Put Me In The Black With Green Or I’ll See Red

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A guy comes to the register. He wants to buy a shirt and a pair of socks, but the shirt has a small, extremely washable stain on it, so we have to give him a 10% discount on that one item. I give him the total. He tells me several times that I didn’t put in the discount, but the discount only takes off $1, so he decides he doesn’t want the socks.

I hand him the receipt.

Customer: “Actually, I changed my mind. I do want the socks.”

So, I have to go through the whole process again. I hand him his change and shut the drawer, and he turns around and holds out one of the dollar bills and doesn’t say anything.

Me: “What’s wrong?”

Customer: “I don’t like the color of this dollar. It’s old and discolored.”

We had a max capacity of ten in our store, and the line had nine people waiting to checkout, but this dude was standing there demanding that I exchange the dollar for a greener one.

Thankfully, my coworker came out and traded him a dollar from his own wallet and the dude left.

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Cars! All The Different Cars!

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I am a huge car enthusiast who’s very proud of my family heritage — mainly French and Italian — and have been to Europe a few times to be familiar with the cars there.

It’s about 2015, and I’m at work at my local outlet mall, working at a higher-end audio brand’s store. The mall sees a TON of both local and international traffic, as there is an international airport about ten miles away with busses that run directly to the mall from the airport.

We just started selling a brand-new Bluetooth speaker that has plenty of hype behind it, and it’s becoming quite popular as we enter the summer months because of its loudness and outdoor usability.

A man enters the store.

Me: “Hi, welcome to [Store]. How can I help you?”

Man: “Well… I have an odd request.”

I’ve heard this line before, or so I think.

Me: “What do you need?”

Man: “I need to take a product outside. Do you have a floor model I can take?”

Me: *Mildly startled* “What do you mean, outside? Our products can’t leave our sales floor.”

This gets the attention of my store manager, who now has his head turned to listen in on the conversation

Man: “I need to see if something fits. It’s a tight space.”

Mind you, this gentleman is older— maybe mid-fifties into early sixties. From his demeanor, I can tell that even he knows that it’s highly irregular to ask to take a product off of the store floor without purchasing, but I can also tell he is an honest sort of guy.

Store Manager: “What are you trying to do, sir?”

Man: “I heard about this new speaker of yours and wanted to see if it fit in a space in my car. It doesn’t have a stereo, and this speaker looks like it could fit perfectly in this space.”

My manager knows my affinity for cars, so when I look at him knowingly and longingly, he gives the approval for us to go outside with the product and basically tells me to guard the unit with my life. As we walk out to the guy’s car, we start talking back and forth.

Turns out, he is an Air Force veteran who served for nearly twenty years at airbases in Germany and Italy. He served from the 1970s to the ‘90s and lived with his wife in Italy. They returned only recently and decided to bring his beloved car back from Italy with him.

The car? A beautiful, all-original 1970s Fiat 500 in a glorious two-tone red on black. It has been refitted with a power outlet to run a small fan — these cars were never built with AC or anything powered — with the original leather top as the only other source of fresh air. And it is tiny!

After discussing the car, we promptly look in the center. Lo and behold, the “space” he described is a near-exact fit, with a power outlet to charge the speaker right there. The car never had a radio in it to begin with, so this would be a huge upgrade over the deafening sound of tiny Italian engine noises.

We give it a test right there in the lot in the car. The veteran is relatively satisfied, but after all the excitement over seeing and being in this car, I want to seal the sale. I convince him to start the car so we can test the speaker with the native car sounds and see if the it can outdo the noise. Then, HE gets really committed.

Man: “Buckle in. Let’s go for a ride.”

Without question, I buckled in. Next thing I knew, we were scooting around the massive parking lot of my outlet mall doing nearly forty or fifty miles per hour — the top speed of the Fiat — blasting the Eagles at full volume without any issues hearing the music. I was having a blast, loving every second of not only chilling with this incredibly nice gentleman, but also getting PAID to be in this car with an Air Force Veteran.

About ten minutes of racecar noises and receipts later, he bought not only the speaker, but every optional item we had for it, minus a car charger since he had the power outlet already in his car.

It was easily the coolest day at work EVER and one of the best customers I ever had.

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I’m More Into Pinot Noir, Personally

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I work in a health and beauty store that sells perfume and aftershave. A customer walks in.

Customer: “Hi, do you sell aftershave?”

I’m standing directly in front of a wall of men’s fragrance.

Me: “Yes. Were you after something in particular?”

Customer: “Great! Do you have sauvignon blanc?”

Me: “Um. No?”

Customer: “Okay, no problem.”

He leaves before I can say another word.

Me: *To my coworker* “Did he—”

Coworker: “Yes.”

Me: “Like the wine?”

Coworker: “Yeah, that’s what he said.”

Me: “How many perfume shops do you think he’ll go through before someone tells him?”

Ten minutes later…

Coworker: “Oh, my God, did he mean Dior Sauvage?”

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Good Customers Can Always Gas You Up

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: imboard6969 | March 30, 2021

I deliver food to this gentleman once or twice a week at his corporate job and he has always been great with the tip. Today, he handed me $40 on top of his usual 25% tip. I broke down crying.

His generosity made it so that I can afford the gas to go see my family for Christmas. I texted him after the fact — something I usually never do — and he was so nice.

Gentleman: “Thank you for keeping me fed in 2020, and I’ll see you in 2021!”

Just keeping that positive attitude has made my entire month. I will finally get to see my family after one year and get a little gift for my love of ten years. This will not be forgotten! Thank you, corporate dude!

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Buckets And Buckets And Buckets Of Coal

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My mom is selling some of her old toys that are rare and in decent condition. She would rather them go to a collector of old toys and not a child, but if the parent chooses to buy them for their child then they must pay the full asking price.

She posts the toys in a sale group, and she gets a message about some items.

The grammar and spelling are presented here exactly as they occurred in the original conversation.

Woman: “Are these still for sale?”

Mom: “Yes, they are $10 ea individually or $50 for all.”

Woman: “Thats way too much for my child”

Mom: “Sorry, that’s what I’m asking and I’m in no rush to sell them.”

Woman: “It’s Christmas and the toys are old and played with allready. I didn’t get my kids gifts yet. I dont have work cos of [the health crisis].”

Mom: “So you want me to just give them to you? I’d prefer these go to a collector. You can go to a resale shop and find toys super cheap. Plus, Christmas literally comes on the same time every year. Plan ahead next time maybe?”

Woman: “Your a b****. Your running my kids Christmas! These toys are garbage. You can give them to me. They not worth money.”

Mom: “Yeah, I AM a b****. I do not give a s*** about your kids Christmas. Maybe you should worry more about you being a s***ty parent who can’t plan ahead than if I can make a buck off a 50 year old toy train, eh? Merry Christmas!”

Since my mom is also the admin of the group, the woman was removed. There had been other complaints about her in the past, so this was the final straw.

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