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You Can Lead A Jerk To Shoes…

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: badservicebabe | October 28, 2021

Customer: “I called last night because my shoes broke after a month and I need to exchange them. The girl tried to help me but couldn’t because I didn’t have everything she needed. Now I’m at my daughter’s house so she can help me.”

We always have to ask questions and find out if our coworker did anything because we can’t double work and don’t want to double ship, etc.

Me: “Okay, let me see what we can do. Did you take down her name?”

Customer: “No, I didn’t, but she told me to send photos to an email to verify the damage.”

Me: “Okay, did you do that? Did she give you an email address to send it to?”

Customer: *With a nasty attitude* “No, and I told her I can’t send photos. I need this taken care of. Can you just do it?!”

Me: “No problem. I was simply asking because we are required to find out what was or wasn’t done so far before going any further. I can get you taken care of. I’m seeing that the store you bought the shoes from has the item on hand in your size. I can call them to have them hold it and you can head back in for an exchange.”

Customer: “That’s not going to work because I can’t get to the store again and I can’t pay $40 for someone to take me there.”

Me: “Okay, gotcha. Unfortunately, since you bought it in a store, it usually has to be returned to the store.”

Customer: “Can you just take care of it and have it shipped? Like I just told you, I’m not spending $40 for someone to take me. I can’t drive! Are you not listening to me?”

She was even louder and nastier at this point, and I was simply following company policy.

At this point, she had been so nasty and kept getting loud and talking over me so much that I was just DONE. I told her we would call her with more information, and we got off the phone. I’m sorry to say it, but I did not feel like doing anything for her or calling her back. I literally did everything my company would have told me to do for this situation. There’s only so much we can offer.

No One Is As Bad At Math As A Customer Who Thinks They’re Right

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: Tsukikaiyo | October 22, 2021

I work at a backyard and patio store. This was a couple of months ago, in our off season, so there was plenty of time for me to spend with a single customer. This customer came in about a half-hour before closing to sort out an order of his.

He had ordered a fancy BBQ, cover, and assembly and delivery for a total of $2,600. He also got two patio chairs at $370 each, and assembly for both chairs for $60. His grand total was $3,400.

Since the BBQ and chairs were coming from different warehouses, we couldn’t be sure that it’d all be able to be delivered at the same time. Because of this, it was arranged that he’d pay in full for the BBQ stuff and half for the chairs — $2,600 on the BBQ and only $400 on chairs, for $3,000 paid total. He did get the BBQ items, but it turned out that we couldn’t get the chairs to him in time, so he wanted that part of the order refunded. Sure!

But this is where things get difficult. Seems that the customer forgot this arrangement. When he showed up, he wanted a full refund of $800 for the chairs.

I tried — for thirty minutes — to explain to this customer that no, we could not refund him money he didn’t pay us in the first place. I tried four methods of explaining. I added up the value of what he was keeping. I explained that if I gave him $800, he’d owe us $400 on the BBQ. I tried.

I wrote the math on paper. I showed him on a calculator. I proved it every way possible. But no. No. Thirty entire minutes. My manager — the only other one in the store — watched me the whole time, not knowing how to explain it any better than I already had. I felt something break during those thirty minutes that he insisted we were ripping him off.

The customer left that night angry that we had “cheated” him out of $400, but at least my manager told me he’s not sure he would’ve been nearly as patient. Yayyyy.

Refunder Blunder, Part 57

, , , , | Right | October 20, 2021

The online company I work for has up to 100 days for a regular return of all unused and undamaged articles you order from us. Quite a simple rule. It’s written almost everywhere on our website.

This customer recently returned articles from six or seven different orders, where the youngest order was made in November 2020. We’re now in April 2021. 

The oldest order in the return was made in 2018.

I was lost for words when the customer asked when they would get their money back. They sounded surprised when I told them about the 100-day policy and that I couldn’t guarantee that they would get any refund at all.

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Dishing Out Stupidity

, , , , , , | Working | October 18, 2021

I work at customer service doing returns. I’ve encountered a woman multiple times who bought plates online only to have to return them to the store because they were broken in transit.

Me: “Ma’am, can I be perfectly honest here? This is the fifth time I’ve seen you return these plates. I don’t think it is in your best interest to purchase them online again if the delivery people continue to mishandle them.”

Customer: “But I really like the design and the only store that has them in stock is so far away!”

Me: “But have you factored in the gas and mileage you’ve wasted by driving here multiple times? You could just go once and get it out of the way.”

Customer: “No, I’m just going to reorder them again.”

In my head, I said, “See you soon,” and sure enough, I had to return the plates four more times before I think she finally got the hint and just made the drive to purchase them in-store or just went with a different style.

She Pushed Her Own Buttons

, , , , , | Right | October 18, 2021

I run a store selling things like buttons, stickers, and shirts. I frequently set up at conventions, and typically, I bring a friend to help me run my booth. At this particular event, I’ve left my friend in charge while I run to get us food. When I come back, a woman is arguing with my friend.

Customer: “No, you have to give me my money!”

Friend: “Ma’am, I’m not the booth owner—”

Me: “Woah, what’s going on?”

Customer: “Butt out, b****!”

Friend: “Ma’am, that’s the owner and artist.”

The woman turns to me.

Customer: “I want a refund. I got one of your s***ty shirts and it fell apart before I could get home!”

I’m already suspicious, since I use pretty high-quality shirts, and I haven’t seen this woman before.

Me: “Did you get a receipt?”

Customer: “No, I paid cash!”

Me: “That’s okay, I record all my cash sales, too. Do you know which shirt you got and about when?”

Customer: “It was this one, and I bought it when the vendor hall opened today!”

She points to a design I have on display. I immediately cross my arms and look right at her.

Me: “Ma’am, it’s probably best you leave.”

Customer: “What?! I want my refund!”

Me: “You’re not getting s*** from me. Take your scam and leave.”

Customer: “I want my f****** refund!”

Me: “I’m not refunding you for something you never bought!”

Customer: “How do you know I didn’t buy it?!”

Me: “Because that design is brand-new and hasn’t had any sales yet.”

The woman starts SCREECHING and reaches for me. I dodge her and go and hide behind my table. She then starts to rip apart my display board of buttons.


Other Person: “No need.”

I looked, and one of my booth neighbors had already brought security over. He had seen her arguing with my friend and got a weird feeling, so he went ahead and grabbed security. They were only going to kick her out, but she started screaming at them and trying to assault them. She ended up arrested.

Luckily, only a couple of buttons were damaged, and not bad enough to take off my display. I offered my booth neighbor a free shirt as a thank you… and he chose the design the woman claimed to have bought.