This Refund Was A Smashing Success

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A few days ago, I bought a new headset. This worldwide situation has made me play much more videogames than usual, and over time, I’ve started getting a headache from my old and chunky headphones. The dude selling the new headset recommended a lightly-built Bluetooth thing. It looked okay, but I wasn’t sure about it. The dude told me not to worry, and to make sure have a fully comprehensive insurance to be able to return it under any circumstances.

The headset arrives and it’s a piece of garbage. It sounds like speaking through a running fan, and only bass frequencies come through. I take it back to the store to have it exchanged or refunded. Since it has in-ear pieces, I thoroughly clean and disinfect it before leaving the house, even though I only used it for about thirty disappointing minutes.

I go up to the customer service desk and am greeted very rudely by the woman there.

Employee: “What’s the problem?!”

Me: “I think this headset is broken, but I’m not sure, since the quality was garbage from the first use. I’d like to return it and get my money back or browse for another product.”

She refused to take it back for hygiene reasons and laughed at me when I showed her the comprehensive insurance slip. The good thing is that comprehensive insurance covers self-inflicted damage, so I smashed the basically brand-new thing to pieces and got my money back from a very shocked-looking service lady.

I don’t think I’ll shop there again.

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All Pumped Up About Not Pumping Up

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Our pumps decide to just to go haywire and only pump twenty cents’ worth of gas per transaction. Someone will pay inside for $20 worth of gas and end up only getting twenty cents out of it before it shuts off and cancels the pump. Money doesn’t go missing, and we give them the change back on what they didn’t get, but still, it’s very frustrating.

An elderly gentleman walks in and tries to cut the long line on a busy Friday and is told to wait his turn. He gets upset about having to wait. When the line finally goes down, he huffs and gruffs about having to wait so long to my coworker.

I’m on the phone with our help desk trying to get someone out to fix the pump issue. I’ve been on hold, so I can hear what’s going on slightly due to the fact I’m in the back office behind the registers.

The gentleman is warned that the pumps are acting up, but he is “in a hurry” and throws money at my coworker while screaming from the door what pump he is on, which isn’t even the right one to begin with.

Well, lo and behold, the pump stops at twenty-two cents. The customer storms back in, slamming our front door open very aggressively.

Customer: “I said forty on pump three!”

Coworker: “Well, sir, we are experiencing technical difficulties with the pumps and are waiting on a repair.”

Customer: “I want a refund! This place is absolute bulls***!”

Coworker: “I can give you your change back.” *Does so*

Customer: “No! I want a full refund and the gas I wanted to begin with! I’m a paying customer and you have tried to rob me of my money!”

Coworker: “Sir, I can’t give you free gas; that is illegal. I can give you your change back and you can go somewhere where the pumps work.”

At this point, I have come back out of the office to see what is really going on and am able to hear everything more clearly.

Customer: “No! I’m a paying customer and I want my gas and a refund!”

Coworker: “Sir, again, I can’t—”

Customer: “No! I wanna see your f****** manager!”

My coworker, now slightly perturbed, turns around to see me.

Coworker: “Well, here’s my f****** manager!”

Me: “Sir, unfortunately—”

Customer: “I want my money back and the gas I asked for! I had to wait on this a**hole to even give me service!”

Me: “Sir—”

Customer: “Never mind! You all are dumb, anyway! Give me my money back! I won’t spend another penny here ever again!”

I hand the customer his money back, as twenty-two cents is easy to replace.

Coworker: *In a bit of a sarcastic tone* “Have a nice day, sir.”


The customer slammed the open door again and angrily walked across the parking lot.

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You Can’t Walk A Mile In Their Shoes As It Looks Like They Did A Hundred

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It’s a Friday night at 10:30 pm and after being severely understaffed, I stay longer to finish the rest of the put-backs: stuff people dump, return, or change their minds on at the till.

I’m a shift lead but don’t get paid any extra for this role. I do have some authority over decisions made on our Customer Service Desk, however, making me the most senior checkouts colleague working.

There is only one colleague doing the late shift on the checkouts at this time of night. She calls me over the tannoy and I go to find what she needs. As I walk up, I see a pair of black shoes on the customer service desk that have most definitely seen better days.

Colleague: “Hey. Sorry, I know you’re busy and want to go home, but I wanted to ask you about these shoes. The lady has the receipt and wants to return them because they didn’t ‘last long’.”

