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A Big Mayo No No, Part 7

, , , , | Right | September 9, 2021

It’s my last day working the service desk at a big box store. A guest comes up to the desk and I greet him. In response, he says nothing but puts a greeting card covered in mayonnaise on the desk, along with an equally mayo’d receipt, and he keeps the bag away from me and in his hands. 

Normally, I wouldn’t take such an obviously ruined return — it clearly didn’t leave the store that way — but some changes to our return policy have tied my hands.

So, I have to hand-key the receipt into the system because the barcode is mayo-y and return the greeting card. 

Me: “So, for that, I can credit [amount] back to your credit card.” 

He tosses the bag he’s holding onto the counter.

Customer: “What about the broccoli salad? I called last night!”

Inside the bag is a leaking and gross container of broccoli salad that has clearly not been refrigerated since last night. If you’ve ever left mayo out on the counter, you know what it turns into, and that is what I am looking at. I’ve never felt sympathy for drooping broccoli before now.

Customer: “The boy who bagged my stuff last night didn’t do a very good job, and now this is all over my car!” 

I seriously doubt that. Our baggers are explicitly trained that food — even bottled, factory-sealed food — goes in separate bags from literally everything else, for just this reason. We supply plastic to-go boxes with lids for all our foods, but anyone can tell at a glance that they’re 1,000 miles away from leak-proof. He would have had to bag it this way himself, or he would have had to take the greeting card out of its bag and shove it in with his broccoli salad for this to have happened.

All he lets me get out is:

Me: “Oh—”

Customer: “Yes, ‘Oh.’ What are you going to do about my car?”

I try not to imply that he is an idiot with my tone.

Me: “Well, I can return the salad for you, but there is nothing we can do about your car.”

He invokes the almighty manager, and once she arrives, he goes into a gigantic spiel about how nobody apologized to him for broccoli salad spilling in his car, how none of the cashiers know how to bag properly, etc.

Then, he turns to me.

Customer: “Nothing personal, but you need to be trained. Show some empathy.” 

Manager: “My employee does not owe you an apology. I can see that you’re already being offered your money back for the card and the salad. That’s the extent of what we can do for you.”

Customer: “What about my car?!”

Manager: “Once our products are paid for, it’s no longer our responsibility, and we certainly don’t take responsibility for the way you transported it home.”

Customer: “But I called last night and—”

Manager: “And you would not have gotten a promise that we would pay for cleaning your car, sir. We simply do not do that. You already are getting the full amount back for your items. You may put your card in to get the money back on your card, but this is all that you’re getting back.”

The customer finally realized that he had hit a brick wall and took his refund before leaving, glaring daggers at us both. I’m so glad I moved on to a non-retail field!

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Refunder Blunder, Part 56

, , , , , , , | Right | September 7, 2021

I’m working the register at a second-hand store when an older man walks in carrying a leather jacket with one of our store’s tags on it. We haven’t been letting customers try things on in the store for health reasons; however, we are more than happy to refund or exchange things if they get them home and they don’t fit, as long as the customer has the receipt and keeps our price tag on.

Me: “Hi, how can I help you?”

Customer: “I bought this yesterday, but it doesn’t fit. I want a refund.”

Me: “Sure thing. Do you have your receipt?”

Customer: *Slightly irate* “No.”

Me: “All right, did you have a loyalty card with us?”

Customer: *Getting angry* “No. Why can’t you just refund it?”

Me: “I just need a receipt in order to process the refund.”

Customer: *Almost yelling* “Just give me the money. I only bought it yesterday.”

Me: “If you only bought it yesterday, I can probably find the receipt in the system. Do you remember what time you were in?”

Customer: *Snapping* “You know what? Forget it!”

He throws the jacket at me and storms out. At this point, my manager arrives, having seen the last part of this conversation. I tell him what happened.

Manager: “You know, he fits the description [Coworker] gave of a man who walked out wearing a leather jacket while she was busy. I just assumed we wouldn’t see that jacket again. If he comes back, could you call me?”

