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(I work in the Internet Department for a popular car dealership in our area. As an Internet Consultant, it’s my job to answer calls & emails with any questions from customers, and arrange test drives. I am calling a particular customer about his interest in one of our trucks.)

Me: Hi (Customer)! I see you had some questions about this (truck)?
Customer: No, I’m actually looking for a hybrid. Don’t you have one?
Me: …I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that they actually make the (truck) in a Hybrid version. If you’re open to a sedan, the (hybrid sedan) is a fantastic option!
Customer: What color is it?
Me: The (hybrid sedan) is white, with black leather interior.
Customer: Okay, yeah, but what color is it?
Me: …um, the exterior color is white, and the interior is black leather?
Customer: No, the DRIVER’S SEAT. What color is it?
Me: Sir, the interior of this vehicle, driver’s seat included, is all black leather. I also want to let you know the vehicle has heated seats and a sunroof.
Customer: …sunroof? What do you mean SUNROOF?
Me: Um. Well. It’s a panel of glass that goes on the top of the vehicle over the front two seats? If it’s a power sunroof, you can push a button and it’ll open right up for you to get some fresh air in the vehicle? Think of it like an extra window?
Customer: …Okay, but what color is it?

At this point, I go through the color of the vehicle again, and promptly get shouted at because he wanted to know the color of the SUNROOF. He then complained about the price of the vehicle, and disconnected the call.

Toppings Topped It Off For Him

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(I work at a burger joint, which offers fries, burgers, sandwiches, and hot dogs. We also have to be told what toppings you want on your burger. My jobs there range from cashiering, lobby work, back of house, french fries, and making milkshakes. Cashiering and milkshakes together is most common as whoever is on the register usually makes the shakes when there are no more orders. It is at the end of a rush. A lot of shake orders have piled up, and my coworkers are busy with their tasks. I wash my hands, put on gloves, and am just about to start on milkshakes when a customer walks in, seemingly in a hurry. I’m annoyed that I have to take another order and make the shakes wait even longer, but I take off my gloves and go to the register.)

Me: “Hello! Welcome to [Restaurant]. How can I help you?”

Customer: “Yeah I want a cheeseburger and fries.”

Me: *types in orders* “What would you like on your burger?”

Customer: *looks at me confused, an eyebrow raised* “What?”

Me: “What toppings would you like us to put on your burger?”

Customer: *looks at list of toppings on counter for a second, before looking up at me and throwing his hands up in the air* “Too complicated!”

(As he stepped out I stood there in surprise. I get being in a hurry but is it really too hard to spend a few seconds telling me what you want on a burger? And of course that made me waste more time I could have spent making the multiple milkshake orders.)

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The Worst Type Of Customer Is A Lumbering A**

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(My hardware store has a regular customer who not only picks up garden and plumbing items for his work, but buys things for his own projects. It turns out he is not such a nice person, because every time I interact with him he looks a bit exasperated, especially if he’s brought up some unmarked plumbing pipe that I have to figure out the SKU for. Lumber items are typically not marked, so a person comes up with a loading slip with the SKU on it, and most of the time people have to drive around back to pick it up, but wood sheet items do get hauled through the store. It is my last day in that store. The regular comes to my register with some items and a sheet of plywood.)

Me: “Is this on the account, or your own project?”

Customer: *activating superiority complex* “It’s for me; just get it over with.”

(I scan everything and enter the SKU from plywood’s load sheet. The register spits out ticket to pick up plywood. Out of course of habit, I say:)

Me: “Here’s your receipt and your ticket to go around back to get the lumber.”

Customer: *tilts plywood up* “It’s a good thing that I’m honest, because you’re not too bright. I already have the plywood.”

Me: *stunned for three seconds, then find my words* “Sir, today is my last day in this store, and I’d like you to know it’s been a pleasure working with you.”

Customer: “No, it hasn’t.” *leaves*

(And off he went. He was right about that last point, of course.)

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Barely Legal Return

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A gentleman comes in and he’s got a return. I pull his item out of the bag, and it has a green price label on it containing a couple short sets of numbers, too short to be an item SKU, and a price of $1.99 — our labels typically don’t have prices.

After having another department provide the SKU for the thing, I’m running through the refund process and not finding this item in the records, with a manager over my shoulder. And this is where the manager pieces together why I can’t find anything on this item:

One of the short sets of numbers is the date the price label was put on this item… He’s seeking a $1.99 refund for an item he’s had laying around for 18 years. And we gave it to him.

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