I look at the receipt. The shoes are £6.50 and the woman bought them about fifty-five days ago. Our clothing return policy is 100 days, but shoes are exempt, at only thirty days. Also, the shoes literally look as if they’ve been run over with a car. There appears to be dog hair all over the inside and the fronts of the shoes have started to peel away slightly.

Whilst we typically use some discretion, it’s pretty obvious that this woman hasn’t taken any care of the shoes and somehow expects a £6.50 pair of shoes to last longer than a month after heavy use. Despite customers’ expectations, there’s a difference between “fit for purpose” and using the products in the manner it was intended.

Me: “There’s no way we’re returning those. She’s out of the refund policy, anyway. Just tell her no.”

I go back to doing put-backs. My colleague puts another call out for me a couple of minutes later. The customer has come back to the desk after finishing her shopping.

Me: “Hi. Can I help?”

Customer: “Yes, this colleague has said you won’t refund my shoes. Look at them! It’s disgusting.”

Me: “My colleague is correct. You’re out of the thirty-day refund policy, I’m afraid. This applies to defective shoes, as well. It’s company policy. I’m sorry, but I cannot override company policy.”

I ended up repeating myself a few more times. I offered to get a manager for her, or the number for head office, but she declined both. In the end, she left the shoes on the desk and we had to throw them away. As she flounced away, she commented that she’d never buy shoes from us again. Considering the way she treats her shoes, I think that’s a good thing!

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Refunder Blunder, Part 51

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I am a manager at a large chain pet store. I get a call from an older man.

Customer: “Is there another manager around?”

Me: “Sorry, sir, they are off, but I can try and help you.”

Customer: “I bought dog treats from you that made my dog sick and I want to know if I can get a refund.”

Me: “No problem. Do you have the receipt?”

Customer: “I don’t.”

Me: “No problem. Do you have the packaging?”

Customer: “I don’t. The treats were taken to a boarding kennel for my dog and the staff threw them out because they were stale and made my dog vomit.”

Me: “Okay. Did you use your rewards membership?”

Customer: “Actually, I didn’t buy them; a friend did and they paid cash, without using any rewards membership.”

Me: “So, sir, let me make sure I understand. You would like to get a refund for a product that you do not have, with no receipt, no packaging, and no way to prove that it was even brought from here.”

Customer: “Yes. Is that going to be a problem?”

Me: “Unfortunately, yes. I need something. Even though I am not supposed to, I could make it work even if you had the product with no packaging. I need something in order to process the return.”

Customer: “Can’t I just come in and point to what I bought on the shelf and you give me a refund?”

Me: “No.”

Customer: “This is terrible customer service! I should be able to get a refund! I don’t know why I need to have the product, receipt, or way to prove that I got the product from you!”

Me: “…”

I didn’t okay the refund and fortunately, he never came in.

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Refunder Blunder, Part 51

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A woman comes into our shop, walking directly toward the counter where I am working. She puts a purse she visibly bought from us on the counter.

Customer: “Hi, I’d like to get a refund for this purse.”

Me: “Hello! I’m really sorry, but according to store policy, we don’t give out refunds.”

Customer: “What do you mean by that?”

Me: “It means that, unfortunately, you can only get store credit for the item or just exchange it for something of equal value. Store credit doesn’t expire, so if you don’t want anything else, it is probably the safest choice!”

Customer: “But I don’t want store credit or another item, I just want my money back. I’m from Europe and I won’t be coming back to your store ever again. This is ridiculous; no one told me about this.”

Me: “We have a sign right here on the counter and it is printed on every receipt we give out to customers.”

Customer: “Well, anyway, I don’t want anything from this store so you are going to give me my money back right now; just find a way. And be quick. I don’t have all day.”

I went to the back of the store to ask the owner what to do. She told me to process a refund just to get the customer out of the store.

I went back to the front to tell that woman about the good news. She didn’t have the receipt and didn’t remember when she’d gotten it, so it was a pain to retrieve it from the system, and when I finally found it, she didn’t even have the proper card to get the refund on, since it was her husband who bought the item in the first place.

Every time I asked for anything, she would just throw a fit and be rude to me, so I ended up having to get her the refund anyway. She stormed off without even a thank-you or a goodbye.

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