He didn’t come back that day, but he did come back the following day while I wasn’t there. Apparently, he started verbally abusing [Coworker] about our prices, so the manager banned him from the store.

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The First Mistake Was Letting Him In

, , , | Right | September 5, 2021

A customer is banging on our doors five minutes after closing.

Customer: “Let me in! I want to do a return!”

The store manager makes a cashier open up a new register.

Cashier: “Where is your receipt, sir?”

Customer: “I don’t have it.”

While the store policy is too lenient as it is, this item is a brand no one recognizes as ours.

Cashier: “Sir, I am unable to complete this return without the receipt.”

Customer: *Flipping out.* “My wife got it here! You’re just trying to rip me off!”

The cashier gets the department manager to come over. She takes one look at the item and finds the brand label.

Manager: “Sir, this label says Sears.”

Customer: “And?!”

Manager: “We’re not Sears.”

The customer wasn’t pleased about being in the wrong place!

When Sheer Entitlement Makes You Throw In The Towel

, , | Right | September 4, 2021

A lady comes in with a receipt but no merchandise.

Customer: “I want you to refund me for my towels.”

Me: “Where are they?”

Customer: “I threw them away.”

Me: “Ooookay? Why do you want a refund for them?”

Customer: “I washed them with regular clothes and my clothes were ruined!”

Me: “Okay, but with the towels, I can’t–”

Customer: “I also want you to give me money for the ruined clothes.”

Me: “…”

Won’t Be Long Before You Break Again

, , , , | Right | September 3, 2021

I am the author of this story of a previous associate that, after making a big deal of legal breaks and scheduling, claimed to my store manager that I had fired her. I became involved in a minor HR case that was tossed out the window due to no evidence that such a thing had occurred. I haven’t thought about this associate in years, but I definitely remember her.

One night, I get called to customer service to help dispute a customer’s problem with our return policy. Lo and behold, it is the former employee that is berating my cashier. We lock eyes and she immediately shuts up. Feelings of irritation bloom, but I push them aside and put on the best, overly-sugary customer service voice that we all have.

Me: “All righty, what can I help out with?”

Cashier: “She would like to return this belt. It’s broken, but there are no tags and no receipt.”

Customer: *Curtly* “Yeah, and you didn’t have any more belts, so I just want a refund.”

I take a look at the belt to see if there is anything we can do. The belt is completely destroyed; the buckle is torn off and there are tears connecting the holes. Our last-ditch option would be to find a belt on the sales floor, but since she said she didn’t find any in stock, she’s sealed the fact that she won’t be getting a refund.

Me: “Why, I’m surprised at you, [Customer]. You know our policies. You know we can’t return anything without the tags and receipt.”

Customer: *Glaring at me* “[Location] lets me return things without the tag or receipt all the time.”

Me: “Oh, will they? Well, I’ll have to give them a call and fix that problem. However, we won’t be returning this for you today. There is no way to get it back into our system without a receipt or a tag. Sorry about that.”

Customer: “You can’t look it up in the system or whatever?”

Me: “We’re not supposed to, but I could humor you. Which store did you purchase it at? What method of payment?”

Customer: “At [Location] with cash.”

Me: “Ah, I’m afraid we’re hitting a brick wall again. We don’t have access to [Location]’s purchases, and a cash tender won’t be enough to identify your previous purchases.”

Customer: “THIS IS F****** BULLS***!”

Me: “Please watch your language, [Customer]; this is a family-friendly store. I’m sorry we couldn’t resolve your issue today. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

She grabs her destroyed belt and stomps out of the store.

Cashier: “What just happened? She was cussing me out before you got here, and then she went silent.”

Me: “She used to work here a couple of years ago and accused me of firing her. She was mad because I wouldn’t let her go to lunch on a three-hour shift.”

Cashier: *Pauses* “I’m glad I never got to work with her.”

Won’t Be Long Before You (Lunch) Break