Would Be Quicker To Post A Darn Letter

, , , , | Learning | September 15, 2018

I taught for an American school in Mexico in 2000. Most people did not have Internet in their homes at the time, and email was the easiest way to communicate with friends and family in other countries. My school decided to help us by offering us Internet at school.

Internet usage process:

  1. Have your email contacts begin emailing you at an email address shared by every school employee, with your name as the subject.
  2. Log on to the school’s one computer. Find the emails addressed to you. Copy and paste the email bodies into a Word document and save them to a floppy disc. Delete your emails. Log off.
  3. Read your emails offline. Compose your responses in a Word document.
  4. Log back on. Copy and paste your responses into the bodies of your emails. Log off again.

Oddly, I found I’d rather spend about a dollar for an hour of time at an Internet cafe.

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