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(I was working with a friend who had a table at a local HUGE farmers market. I’m an early 20s female, but i was decked out in a t-shirt and an old, dirty pair of overalls. Mostly I was giving advice on planting and helping customers with their purchases. Right in front of our table a pair of exhausted looking young parents and thier SCREAMING two year old in tow. She keeps tugging away from them and running off into the crowd. Filthy farmer girl that I was, I go up to them and ask…)

Me: “Mind if I take her off your hands? *wink* I could use an extra pair of hands mucking stables.”
Father: “Sure! She’s all yours.”
Mother: *nods*
Me: I pick up the child and start walking away from the parents slowly. (They can still fully see me, but the child cant see them.) After a few yards she starts shrieking and reaching towards where she last saw her parents. I put her down and watch her race back to them and hold both of their hands tightly. No longer fussing about anything.
Both parents mouth “thank you”
I give them a nod and they continue shopping, in peace.

Don’t Give Them Credit For Trying

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(I get a phone call from an 800-number I don’t recognize. Every now and then, these are legitimate calls, so I answer.)

Recording: “Hello, this call is in regards to the interest rate on your Visa or Mastercard credit card account. To speak to a representative, please stay on the line.”

(As I only have one credit card, which is a secured card through a company that always identifies themselves on the phone, I know that this is a scam. I’ve got time, so I figure it’ll be fun to mess with the scammer, and I stay on the line.)

Scammer: “Hi, this is a call in regards to your Visa or Mastercard credit card. May I have your name, please?”

Me: “Sure, but first, what credit card company are you calling from?”

Scammer: *pause* “This is about your Visa or Mastercard credit card.”

Me: “Right, I gathered that. But which [Company] is the credit card through? Visa and Mastercard are typically issued by another company. So, which company is this?”

(He hung up on me. Rude.)

Too Chicken To Add Shrimp

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(I am standing in line waiting to pay for a to-go order when I overhear the following:)

Customer: “I want the chicken broccoli with extra shrimp.”

Cashier: “So, you want chicken broccoli, and you want to add shrimp?”

Customer: “No, I want extra shrimp.”

Cashier: “Chicken broccoli comes with chicken; did you want shrimp broccoli?”

Customer: “No, I want chicken broccoli with extra shrimp.”

Cashier: “So, two extra add shrimps?”

Customer: “No, I don’t want to add shrimp; I want extra shrimp.”

(I see the cashier die a little inside as she realizes she won’t be able to make this person understand.)

Cashier: “It’s an extra dollar.”

Didn’t Take Your Explanation Into Account

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(I run all the returned check chargebacks for my company — anywhere from 500 to 1000 per week. I’ve been doing this for about eight months now and pretty much know what I’m doing backwards and forwards. About a third of the bad checks we get are fraud, a third are legitimate customers who just don’t want to pay their bills, and a third are customers who make mistakes with their checkbooks and are embarrassed and eager to pay off their debts immediately. That last group, I like. One day, I get a call from a man who belongs in the last group.)

Caller: “I don’t understand why I have a bad check. I have a special deal with my bank, that I pay extra each month and they cover my checks if I bounce. I can’t bounce checks.”

Me: “Well, sir, your check didn’t come back as ‘insufficient funds.’ It came back as ‘account closed.’ Is it possible that you wrote the check from an old check book?”

Caller: “Absolutely not. It’s not possible. I haven’t changed banks in years. This is unbelievable. I don’t understand why this is happening.”

Me: “Like I said, sir, this isn’t an insufficient funds check. The account is closed, and that’s why the check was returned.”

Caller: “But I can’t have a bounced check!”

(This goes on for another few minutes.)

Me: “Sir, could you take out your checkbook, and let me read to you the MICR information we have on this check to see if there’s a discrepancy?”

Caller: “I don’t see why there would be.”

Me: “Just humor me for a moment… 1-0-0-0—” *provides the rest of the MICR numbers*

Caller: “No, there’s supposed to be four zeros. Oh, I know what happened. I ran out of checks, so I went into my safe and got an old check-book from an account that I closed a few years back. I’ll go down to the store and pay today.”

Coming To A Speedy Resolution

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(I accidentally run a red light. It is a high speed limit area, and my friend and I thought the yellow was going to last longer than it did. I immediately, deservedly, get pulled over.)

Cop: “So… you know why I pulled you over?”

Me: *sheepishly* “Yes! I’m so sorry!”

Cop: “Everyone’s waving at me like, ‘Did you see what she did? Go get her!’”

Me: “Yes, I know. I’m really sorry.” *has license in hand* “Let me look for–”

Cop: “I don’t need all that stuff. Just your license.”

(I hand it over. The cop goes back to his squad car, and I wait. My record has one ticket from a minor accident as a teen, but that’s it. The cop comes back.)

Cop: *very sternly* “[My Name]…”

Me: *braces for ticket*

Cop: *friendly* “It’s just a warning!” *hands my licence back*

Me: *stunned* “Oh… Thank you!”

Cop: “Who’s the greatest cop ever?”

Me: “You are!”

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