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After… Noon… It’s In The Name

, , , , | Right | February 10, 2021

I work in an appliance repair office. A customer returns our call to see if she is home for service, an hour after I called for her 12:00 to 3:00 pm time slot.

Me: “Thank you for calling [Office]. My name is [My Name]. How may I help you?”

Customer: “I’m returning your call. You left a message saying the technician was on the way about an hour ago. I’m not available. This is ridiculous; I was promised 4:00 pm.”

I check over the notes in her service ticket.

Me: “I do see that you requested an afternoon service, and when we submitted that request, we advised that we try our best to honor the requests we receive, and not every request can be made.”

Customer: “Well, I didn’t even get an afternoon time. You’re lying to me!”

Me: “Ma’am, we had you scheduled between 12:00 and 3:00, and both my technician and I called to verify if someone was home, to which we got no response, so the technician moved on.”

Customer: “You’re lying! I just checked my voicemail. It wasn’t an hour ago. And it’s not in the afternoon!”

Me: “I called you myself at 12:38; I have the notes logged in our system. And afternoon is after 12:00 pm… which it is.”

Customer: “I want to speak to your manager! You clearly don’t understand afternoon, or that I am a busy woman who needs to be accommodated.”

Me: “We contacted you yesterday afternoon regarding your appointment time, which you confirmed. It stated that our tech could arrive anywhere between 12:00 and 3:00 with a call when we were on the way. My dispatch manager is not in, but I can leave him your information for when he returns. As for your appointment, I have to reschedule as your tech is out of the area.”

Customer: “What is your name?! I will report you for not being accommodating to a working woman! What would you do if it was your appliance?!”

Me: “My name is [My Name], and I would schedule an appointment and make myself available for the time given if I wanted my unit fixed.”

Customer: *In a snide tone* “Well, you’ve just been a total pleasure to deal with. You have a wonderful day.”

Me: *In a reciprocating tone* “You as well. I do anything I can to help!” *Click*

Dispatch Manager: “Yeah, I’m not calling her. She wants her s*** fixed, she’d better answer and be available like everyone else. Not my problem.”

This Console Is A Bit Buggy

, , , | Right | November 27, 2020

I do video game console refurbishment. Because I don’t want to deal with people too much directly, I tend to only work with consoles I’ve bought. However, I’ve made exceptions for friends and family on occasion. A friend’s friend hears about this and asks if I’m able to fix one of their systems.

Client: “Yeah, I got a PlayStation that won’t turn on. I bought it from a dude on Craigslist for like fifty bucks.”

Me: “Cool, which PlayStation?”

Client: “A PS4.”

This raises a red flag. Normally, a PS4 would go for at least $150; the only time it would be sold that low is if you knew the other party.

Me: “Sure, go ahead and bring it over.”

He drops it off and it looks legit. At first. I plug it in to test, and sure enough, it won’t power on. I go to pop it open and see a MASSIVE pile of cockroach bodies. From what I can tell, it was the sheer amount of dead bugs causing issues. I go and message the guy.

Me: “Good news is I think I found the issue. Bad news is that because of what it is, I’m charging extra.”

I also attach a picture of the situation. I expect the guy to get upset, saying it’s just a few bugs.

Client: “Oh, s***, that’s disgusting. How much is it overall?”

Me: “$75, but if there’s another issue, it might be more.”

Client: “Go ahead and do it.”

I clear out the bugs and then do a check of the hardware. Aside from a couple of wires being replaced, it looks fine. When I test it again, it turns on and acts normal. I give the guy the news and tell him it’ll just be the $75.

Client: “Awesome! I can come by tomorrow to pick it back up!”

When he comes by, he pays and hands me a gift card to a major coffee chain.

Client: “Hey, thanks for being willing to deal with that at all. I probably would have just bagged the system and brought it back as a biohazard or something. So… thanks.”

We ended up becoming really good friends. He even got me a load of various parts for systems at a flea market he stopped by. He also got me a toy cockroach that sits on my work desk.

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Any Excuse Not To Do Their Job

, , , | Working | July 28, 2020

I have a friend staying over from the US for about three weeks who has some mobility challenges. On short walks, she can use a cane, but whenever we really go out she will use her wheelchair.

