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He Got Chewed Out Way More Than The Dog-Bed

, , , , , | Right | August 27, 2021

While working the checkout, I spot and recognize a customer we call “Yelling Guy” behind a couple of other customers in line. He has a big pillow-thing in his hands. When I get to him, I gave him my usual cheery greeting.

Me: “Did you find everything okay?” 

His response is to violently throw what turns out to be a dog bed onto the counter. 

Yelling Guy: “I want a refund on this f****** piece of s***!”

I’m a little taken aback, but I nod. He doesn’t have a receipt, but it’s our store’s policy to either allow an exchange of the same item without a receipt or offer store credit. I notice that the inside of the dog bed is completely ripped to shreds.

Me: “What happened?”

Yelling Guy: “It’s supposed to be made out of f****** chew-resistant material, but my dogs still chewed it up! This is bad advertising! How the h*** are you supposed to make people believe that this s*** is tough like the label says?!”

I notice that, while the sides are made of reinforced, canvas-like material, it’s the center of the bed — the soft, pillow-y part that’s supposed to be comfortable — that has been chewed to shreds.

Me: “Well, as you can see, the edges are chew-resistant. The middle part isn’t, though. It isn’t indestructible.”

Yelling Guy: “I don’t care! If it’s advertised as tough, my dogs shouldn’t be able to chew it to s***!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but since there was nothing wrong with the bed before your dogs chewed it up, I can’t refund it.”

He opens his gaping maw and howls about how horrible the customer service in this store is, which is enough to bring my manager running.

Manager: “What seems to be the problem here?”

Me: “He wants a refund on this bed.”

Manager: “What was wrong with it?”

Me: “His dogs chewed it up.”

Yelling Guy: “It’s supposed to be chew-resistant! Does this look chew-resistant to you?!”

Manager: “Sir, you have two choices: store credit or a straight exchange. And since you’ve been abusing my staff, this will only happen this one time. If you come back with the bed destroyed a second time, you will be turned away.”

Yelling Guy: “I’m a f****** customer!”

Manager: “At this point, you’re a hair’s breadth from getting banned. Accept what you’re getting or the police will be involved.”

Since my manager is busy with other hectic, demanding customers, he has to go off to put out another fire — something about a lady shrieking just as loudly but at the other end of the store. Today is a day for yelling, it seems.

Me: “Very well, we can give you store credit.”

Yelling Guy: “I don’t want store credit. I want the cold hard cash I spent on this d*** bed!”

Me: “Since you don’t have a receipt, I can’t give you a cash refund.”

Yelling Guy: “This is the worst f****** customer service I’ve ever received!”

By now, he has scared away all the little old ladies — a huge part of our primary demographic — in line behind him. They’ve probably run to cower in the canned cat food aisle, the aisle furthest away from the registers. I’m trying my best to be civil.

Me: “Look, if it were my decision, you wouldn’t be getting anything at all, so I suggest that you take your store credit before they decide to kick you out.”

Yelling Guy: “I don’t want anything in this store! I want my f****** cash back!”

Me: “And as the manager just told you, you can either have store credit or a straight exchange. Those are your only choices.”

He can tell he isn’t going to get anywhere, so the miserable jerk takes his shredded bed and stalks away to the back of the store. After a few of the sweet little old ladies return to have their birdseed and cat treats rung up, he returns to the end of the line with a brand-new version of the exact same bed in tow. By the time he gets to the front of the line, my sanity has partially returned.

Me: “All right, you want an exchange, then.”

He says nothing, just stands there looking like a child who threw a temper tantrum but didn’t end up getting the candy he wanted. After I exchange the bed and hand him the receipt, I remind him:

Me: “This is a one-time exchange. If your dogs chew this one to shreds, we will not be exchanging it or offering you store credit. It’s chew-resistant, not indestructible.”

He looked at me creepily and says:

Yelling Guy: “We’ll see about that.”

The manager had a meeting a few days later with the rest of the supervisors and managerial crew. The next time “Yelling Guy” showed up, he got the surprise of his life when a pair of uniformed cops showed up during his bellowing tirade and politely asked him to come outside for a little talk. I don’t know what was said, but he hasn’t shown up at our store since.

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Refunder Blunder: The Epic

, , , , , , | Right | August 24, 2021

Over the weekend, a customer purchased over a hundred items, paying in part with a gift card and the other part with her credit card. She comes back later to return a pair of jeans for $13 and purchase a $10 sweater.

When returning items, the refund goes back to the form it was paid in; this makes it very difficult to deal with customers who want cash back when they paid with their debit card, but those are stories for another time. When two forms of payment are used, the POS automatically decides between the two forms used to process the refund. For this transaction, it decides to refund her $3 to her card, and she goes on her merry way.

On Monday, she comes in to return the sweater. This time, the system decides to refund her $10 back on a store gift card. The customer then begins to argue with my cashier that she is being shorted $3 from the first return she made. 

The store manager is called up to take care of the situation, and then she asks the customer to step to the side to allow the cashier to take care of other customers. The customer then proceeds to give the store manager a list of demands at the top of her lungs.

