Someone REALLY Needed That Coffee

| IA, USA | Food & Drink

(I work at a popular chain donut shop. Most run 24/7, but our particular branch opens at 5 am and closes at 10 pm. It’s been that way since the store opened; hours are posted on both entry doors. To avoid confusion when the openers and bakers are inside, we keep the lights off inside and outside lights when not open. Typically, this is only a problem at night, mainly people trying to order from drive-thru. We’ve had people sit there, go back and forth over the sensor, shout “hello” repeatedly, and several pull up to the windows and try to order there. Openers typically unlock the entry on arrival, but keep lights off until open. Again, this is usually only a problem with drive-thru. A guest wanders in at 4:30 am.)

Guest: “Helloooo? Is anyone here? Helllllooooo!”

Coworker: “I’m sorry, ma’am, we’re not open yet. It’ll be another half hour before our registers will let us take orders.”

Guest: “Why wasn’t anyone watching the front?! I’ve been waiting five minutes to order a coffee!”

Coworker: “I’m sorry. It’s just we’re not open yet, so we didn’t expect anyone to be up here.”

Guest: “I want a coffee. Five cream, seven sugar, hazelnut flavor. Make sure it’s fresh. I don’t want something that’s been sitting out here, tasting all burnt.”

Coworker: “Ma’am, I’m sorry, we’re not open for another half hour. The register won’t let me take an order until at least five minutes to open.”

Guest: “I also want three donuts. Which ones are the freshest?”

Coworker: “Ma’am, we’re not open. All these donuts are fresh right now, but I can’t sell them. The registers won’t let me ring them in.”

Guest: “Why can’t you sell me donuts? Whatever. Just the coffee, five cream and seven sugar. FRESH. ”

(My coworker usually brews a pot when she gets in for herself, and seeing as this guest isn’t getting it, decides to make her drink anyway. Coworker warns her (again) our registers won’t ring anything in, so she’ll have to pay cash. She emphasizes this, and the guest agrees.)

Coworker: “”All right, so what size would you like that?”

Guest: “Hazelnut, five cream, seven sugar.”

Coworker: “Yes, but what size would you like it?”

Guest: “HAZELNUT. Five cream, seven sugar.”

Coworker: “Yes, a hazelnut coffee, but what SIZE would you like it? Small, medium, large?”

Guest: *almost shouting* “FIVE CREAM. SEVEN SUGAR!”

(My coworker gives up and starts making a medium. The guest watches and waits until my coworker is done to inform her she wanted a large. My coworker REMAKES it in a large, only to finish and have the guest demand a fresh pot, despite my coworker explaining the coffee was not even ten minutes old, and then she claims it is my coworker’s fault she has to remake it again because the guest had mentioned she wanted it fresh. Then the she tries to pay with card. Of course, we still have no way of processing this, and she’s upset. We basically give her coffee free to get her to leave. FINALLY, the guest starts to leave. She turns around at the last minute.)

Guest: “You guys forgot to turn on your lights. How do you even forget that? It’s dark as h*** in here!”

Me: “Oh, it’s fine. We turn them on when we open. We don’t open for another 15 minutes, so we have time.”

Guest: “You’re open now. Aren’t you open now?”

Me: “No… that’s why all the lights are off, the chairs are up, and the donut racks aren’t fully stocked, and why you needed to pay in cash.”

Guest: “If you’re closed, why did you make my coffee?”

(She finally left, shaking her head and grumbling how it shouldn’t be so hard to get a coffee.)

Arnold Palmer Says You’re At Tea Total

, | Marion, IN, USA | Family & Kids, Food & Drink

(I am at college, and my dad has come to visit. We decide to grab a quick bite to eat before he goes back home. Our order is being taken.)

Dad: “Can I have an Arnold Palmer?” *half lemonade half iced-tea*

Cashier: “We are not allowed to mix drinks, sorry.”

Dad: “Do you have lemonade?”

Cashier: “Yes.”