One day, an unfortunate bump from the sidewalk pops the tire of one wheel. We try to fix it at my place, but between these things being incredibly tight fits and me having no specialised nor tools in US sizes, I call around to find a repair service.

We find one and make an appointment for two or three pm the next day. At about 2:45, we get a call. They can’t make it, because the scootmobile of an elderly person gave out in the middle of the road. Annoying for us, but totally fair to give that person priority. We get an appointment for the same time the next day.

Around 3:15, it’s pretty clear they aren’t going to be on time, so I give a call.

Operator: “Yes, our mechanic was at [Street], number eighteen, but nobody knew anything about a wheelchair so they moved on to the next appointment.”

Me: “I’m sorry, did you say number eighteen? I live at 118!”

Operator: “Ohhh. Well, let’s make an appointment for tomorrow, okay?”

The next day, they showed up reasonably close to on time and quickly had things fixed, so in the end, not too many days of my friend’s holiday were lost. But still, they had proven to be capable of calling me, yet when it looks like the address is wrong the protocol is to move on without offering information?

Not Feline Your Sense Of Humor

, , , , , | Working | June 12, 2018

(My husband and I have a guy in the house repairing our air conditioner. We also have a cat who is deaf, has little vision, and is probably a little senile at over 20 years old. According to the vet he’s arthritic — treated with daily meds — but happy. He spends his days toddling around the house after us and purring in sunbeams. As the repairman is finishing up, after I’ve paid and he’s talking about what to keep an eye out for, the cat wanders by the room. After observing how slowly he moves, the repairman asks me if he’s sick.)

Me: “Nah, just really old and arthritic.”

Repairman: “Oh, you know, my dad had a home remedy for that.”

Me: “Oh, yeah?”

Repairman: “Yeah.”

(He laughed and made a gun out of his hand and pointed it at my cat, making a shooting sound. He did not seem to get why I didn’t find that funny and told him to get the f*** out of my house.)

Your Scam Is Cracked

, | Right | June 29, 2017

(I work in a repair centre where we repair phones under the warranty, or charge for repairs if the phone is damaged, e.g. dropped and the screen is cracked, and our out-of-warranty repairs have a 30 day guarantee.)

Customer: “A while ago I paid you a lot of money to fix my phone screen, then it came back, and the screen was still cracked. I now need you to sort this out as you have not done the service I paid for.”

Me: “I’m sorry that has happened. Could you please provide me with the repair reference so I can look into this for you?”

Customer: “Sure. it is [number].”

Me: *sees the repair is from 11 months ago* “I’m just going to check for any other repairs. The reference you gave me was for 11 months ago.”

(That was the only repair.)

Me: “Miss, that repair was 11 months ago, and we did not receive any calls advising us that you received it back with the screen still cracked. This is the first we have been told about it.”

Customer: “I am telling you now, and the other faults are still on there, so I need it to be fixed.”

Me: “You are welcome to book it in for repair again, but I must advise you that if you do, we are going to have to charge again for the screen as this is the first we have heard of it and it was almost a year ago.”

Customer: “What do you mean? I paid you to repair the screen, and you sent it back unrepaired; I am not paying again!”

Me: “I am sorry, but due to the length of time we are unable to do anything. If you had notified us within a month that the phone had been received back with the screen still cracked, we could have rectified it for you. But because you received the phone back so long ago, we have to assume that you have been using it problem free up until now.”

Customer: “You seriously expect me to have been able to call you about this within a month? That is ridiculous; I have never received such awful service. We have not been able to use anything on the phone at all, not even turn it on. We should have been notified in writing that if there are any issues that we need to contact you within 30 days?!”

(Then her mother came on and said that they would be lodging a complaint. As there were engineer notes stating it had been repaired, we suspected this had been damaged in transit, and with most couriers you only get 14 days to report any additional damage. The worst part is, during her long ranting she told me that this was a £40 a month contract, so (including the cost of the original repair and contract they were unable to use for 11 months) have spent close to £600 for a phone they have been unable to use at all and was presumably lying in a drawer somewhere.)