Needs A Gentle Push In The Right Direction

, , , , | Right | January 12, 2018

(I work at a recreation center. A woman is standing in front of the door near my desk and staring at it. She eventually walks up to me.)

Woman: “Excuse me. How do I open this door?”

(I look over at the door to see if it’s been locked, and it hasn’t.)

Me: “You just… push it.”

Woman: “Oh, okay. I didn’t think of that.”

(She proceeded to open the door with ease.)

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Pranks But No Thanks

, , , , | Working | January 2, 2018

(A girl I work with is transferring to a new centre soon, and one of the male coworkers thinks it would be funny to deliver a series of pranks as a send off. His way of “balancing it out” is that she can get back at him. The girl is a really good sport and deals with all his pranks, finding them funny although somewhat annoying. One day, after he has completely covered her desk in plastic wrap, she decides to take him up on his offer to “get back at him,” since her last day is quickly coming. She rearranges his desk and covers it in aluminium foil. I am involved because we think it will be a kick for him to go on scavenger hunt for some of his desk items. I’m on my break and I have the clue for him to find his keyboard, when he comes down after discovering his desk.)

Male Coworker: “Do you know where my computer keyboard is?”

Me: “This is the clue: ‘Your keyboard is in an area you frequent when you need to make sure everything is okay. Go there and you will find your keyboard today.'”

(It is in our basement that has the pool reading levels. To my surprise, he looks away and sighs.)

Male Coworker: “Yeah, I’m not doing this. Just tell me where it is. I need it now.”

(I then realize he is quite annoyed.)

Me: “Uh, okay. It’s in the basement; I’ll take you there.”

Male Coworker: “Thanks.” *sighs again* “I can’t believe [Female Coworker] did this stupid prank. This is so inconvenient!”

(I have to walk with him while he just complains and complains about how annoying the prank is. I try to keep silent until I can’t take it anymore.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but haven’t you been pranking and inconveniencing [Female Cowrker] for a month now?”

Male Coworker: “That’s different; those pranks were good. This is just tasteless.”

(I just keep my mouth shut before I say something I regret. Luckily, my sister who works with me and is also in on the prank doesn’t have any filter.)

Sister: “Wow! [Male Coworker], I didn’t realize you could dish it out but not take it.”

Male Coworker: “I have things to do and this prank is so much worse than what I’ve done to her. I had to completely remove the waste of aluminum foil—”

Sister: “And that’s worse than plastic wrap? Please enlighten me on this.”

Male Coworker: *more annoyed* “I didn’t touch any of her stuff and hide it in different places.”

Sister: “You’re right, you just wasted all her post-it notes on her car, replaced her computer monitor with a broken one, and then wasted a bunch of paper on pointless photocopies of Nicolas Cage. But what she did was so much worse. My apologies.”

(The male coworker left, turning a noticeable shade of red. I guess it was all fun and games until he got a taste of his own medicine.)

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King Of Christmas

| Friendly | December 31, 2015

(It’s near Christmas and the local rec center is setting up their display for kids, including a large throne for Santa to sit on. They are done setting up for the day when my friends and I arrive to go swimming, and they’ve randomly left the throne off to the side against a wall. While waiting for one friend, another guy randomly sits in the throne while we talk. A little girl, maybe three, comes running up, eyes wide.)

Girl: “Are you a king?”

Friend: *grinning* “Yes. Yes, I am.”

Girl: “Wow!”

(We all chuckle as her mother pulls her away. We talk for a few more minutes while the mother and little girl start to leave. When they’re about 30 feet away, the little girl suddenly turns around again.)

Girl: *waving enthusiastically* “BYE, KING!”

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Faith In Humanity In Small Doses

| Friendly | April 2, 2015

(I am fifteen at the time, and have been going through a tough time. I guess other people sense a dark cloud over my head and give me a wide berth. I’m waiting for my mom to finish changing in the locker room. A young kid that looks about eight comes up to me. He doesn’t seem to be with anyone. Note that I have never seen this kid before in my life.)

Kid: “Hi!” *smiles*

Me: “Hi…” *attempting smile*

Kid: “What’s up?”

Me: “Nothing much…”

Kid: “Well, my name’s [Kid]. What’s yours?”

Me: “…[My Name].”

Kid: “Wanna go play video games in the arcade for a while?”

Me: “Okay…”

(We played for a while and I kept looking around for the kid’s mother, but there was no one that seemed like they might be with him. He talked to me, a girl twice as old as he, like a friend, and I was shocked at how comfortable he seemed with me. Needless to say I cheered up and forgot my troubles and when my mom came out, the kid waved goodbye and disappeared. Now, nearly a decade later, I still remember! Thank you, kid, wherever you are, for brightening my day up when I was down. Everyone seemed to avoid me and you didn’t!)

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In Hot Water Now

| Right | November 12, 2014

(I work at a swimming pool. One of our regular customers is standing at the payphone and glancing at me every so often. He picks up the receiver, but doesn’t put money in. He then moves his mouth like he’s talking, still checking on me. I’m suspicious he’ll try to sneak in, so I step out of his view. Sure enough, I hear his footsteps.)

Me: *coming back into view* “Hi, sir! Here to use the hot tub?”

(The customer grumbles and throws his admission fee at the counter.)

Me: “You enjoy it!”

(I smile at him brightly despite his dirty look.)

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