As If Her Burden Wasn’t Heavy Enough

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I have an incredibly hard to find bra size — 34JJ — and grew up in a city that, for many years, had no options available for larger cup sizes.

When I have just finished university, I desperately need some new togs — swimwear — and I need them to be supportive. I go into a local combination bra and swimwear shop and start browsing. An enthusiastic saleswoman approaches.

Saleswoman: “Hi! Can I help at all?”

Me: “I think I’m okay. You don’t appear to have my cup size so I’m just looking for a swim shirt.”

Saleswoman: “Oh, but we go up to a G cup in a few styles!”

Me: “I’m a 34JJ cup, but I promise I’m happy browsing.”

Saleswoman: “Oh, no, I’m sure we have something that will fit you. Here—”

The saleswoman shuffles me off to the dressing room. At the time I was less confident than now and was very shy about clothes shopping, so I didn’t manage to say no before she’d pulled the curtain behind me.

Saleswoman: “Now, I’ll be back in one moment for some things for you to try!”

Within twenty seconds she is back.

Saleswoman: “I just went up a few sizes at the back; I’m sure it will fit!”

She thrusts a size 42F bikini top into my hands and pulls the curtains shut.

Saleswoman: “Just try it on!”

Me: “But I know this won’t fit.”

Saleswoman: “Of course, it will! Try it on and let me see.”

I pull aside the curtain and attempt to leave only to find that she is actually blocking my exit from the changing area.

Me: “I really want to go now.”

Saleswoman: “Just humour me; I think you’ll be surprised!”

I try it on. The fit is horrific.

Me: “It doesn’t fit.”

Without warning, the saleswoman pulls open the curtain and steps in to start pulling at it.

Saleswoman: “It’s not too bad, if you just tighten this here and here.”

Me: “It doesn’t fit. The cups are way too small and there’s no support at the back.”

Saleswoman: “Just let me grab some other options.”

She then leaves, and before I can finish getting changed, she has come back, another three or four sets of bikini tops in hand.

Saleswoman: “Don’t worry! We’ll find something, I promise!”

Me: “No, it’s fine; nothing here is going to fit.”

Saleswoman: “Now, now, I know what I’m talking about.”

And she refuses. To let. Me leave. She keeps blocking the doorway and touching me without asking, and she makes me try on several more swimwear sets until finally I snap and start to cry.

Me: *Crying* “Please, enough. Nothing fits and I just want to go.”

Saleswoman: *Suddenly cold* “Well, you’re never going to find something that fits with that attitude. I just have a few more here; they’re a slightly different style that I think will work—”

Me: “No! I just want to go!”

Saleswoman: “There’s no need to be so rude about it. I’m just trying to help.”

Seriously, lady. I don’t know if she got paid commission, but it took me more than a year to finally work up the courage to shop for swimwear again, and I never went back to that store.

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Fast Food For The Slow Witted

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I am serving customers at a popular fast food restaurant. It’s pretty busy and I have just finished serving someone when a customer flags me down.

Customer: “Hey, when will my order be ready?”

I am very confused at this point because I didn’t serve him and didn’t notice him in the line at all.

Me: “Umm, do you remember your order number?”

Customer: “Uh. No.”

Me: “Okay, do you remember what your order was?”

Customer: “Aww, a f****** hamburger or something.”

I start to take note of his body language and realise that the dude is high as a kite. I go to my manager, who is serving at the second open register, and ask if he has served him, which he hasn’t. I go back to this guy, now determined to catch him out for his BS.

Me: “Well… do you remember which register you were served at?”

I point out our four registers, two of which are open. The other two have been closed for the whole day. 

Customer: *Looks at them* “That one.”

He points at one of the registers that hasn’t been opened. It’s also our only broken register.

Me: “Well, sir, that register hasn’t been open all day. You couldn’t have ordered from it.” 

Customer: “Oh, I… I don’t really remember which one it was. It could have been that guy’s.”

He points to my manager. I ask my manager to deal with it as the guy is starting to get aggressive.

Manager: “Okay, so you are missing an order? Do you know the number?”

Customer: No. I told you four f****** times what my order was!”

Manager: “I have only spoken to you once.”

He starts to yell slurs at us and say that we’re ripping him off.

Manager: “Do you know what time you ordered it?”

Customer: “Six o’clock.”

We don’t actually open the store until seven, so it is impossible for him to have ordered from us then.

Manager: “Was that six in the morning or the afternoon?”

Customer: “Six o’clock in the afternoon.”

Manager: “Well, I can’t help you, then. It’s 1:30 pm.”

The customer then tries to backstep, saying he must be thinking of another order, but he still insists that we owe him food. He sulks off and starts talking to [Customer #2]. He finally leaves.

Customer #2: “Thank God he left.”

[Customer #3] has been patiently standing in line while we tried to figure the problem out.

