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(I’m a waiter at a restaurant. This happens while I’m out with a friend on my night off. I’m in need of a bathroom, so I have a quick look at the menu, tell my friend what I want, and dash off while she puts the order in.)

Me: *chatting while we wait for our food* “So the guy sends it back and complains because his filet mignon has bacon. Either you know what filet mignon is, in which case, you know it has bacon, or you don’t, in which case, you read the freaking menu!”

(At this point our food arrives.)

Me: *seeing prawns on top of mine* “That’s not right. I didn’t order prawns.”

(Seeing the concerned look on the waiter’s face I realise:)

Me: “…or I didn’t read the menu properly. Can I get a side plate, please?”

(The waiter was a lovely guy and happy to help. My friend spent the whole meal laughing at me for not reading the menu while bitching about customers who don’t read the menu!)

It’s Taco-ver

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(I work at a very popular Mexican grill restaurant where we serve food down a line and you build your item of choice to your liking. A customer orders a bowl and starts to make it and everything goes completely fine. Next she decides to order for someone else.)

Customer: *in a Hispanic accent* “I also want a burrito.”

Me: “Of course, ma’am!”

(I put tortilla in the press and proceed to take it out and get ready to build it.)

Customer: “Do you have smaller burritos?”

Me: “No ma’am, the only thing smaller is tacos.”

Customer: “Oh! Yeah, that’s what I want!”

(Our tacos come with three in one serving so I put the taco shells in the press and proceed to ask her what kind of rice beans and meat she would like in her tacos.)

Me: “So what kind of rice would you like?”

Customer: “Uh… I’ll take the brown rice.”

Me: “Okay, what kind of beans would you like?”

Customer: “Black beans.”

Me: “Great, now what kind of meat?”

(Everything seems fine until I get to the third taco. Keep in mind that she’s watched me make all three tacos the entire time.)

Customer: “Oh, I only wanted one taco.”

(I look at my manager who sees my face and is trying so hard not to laugh.)

Pumpkin Impossible

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(I am the customer in this story. Some friends and I are visiting to attend a book signing by our favorite author, known for writing a wildly popular children’s fantasy series. Our waitress, who is waiting tables at this singing restaurant until she gets a break on Broadway, notices that we’re wearing memorabilia from that series.)

Waitress: “Oh! You’re fans of [Series]! Me, too! In fact, my roommate and I just carved our Halloween pumpkins and did designs from the series. Would you like to see a picture?”

Us: “Absolutely!”

Waitress: “Okay, I’ll get in trouble if my manager sees me with my phone out on the floor, so we have to be very covert about this.”

(At this point, she started humming the theme tune from a popular spy movie and carefully tipped her phone out of her pocket onto the table so we could look. We showed one of the pictures to the author later that evening at the signing, who also thought she was very talented! I think about that waitress all the time and hope she’s doing well in her career.)

Not Chickening Out Or Shrimping Away

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(I work in a Chinese restaurant. For any of the curries you can get vegetable, chicken, beef, or shrimp. Shrimp is the most expensive option.)

Customer: “Hi, can I get the red curry with chicken?”

Me: “No problem!”

Customer: “But can you substitute the shrimp for the chicken?”

Me: “So you want red curry with shrimp?”

Customer: “No, I want red curry with chicken but I want the chicken substituted with shrimp. That way I get shrimp for the price of chicken. Get it?”

Me: “Um, it doesn’t work like that, sir.”

Customer: “Oh, please… There’s a reason I’m sitting here and you’re serving me.”

Their Conversation Is Sinking Low

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(I work at a well-known pizza chain. This particular one is also a dine in restaurant. I’m using the restroom before my shift starts. As I’m in the stall a family comes in to wash their hands.)

Customers Child: “This building must be old! These sinks aren’t nice like other places.”

Customer #1: “That or they just don’t take care of the place. Look at this the trash; it’s overflowing!”

Customer #2: “Yeah, well, every employee here is probably high as h*** the entire day.”

Customer #1: “They all look like they are and it’s legal so I wouldn’t doubt it!”

(At this point I walk out of the stall. They see my shirt with a large picture of the company logo on it. I see their eyes go big and they quickly leave after drying their hands. I have yet to say anything. The trash is a bit high with paper towels as it has been newly changed so there is still air under the bag. I press them down and wash my hands. Other than that the restroom is clean. I walk out and get my till ready for my shift while the other server is helping other tables, waiting for me to finish so she can leave. The family is sitting over at a table looking at a menu and glancing at me nervously while one of the moms is getting a salad.)

Me: *walking over to their table* “Hey, guys! How are y’all today? I just started my shift but did the last server not get your drink order yet?”

Customer #1: *slightly red* “No, not yet, but we want [gives me drink orders for everyone].”

(I went and got their drinks, came back, and noticed one of the moms had moved to the other side of the booth away from the end where she would have been next to me. She gave me slight attitude while I took their order, I assumed, expecting me to be rude because I had heard the entire conversation in the restroom. As time went on while they were there I treated them no differently than my other customers and was still happy and cheerful and helpful. She and the others seemed to relax and were eventually joking with me and interacting well. When they left they tipped me 5$ on a 20$ bill. My manager and the other employees told me I should have been rude and not as helpful but if I had I would have just proven them right. In the end I think they learned not to be so judgmental. Their conversation was not supposed to be heard by me but I’m hoping they got a new perspective.)

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