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(I am working at a sandwich shop when a customer comes in, looking like he’s on drugs.)
Customer:  ”I want a…  a…”
Me: *sighs*
Customer:  “I want an abortion for my dolphin, man.”
Me:  “Well, you’d have to go to the veterinarian for that, sir.  I’m sorry.”
Customer:  “Thanks anyway.”
(He slowly walked out the door.  After he was gone my coworker and I cracked up.)

A Conversational Bath Bomb

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(I’m working near the front table of my bath and body store. As I turn around, I see two women shopping at the front table. I approach them with a smile.)

Me: “Hi ladies! What brings you two in to shop?”

(The one closest to me turns her head to me slowly, like something out of a horror movie, with a scowl on her bright red face, and replies in a scathing tone.)

Customer: “Seriously? This is a bath store.”

Me: *taken aback* “It was just a question.”

Customer: *gets even redder and huffs* “Whatever. I don’t have to take this.”

(She proceeded to storm out, the younger woman confusedly following after. I was left staring at the table while my coworker cracked up behind me.)

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I work as a cashier for a sporting goods store. It’s baseball season, and a couple with their 3 kids are in line with a pile of baseball gear. The family is working through an extended transaction at my counter, the mother having committed the deadly sin of finding a coupon AFTER the initial sale was completed. While the parents stay at my counter as we work through honoring the coupon, the kids step off to the side, goofing off as kids do. I’m typing the receipt information into the computer when this happens…)

Mother: “Hey! Hey! You do NOT touch my children!”

(I look up to see and older man trying to walk behind the couple, only to be stopped by the mother stepping in front of him.)

Mother: “You do NOT touch my children! That is unacceptable!”

Man: *leans forward and cups his hand around his ear* “I can’t hear you.”

(he man is well into his 60s, so it’s not hard to assume that he has a bit of trouble hearing her. As the man leans forward, the mother literally grabs onto his shirt and holds him as she continues yelling.)

Mother: “That is unacceptable! You do NOT touch my kids!”

Man: “You’re crazy, lady. Let go of me.”

(The older man scoffs and tries to push past the mother. The husband steps around his wife and literally forces himself into the older man’s face.)

Husband: “You better back up, m**********r.”

(The older man, wise enough to avoid a fight, backs up and finds another way around the family. The mother turns back to me, just as I’m finishing re-ringing their items.)

Mother: “That was completely unacceptable, He SHOVED my child out of the way. My child was just standing there holding my little baby. That was unacceptable.”

(In reality – according to my manager – the child was not roughly shoved but gently pushed out of the man’s way. Despite the fact the no one was injured during the indecent, the mother continues to vent to myself and my manager about how unacceptable it was for another person to touch her son. Thankfully, they complete their transaction without further indecent and leave for their son’s baseball game. If that’s how she reacts when someone gently pushes her child out of the way, I’d hate to see how she acts when the umpire makes a bad call.)

Some Transparency Required When Selling This Product

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(My father and I are customers in this story. He and I are running errands and stop into a local paint shop looking for a particular type of wood stain. We make our selection and make our way to the registers. Just as we reach the counter, a woman rushes up with a handful of items — rollers, trays, etc. — and drops them on the counter. One of the items she’s placed on the counter is a gallon of clear wood sealant, the packaging of which has “TRANSPARENT VARNISH” in large block letters.)

Woman: “I need to return this. I put two coats of this on my front deck and it doesn’t look like I’ve done anything!”

Cashier: “Well, you only really to apply one coat of this.”

Woman: “I know! But I put this on my deck, and it doesn’t look like I’ve changed anything! It still looks the same!”

Cashier: “Well, it’s clear varnish.”

Woman: “Well, can I exchange this for something darker?”

Cashier: “Um… Sure.”

Woman: “Here, I’ll show you.” *starts scrolling through her phone* “I know you believe me, but it doesn’t look like I’ve done anything after putting this on.”

(By that time, my father and I had purchased our wood stain and left the store. We laughed for a good ten minutes about the whole exchange. If she purchased transparent wood sealant, what did she think was going to happen? Was she expecting the clear varnish to turn her deck black?)

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Talk Again And This Toddler Will Invoke Ragnarok

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(It’s the week “Thor: Ragnarok” comes out. It’s a weekday afternoon, so far less crowded than other days, but there are still some people in the IMAX, including a mother with her toddler-aged son sitting in the row in front of us. He may be a little older, but he’s definitely not school-aged yet. A family including a son of about seven or eight comes in just before the movie starts, and they sit right next to us. Not long after the movie starts, the boy starts talking nonstop, and this continues for several minutes with no action from the parents. Finally, at a particularly quiet part of the movie, the toddler turns around.)

Toddler: “You’re not supposed to talk during a movie. You might bother other people.”

(He turns back around in his seat.)

Toddler: “Sorry, Mommy. I talked. I won’t do it again.”

(Never have I seen two parents look so ashamed, as the dad quickly grabbed his son and rushed him out. Though, who can blame them, after having their school-aged child be lectured on manners by a little boy? The dad and son soon returned to the theater, where the kid didn’t talk again the whole movie, other than asking to go to the bathroom. I really hope the little boy’s mother was proud, because that’s some good parenting in action!)

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