Dad: “Do you have iced-tea?”

Cashier: “Yes.”

Dad: “All right, then mix them!”

Cashier: “The lemonade is fresh and costs a different amount than the iced tea. I’m not allowed to mix drinks.”

Dad: “No one will know.”

Cashier: “It’s against the rules. Which would you like?”

Dad: “An Arnold Palmer.”

Cashier: “I cannot do that.”

Dad: “Yes, you can. You’re just too lazy to—”

Me: “Give it up, dad! She can’t do it. It’s not her fault. You’re probably not the first person to yell at her, and it didn’t change anything. If you want something to change, write to somebody who is in control of the company! It is not her fault!”

Dad: “It is her fault! I want an Arnold Palmer! [Other Restaurant] gives me Arnold Palmers!”

Me: “They have different rules.” *to Cashier* “He’ll get a number five with a lemonade. I’ll get a number five with an iced tea. Could you give us an extra cup?”

(Cashier nods and puts in the order, hands us receipt. My dad takes the receipt and a pen and starts scribbling angrily on the back.)

Me: “What are you doing?”

Dad: “Writing to management.”

Me: “You think they’ll take you seriously if you’re writing on a receipt?”

(My dad blushes, folds the receipt, and puts it in his pocket and goes to sit down. I apologize to the cashier, get the order, then go sit down with him. I take the extra cup and fill it half with iced-tea, half with lemonade, and hand it to him.)

Dad: “But [Other Restaurant] gives me an Arnold Palmer!”

I’ve Come As The Mommy

| Lakewood, OH, USA | At The Checkout, Awesome Workers, Family & Kids, Holidays

(I go into a burrito restaurant on Halloween, where they are offering burritos for three dollars if you come in costume. I am not wearing one. When I get up to the register, the following exchange occurs:)

Cashier: “Aww, you aren’t wearing a costume today!”

Me: *looking down at my sweater and old jeans* “Yes, I am.”

Cashier: “What are you supposed to be?”

Me: “A mom with depression who hasn’t eaten anything in two days?”

Cashier: *with a knowing smile* “Your total is three dollars.”

Their Dine And Dash Hopes Were Dashed

| MI, USA | Bad Behavior, Criminal & Illegal

Me: “Hi, welcome to [Restaurant]!”

Customer: “Hi. I am paying for four, with drinks.”

Me: “Okay. Your total is [total].”

(As the customer pays, her three friends come in, walk past her and sit at a table across from the buffet and whisper among themselves. The woman that paid gets her food, then her friends do, too. After about 20 minutes I look over at their table and see the three friends whispering again and looking at me. Suddenly the three of them get up and run out the exit door laughing. Once they get outside they high-five each other and look back at me and my coworkers, taunting us.)

Customer: *to her friends* “I paid for you already!”

Tipped Off To Be A Bad Tip

| Stoughton, WI, USA | Bad Behavior, Money

(I am 16 and this is my first day at my first waitressing job. The town is small and pretty much just packed with old people. I am feeling pretty good because I get tons of compliments on how nice I am. One older guy took up tons of my time but an older waitress told me it’s fine cause he tips well. After he left I went to clear the table.)

Me: *to older waitress* “Oh, my god! It’s $100! Wait… This is a fake.”

Older Waitress: *laughing* “Yeah! He does that to all the new girls!”

Me: “He didn’t even leave a real tip. How is that funny? I make $2 an hour and need to get tips to make a normal wage!”

(I quit shortly after that because the owners and older staff were nuts. 15 years later I moved back to town to be by my parents and saw that man in a restaurant. He was about to pull the same thing on a young girl.)

Me: “Don’t you dare! You did the same thing to me 15 years ago! Hasn’t anyone told you how freaking rude that is!”

Man: “It’s a joke!” *he got up and left*

Me: “Well, it’s not funny!”

(I got up and cleared the table myself and tossed out the fake tip. The poor girl came up confused. I handed her a real tip and suggested she never waste her time on that guy again.)

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