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I work on the checkouts and have an elderly customer who wishes to pay for an item she has ordered. she hands me the paperwork for her ordered goods plus a discount card  that’s for the over 60s to receive 10% of purchases. I begin to explain that the discount needed to be taken of the order when it was being made and im sorry that I cannot change the price at the checkouts I continue to explain what she can do. the customer interrupting me flies of the handle and per seeds to have a go at me and tell me that I am stupid I have ruined her day and that her life is to short to listen to me. once again I apologise and continue to explain whilst being interrupted by her making horrible noises of disgust at me. at this point I can feel myself going red as no matter what I say she just continues to have a go at me and now a queue is forming behind her. once again she started to tell me that life is to short. I quickly interrupt her as she has me many a time and tell her that my life is to short to stand her and be moaned at by her an I now refuse to serve her. the best bit was that her husband who was stood there the whole entire time gave me a quick wink just before he followed his wife after she had stormed of

Cancel Anything That Comes Out Of Their Mouth

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(I work as an apprentice in IT for an engineering design company. I’m not familiar with the whole building yet, so I ask this guy to meet me so I can go with him to his desk and try and resolve his issue. This is what happens when we get back to his desk.)

Me: “So, if you could just log in for me and show me the problem, that would be great.”

User: “Okay, although I don’t know why they sent the apprentice down; this is far too complex for you to understand.” *types in password, hovers the mouse over the cancel button, and clearly reads the word before clicking it* “Oh. I must have gotten my password wrong.”

(He then proceeds to do this two more times before I intervene.)

Me: “Maybe just try hitting the enter button this time.”

User: *does as I instruct and his machine starts to log in* “Apprentices just aren’t qualified enough to work in these kinds of places.”

Me: *rolls eyes* “Yeah. We’re just not smart enough.”

Squashing Out The Last Piece Of Joy In Your Job

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(I’m waiting for my train to take me home, and just happen to hear this exchange between a platform supervisor and another customer.)

Customer: “Excuse me, miss?”

Supervisor: “Yes, sir, how may I help?”

Customer: “I just wanted to make a suggestion that your tannoy announcement not be so cheerful, as that’s not what someone who is having a bad day wants to hear.”

(He then continued to rant about how his life was terrible, and he didn’t want the cheeriness of others to bring him down. He left after a while, and I could see that the supervisor looked visibly upset. I bought the supervisor a coffee from one of the shops inside the station, as I thought she handled the situation rather well.)

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This story takes place at 5.25 in the morning. My ticket window is open and my colleague is just about to start, he hasn’t got his microphone on yet so customers cannot hear him. A customer comes up to my window.

Customer: How much is it for a single to Chippenham?

Me: (After looking the fare up) £20

Customer: That’s a bit steep, where am I?

Me: Reading.

Customer: Where’s that?

Me: (Starting to think it’s going to be one of “those” mornings) Berkshire.

Customer: B***** Hell. I only popped out for a pint of milk.

Coworker: (Socco Voce) I think you’ve popped out for something a bit stronger.

After this it all goes downhill from there, after suggesting he grabs a cup of coffee while he thinks things over, he comes back at 7.30 to buy a ticket.  He then comes back at 11.30 saying that he has a ticket for collection and was eventually escorted off the station premises at 13.45 in the company of 2 very large and very annoyed transport police officers.

That Remark Is Going To Go Down A Storm

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(I am a greeter at a very large car wash, and we are about to close early because it’s been pouring down rain all day. A customer approaches.)

Me: “Hi there, sir. How are you today?”

Customer: “Are you guys still open?”

Me: “Yes, but we will likely be closing soon because of the storm.”

Customer: “I don’t even know why you guys opened up today! Who in their right mind would get their car washed on a day like this?”

(The customer then proceeded to purchase an exterior car wash.)

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