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*I’m the customer in this story*
I recently had ordered some motors for a particular project of mine, and i had managed during the ordering steps to enter the wrong postal address (a PO BOX). Note that they intended to ship though TNT rather than generic post. I subsequently tried to ring to attempt to fix it. I assumed the worst and tried to ring Aus Post to see how i could get the package set to the proper PO BOX. This is the phone call that happened after waiting for a solid 30 mins to get in line for an operator.

Operator: “Hello my name is …. and what can i help with today”
Me: “Ye, i recently ordered some motors online, but i managed to send it to the wrong address PO BOX 3718 rather than PO BOX 3716”
Operator: “OK, do you have an shipping ID or tracking number there?”
Me: “No, i shipped with… Crap” *Having realized that was using TNT and not Aus Post* “I used TNT, oh no i’m one of ‘those’ callers, haaaaa…”
Operator: *slowly dying of laughter* “Nononono, its fine… Have a good day”
Me: “Ye thanks, at least it will be the quickest call of the day!” *click*

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(I work at a members’ bar inside a well-known stadium. A “footy” game is currently on, and the home team doesn’t seem to be doing well, thus making everyone at the stadium cranky. Which is not fun, especially when you’re serving drunk people.

I should also note that Brisbane has a local beer brewery called XXXX and we stock three different types of their beer: XXXX Gold is a mid-strength beer and is the most popular product in the bar, XXXX Bitter is a dark lager, and XXXX Summer is a pale ale.)

Me: “Hi, what can I get for you?
Customer: “Get me XXXX!”

(Since most customers ask for the XXXX Gold, I grabbed a bottle and uncapped it for him.)

Me: “That’ll be $7.50, Sir.”
Customer: “No! Not that! XXXX!” *pointing angrily to a different side of the fridge*
Me: “Oh, did you mean the Bitter, Sir?”
Customer: “No, that’s XXXX! This is Gold!” *pointing to the opened bottle of XXXX Gold in front of him*
Me: “Very well, Sir. $7.50 please.” *uncaps the XXXX Bitter*

(The customer paid and left. We ended up having to throw away the opened XXXX Gold bottle because we closed up not long after that customer left. Luckily my supervisor was very understanding and wrote it off as spoilage because “the bottle was broken”!)

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A notorious family of customers has just walked into the store. We’ve got to be quite brusque with them, otherwise they just don’t leave the store and talk your ear off while you try to get work done.
This happens on a public holiday, when the shopping centre we are adjacent to is closed.
Me:*internally groaning*
Mother: (she begins a long winded complaint about the centre being closed and how it’s going to make family arguments worse)
Me: (vaguely): You’ve got it right, just us open today.
Mother: (continues long story about an argument that happened on this holiday)
I’m trying to keep working without appearing rude, or encouraging her, serving a couple of customers.
Mother: that reminds me, do you sell apples and carrots?

Daycare Snare

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(I work in a small, family-owned retail store. It’s the week before Christmas, and we’ve been very busy. I’m the only employee in the store when an older lady walks up to the counter with three small children in tow. Note that I’m busy helping another person at this point.)

Lady: “Hey, you!”

Me: “Just a minute, please. I’ll be with you when I’ve finished here.”

Lady: “No, you’ll talk to me now!”

(The customer I’m with rolls her eyes and whispers at me to go see what she needs.)

Me: “All right, what can I do for you?”

Lady: “I spent over $200 in here yesterday, and I want you to watch my grandkids while I go to [Nearby Supermarket] to do my shopping.”

Me: “Excuse me? I’m sorry, but I can’t do that. It’s not legal, and it’s not safe for them.”

Lady: *immediately enraged and yelling* “I SPENT OVER $200 IN HERE! YOU’LL DO IT BECAUSE I SAID SO, AND YOU OWE ME FOR BUYING S*** FROM HERE!”

Me: “Lady, for starters, buying products from my shop does not get you special treatment. Secondly, it. Is. Not. Legal. For. You. To. Leave. Children. Unattended. In. A. Retail. Store. Thirdly, I am not a babysitter and this shop is not a daycare. I don’t care how much money you spent here; I’m not looking after those kids. I don’t owe you a d*** thing, and my name is [MyName], not, ‘Hey, you.’ Now, I have people to help who are spending money today, so if there’s nothing else, have a great day and a merry Christmas.”

Lady: *now screeching* “LISTEN HERE, YOU F****** C***! YOU’LL DO WHAT I F****** TELL YOU TO DO OR I’LL—“

Me: *cutting her off* “You’ll do absolutely f****** nothing. Now, get the f*** out of my store and take your f****** grandkids with you, you rude, uppity b****. You try and leave them here, and I’ll call the f****** cops and report them as abandoned children. You can enjoy sorting that out with them and children’s services. Now, F*** OFF!”

(The lady turns purple and storms out of the store, swearing that she’ll call my boss and I’ll be sorry. I won’t, as my boss knows me very well, and knows that if I mouth off to someone, they’ve deserved it.)

Me: *to the other customers in the store* “Ahem. And that sorry note ends today’s episode of ‘Entitled Egomaniac Theatre.’ Please stay tuned to our website for repeat broadcast times. Now, who else needed assistance?”

(I ended up having two people commiserate with me for having to deal with people like her and got a high-five from another person who I knew worked in corporate retail. If you can, I highly recommend working for someone who doesn’t allow customers to get away with nonsense. It makes the job just a little more bearable.)

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Owls Aren’t Meant For Oversea Voyages

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My better half booked a two-week cruise for us both. She is fastidious when it comes to paperwork. We board after showing our tickets and are directed to our room.

While we are unpacking, there’s a knock on the door. We open it to see one of the cruise workers and a lady. The lady reminds me of an owl by the way she is peeking around the employee, looking into my room. I shut the door a tad so she can’t peer in, and I am informed that there seems to be an issue with the booking.

The employee asks if I could make my way to the purser’s desk with any paperwork we may have. We get the folder containing the paperwork and I head off with Mrs. Owl to get this sorted.

After ten minutes of listening to Mrs. Owl complain how unprofessional everything is, we get to the front of the line and are asked by the purser for any documentation we may have to help clear up the matter.

I hand her the folder saying, “This is every piece of correspondence between my partner, me, and your company, in chronological order starting with my partner’s first inquiry up until yesterday morning confirming our room number.”

The purser looks to Mrs. Owl. Mrs. Owl hands her a sticky note with a handwritten number on it.

Ten minutes later, I’m back in my room with my feet up drinking an extremely alcoholic cocktail.

Not sure what happened to the Owls.

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