Customer #3: “Yeah, I was looking for security the whole time; you guys shouldn’t have to put up with that.”

Luckily, the guy didn’t try to come back and the rest of the day went along smoothly.

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Thanks A Lot, DrunkDash

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Since getting hit by health crisis layoffs while my wife was on leave caring for our newborn, takeout and delivery food are luxuries we use sparingly. We still live in a complex with a fairly affluent population because our landlord prefers we stay and pay some rent rather than the expensive reletting process.

We order delivery on [Popular Platform] and the order total is above $50; the order proceeds as normal until the items are picked up. Then, the tracking seems to look like the driver is weaving all across the opposite end of town. That’s no big deal as it usually means they have other orders to deliver. However, after waiting half an hour beyond the expected arrival, I have a chat with customer service.

Me: “This is regarding [Order Number].”

Customer Service: “One moment, please.”

They do an ID verification.

Customer Service: “It looks like the item has been delivered.”

Me: “Delivered? To whom? Nobody has been to our door and no food has been left at the gate.”

Customer Service: “The driver has marked the food delivered, so it has been. Your card will be charged. I will not be doing any refunds at the moment for you.”

Me: “If you can tell me when the person came to our door, I can check to see if someone stole the food off our steps as we have cameras.”

Customer Service: “Well, they were at [Suburb twenty minutes away] where they picked up the parcel, and then they drove to [Suburb even further away] where they marked the item—”

Me: “Please check my verified address against the suburb the item was last seen in and check how far apart they are.”

Customer Service: “Erm, it looks like the driver has been stationary for a while. Let me call them.”

When they return:

Customer Service: “I don’t know how to say this… It looks like the driver marked your item delivered, started their break, and they were in the process of eating your food when they decided they needed a beer to go along with it and just drove home. How about I ask the restaurant to remake the dish? They will deliver it as soon as they finish eating.”

Me: “So, your solution is for someone who admits to being drunk on the clock to drive across town to pick up the food and drive to my home. I’ll be reporting you for your tone earlier accusing me of just making up a complaint, and now for covering for a drunk driver.”

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Dismembering Their Policies

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I am at a bulk purchase store that requires membership. I am purchasing a number of items for my household, as well as some snacks for myself which I want to pay for separately. I’ve set these in two piles accordingly, separated by a divider.

Cashier: “Welcome! Can I have your membership card?”

Me: *Gesturing* “These ones are both mine; I just want to do them as separate transactions.”

Cashier: “Oh, unfortunately, with a [membership], you’re only allowed to do a single transaction.”

Me: “Okay, so then, if you want to put these—” *indicates my personal items* “—aside, I’ll just come back in and buy them later.”

Cashier: “I’m sorry, what?”

Me: “There’s nothing stopping me from coming back, right? Like, my membership isn’t going to be denied at the register if I come back in five minutes and make another purchase? So go ahead and put these aside and I’ll buy them another time.”

Cashier: *In a huff* “Well, I’ll put them through this time, but next time, you need to do them as one transaction.”

Me: “Okay, sure, thank you.”

I get that you have a policy in place to stop people buying things for “non-members” and paying separately, but don’t get mad at me for pointing out the unenforceable nature of it!

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Making You Want To Cash Out Early

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I work at a small kiosk for public transport doing customer service. We don’t accept cash for safety and security as there’s a flimsy bit of plastic on the front window and there’s only one person on per shift. There’s no protection if someone tried to rob us.

Due to the “no cash” rule, we do have a lot of arguments on a daily basis. What we tell people is that they can use the fare machine on the platform or go to the convenience store down the road.

This particular gentleman isn’t having it.

Me: “Hi, how can I help?”

Customer: “Why don’t they take cash?”

Me: “Sorry? Do you mean the fare machine?”

Customer: “No, here!”

Me: “We don’t take cash for safety and security. We’re so out in the open that anyone could try to rob us.”

Customer: “That’s a load of bull. You should take cash!”

Me: “We have no protection against rob—”

Customer: “That’s no excuse! What about customers that only have cash?!”

Me: “Well, there’s the fare machine on the platform or the [Convenience Store] about a two-minute walk from here.”

Customer: “I don’t know how to use the machine and I’m not going to [Convenience Store]! This is appalling!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we don’t take cash for our security and for our safety.”

Customer: “I don’t see any other stores having that problem! The [Adult Store] down the street takes cash! They have a safe! Get a safe!”

Me: “That won’t help us, though. As I said, we aren’t protected here.”

Customer: “Whoever made that policy should be fired! It’s ridiculous! It’s not about safety and security! It’s making it less work for you to do! Those people should be fired and you should take cash! I pay an extra charge every time I use my card! This is just the worst customer service I’ve ever had! I’m going to file a complaint!”

I’ve worked there for six months and that is the worst I’ve dealt with so far. People just don’t care about our safety. It’s either we’re being inconsiderate or we’re just lazy. I’m considering quitting.

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