind and pleasant to us all evening. You don’t cook the food here. We just wanted whoever it is who does to know that using cheaper meat than what’s on the menu will only lose you customers, okay?”

Waitress: *looking close to tears* “I’m really very sorry. I didn’t know. They just hand me the food.”

Father: “It’s okay, really. Here’s a tip. You really deserve it. I hope you get that cook sorted out.”

(She all but bolted from there, looking relieved, mortified, and like someone was going to feel the flat of her hand very soon. Hopefully, things worked out in the end – my father and I certainly didn’t return there.)

Don’t Drink And Dial And Deliver

| BC, Canada | Right | March 12, 2015

(In this story, I’m the unreasonable customer. I had just come back from a bar with my friends, and we are all drunk & craving Chinese food. It’s rather late, but we REALLY wanted some Chinese food, so I call up a nearby restaurant.)

Owner: “Thank you for calling [Restaurant]. How may I help you?”

Me: “Hi! I’d like to place an order for delivery, please.”

Owner: “I’m sorry, but we’re closed. I’m afraid we’re unable to fulfill orders anymore.”

Me: “Aw, man, really? When did you close?”

Owner: “We actually closed just a few minutes ago.”

Me: “It’s only been a few minutes, right? You couldn’t possibly have started cleaning up already, right? Can’t you do one more order?”

Owner: “I’m sorry sir, but even though the kitchen is still technically open, I still need to send my delivery boy home, as his shift is already over.”

Me: “Is he still there? If he is, tell him that I’ll pay him $50 extra.”

Owner: “One moment, please.”

(The owner puts down his phone and I hear some talking in the background.)

Owner: “All right, he says he’ll do it. May I take your order, sir?”

(I place my order and wait patiently for my food. 20 minutes later, a car pulls up to my driveway. The delivery boy gets out of his car, and walks up to my door with my order.)

Me: “Hi! I’m really sorry for doing this to you, but we’re all drunk as s*** here and the alcohol’s making us want Chinese food.”

Delivery Boy: “It’s okay. You got that $50?”

Me: “H*** yeah, I do!”

Delivery Boy: “Then all is forgiven.”

(I gave him a $50 bill, and I paid for the food on debit. I would later learn that this was very poor judgment on my part, because in my drunken stupor, I ended up choosing the tip option on the debit machine. So not only did I give this poor guy $50, I also gave him a 30% tip on a $90 order. I may have been a dick, but I certainly hope the delivery boy had a good night! Always drink responsibly. Seriously, it may cost you.)

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Dumb But Not Blind

| BC, Canada | Romantic | March 12, 2015

(My boyfriend and I are having a discussion which turns into a mild disagreement. Later he agreed that he was being dumb.)

Boyfriend: “You’re giving me that ‘I’m being really dumb’ look face.”

Me: *stares blankly*

Boyfriend: “You’re giving it to me again.”

Human Kindness Stretches Beyond A Dollar

, | Shreveport, LA, USA | Working | March 12, 2015

(A bunch of my friends and I are staying after school one day to go to a school function, and we decide we were hungry. There is six of us, and between us we have eleven dollars. Luckily, there is a fast food restaurant that has a dollar menu about five minutes away by walking.)

Cashier: “Hello and welcome to [Restaurant]. May I take your order?”

Me: “Yes, I have eleven dollars and need to feed six people.”

(I go through the order, which was six burgers and four large drinks, which would cover everyone if we shared. Unfortunately, it cost a dollar more than we had.)

Friend #1: “Okay, guys, empty your pockets!”

Friend #2: “I have 68 cents!”

(At this time I notice a man in line with two little girls and his wallet out. He pulls out a dollar and hands it to Friend #1.)

Me: “Oh, my god, thank you so much, sir!”

Friend #1: “That was so nice! Thank you!”

(I pay for the food, and then the cashier pulls out four large cups so we can fill them at the drink fountain. As I’m passing them out, I hear two more cups being placed on the counter.)

Cashier: “Don’t say I never did anything for you. Now, have a good day.”

(This made our day, in between the random man helping us and the extra cups so everyone could get their own. We made the function in time, too!)

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