Her first demand: reprimand both cashiers involved in both of her returns, as they were rude as h*** when working with her and shouldn’t be working in public. The first cashier that handled her exchange of the jeans and sweater should have just returned the jeans, then rung up the sweater, instead of doing it all in one, she said. The second cashier was shorting her money for the sweater because she wasn’t wearing a mask. The store manager refused to reprimand them in front of the customer, as they had done nothing wrong, and if such a reprimand were needed, it would be done in the office. The cashiers had done their job.

Her second demand: the customer wanted the $3 owed to her from the $13 pair of jeans. She could not find her original receipt and threw whatever receipt she had at the store manager. Out of the wad of paper, she found the original exchange receipt and the most recent return receipt. The store manager showed the customer where the $3 had been returned to her card, and the rest of the refund was used to purchase the sweater. By returning her sweater, she was refunded all $13. The customer wouldn’t listen to a word, insisting we were crooks and shorting her money. The store manager explained it every way she could other than shoving it straight up the customer’s nose. It went in one ear and out the other.

Her third demand: to prove that we weren’t taking her money, the customer wanted us to return the one hundred items she had originally purchased back to her card and then ring up all one hundred items again. Then, she wanted to return the $13 jeans, purchase the $10 sweater, and then return the $10 sweater. In that order. Right in front of her. We can’t refund any items that were not currently in the store, obviously. The store manager says we will not be able to accommodate her request, as she has none of the items with her, and she’s had all of her money refunded to her, so there is no need to redo every transaction.

Eventually, the customer gives in to fits of screaming at the store manager and the cashier, calling everyone idiots and thieves before threatening to call corporate. She leaves the store, only to stay in her car and call us three times to continue to scream at us. On the third call, she demands to speak to the manager and is given to the store manager. She screams, “I DON’T WANT YOU! YOU’RE AN IDIOT! YOU’RE THE BIGGEST IDIOT IN THE WORLD! I’LL HAVE YOUR JOB!” and hangs up.

She did call corporate, but I never heard anything back from it.

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Her Demand Goes Up In Smoke

, , , , | Right | August 24, 2021

We have a regular customer who is an absolute pain when it comes to buying cigarettes. She wants to know what’s sold the most and wants to look at each individual packet for some unknown reason. She will also try to return cigarettes and has been told multiple times that we cannot do that. She comes in one day when I have a different coworker working with me than normal and said coworker starts processing the return.

Me: “[Coworker], we can’t return cigarettes.”

Coworker: “Oh, okay.” *To the customer* “Sorry, I’ve been told we can’t return these.”

Customer: “You can do it for me. The girl who sold them to me said I could return them.”

Me: “Sorry, we can’t return cigarettes under any circumstances. You have been told this before.”

Customer: “Oh, but it’s not a return; it’s an exchange.”

Me: “Nope, still can’t do it.”

Customer: *Yelling* “I’ve been told to exchange these for health reasons.”

Me: “Sorry, we can’t return cigarettes for any reason, as you’ve been told before.”

Customer: “You mean you are going to make me keep these un-smokable cigarettes?”

Me: “Sorry, we can’t return cigarettes for any reason.”

Customer: “Well, I’m not leaving until I get my cigarettes.”

The customer continued yelling the same things over and over and I also kept repeating myself. [Coworker] and I kept serving other customers as this went on because it was the dinner time rush. Most customers just ignored her or backed us up.

Eventually, the customer went outside as her friend was getting impatient, so I sent a different coworker out the back with my phone to let the store owner know the situation. The store owner came down and trespassed the customer as I was not the only supervisor to have had issues with them.

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When The Customer Is Always Right The Store Is Doomed

, , | Right | August 22, 2021

A customer produces a pair of balled-up socks from his pocket; no packaging or receipt.

Customer: “I want a return.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but there’s no way I can refund this item.”

He leans in close and quietly says:

Customer: “I’m a Gold-Card holder, so I expect you to use your discretion.”

I decide I’m done with this guy and call a manager, who ended up giving him gift vouchers and taking back the socks. It’s no surprise my store went out of business.

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What Store Is This? Asking For A Friend.

, , , , | Working | CREDIT: ytrewq546 | August 20, 2021

One summer, my brother was getting married. Of course, I left dress shopping to the last minute, so I bought a dress without trying it on, as I was on my lunch break and there was a sale so there were a lot of people and queues to dressing rooms. I reasoned that the dress was a bit oversized so it could not look bad. I was wrong, of course; it did not look oversized, just big and ill-fitting.

The store had a return policy where you could return any items for thirty days and get the cash back, or if the item was on sale you would instead get a gift card so you could buy something else there. I went back to the store and got the gift card with the intent of just buying something else, but I could not find anything that I liked or that fit. I went back again after a few weeks but still had no luck, and I started to think that just getting my money back would be better. I asked the employee if I could just return the gift card for money, but no, that was not possible.

So, while hopelessly wandering around the store, I suddenly came up with an idea and went to the same employee.

Me: “If I buy something from the new collection for full price with a gift card, then could I return it and get my money back?”

He was a bit taken aback.

Employee: “Yes, that is how it works.”

Me: “What is the point of the policy if you can bypass it this easily?”

Employee: “No one has ever asked that before, but that my coworkers and our friends do it that way.”

I took the dress that was right next to the counter. The employee asked me to wait for a few days before returning it so it would not look suspicious and checked me out. I came back to the store two days later when another employee was working, returned the dress, and got my money back.

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