Adopting A Racist Attitude

| Atlanta, GA, USA | Friendly | July 13, 2016

(I am in a small restaurant with my husband and baby son. I’m of European descent and my husband is Asian. My son looks just like him. I’m walking with the baby to the restroom for a diaper change. This happens with an older female patron.)

Lady: “Oh, isn’t he cute!”

Me: “Thanks. He’s a real keeper!”

Lady: “How long did it take you to get him?”

Me: *confused* “Oh, the normal nine months.”

Lady: “That quickly? My daughter got a girl and it took two years.”

Me: *realizing that she thinks my son is adopted* “Oh, he’s mine! He looks like his dad.” *pointing* “He’s over there.”

Lady: *suddenly angry* “That’s not right. You should stick with your own kind.”

Me: “I’m not sure what you mean.”

Lady: “Those nasty [racist slur for Asian]. You shouldn’t mix your blood.”

Me: “Thanks for that comment. It’s great to know that racism is still alive in America. You have a great day.”

Lady: *yelling after me* “You’ll burn in Hell for mixing with unclean races!”

When You’re Bean An A**-Hole

, | | Right | July 13, 2016

(A customer walks in, cutting in front of a 35-person-long line.)

Customer: “I’ll take three soft tacos to go.”

Me: “Would you like any rice or beans on that?”

Customer: “Steak.”

Me: “Okay…. Rice or beans?”

Customer: “Steak and green salsa…”

Me: “Sir, do you want rice or beans on the tacos?”

Customer: “This is the third time I’ve told you. Steak and green salsa.”

(Another employee puts the steak and green salsa on while I help the next customer.)

Customer: *shoves the current customer out of the way* “Hey, you, where the hell are my rice and beans?”

Me: “Sir, I asked you three times if you wanted any and you ignored me and repeated ‘steak and green salsa’ each time. If you want to change your order then you can go to the back of the line that you cut in front of the first time and ask politely.”

Needs Better Protection From Those Kinds Of Slips

, | Winona, MN, USA | Working | July 13, 2016

(I’m the embarrassed employee in this incident. I am taking orders on the counter and feeling kind of tired when a good looking guy comes up to order.)

Guy: “Can I get a [combo meal]?”

Me: “Would you like a medium or large condom, COMBO, oh, my god, I’m sorry.”

(I was so bright red and I just thank goodness he didn’t laugh at me.)

A Rare Form Of Bad Service

| Chicago, IL, USA | Working | July 13, 2016

(I am at a rather nice restaurant for dinner with my mom and dad. The service and atmosphere have been excellent and our waitress has been quite friendly while we order drinks and an appetizer. When it comes time to give her our entrée orders, however, the following occurs.)

Me: “Could I have the salmon dish? And could you please request that the salmon be cooked very well-done?”

Waitress: “What? Why would you want it so over-cooked?”

Me: “I know it’s odd. I just really like my seafood well-done.” *laughs* “It just is my personal preference.”

Waitress: “Well, do you eat sushi?”

Me: *confused* “Yes, occasionally. But this is an entire salmon fillet on top of hot vegetables and rice, not the same as sushi at all.”

Waitress: “This is a brilliant cut of fish. Cooking it well-done would ruin the flavor.”

(Please note my family and I are polite and avoid confrontation, but are now extremely uncomfortable.)

Me: “I’ll enjoy it more if it’s not medium-rare, I promise.”

Waitress: “Are you sure? How can you really know?”

(Suddenly, a man at the table of two next to us turns and starts speaking.)

Other Customer: “Look, the young lady has said she wants her food cooked a current way. She’s been polite and wants her food the way she likes to eat it. By the way, when you have a burger, do you eat it rare?”

Waitress: “Ew! No way! That’s disgusting!”

Other Customer: “That’s how she feels about medium-rare salmon!”

Waitress: *shuts up and walks away*

(My family ended up paying his tab.)

Depressing Dressing

| TN, USA | Right | July 13, 2016

(A lady comes into the store.)

Customer: “What’s the dressing that you all put on your salad?”

Me: “Ma’am, we have about ten different salads.”

Customer: “Oh.” *stares at menu for a long time* “The fruity salad!”

Me: “Ma’am, do you mean the Strawberry Poppyseed salad?”

Customer: “I think so.”

Me: “That has poppyseed dressing.”

Customer: *lady stares at me blankly, and then* “Is that the same dressing that you all put on the other salad?”

Me: “…”

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