Those Who Are Too Pushy Might Just Get Shoved

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Approximately fifteen or sixteen years ago, I was living and working in London. I’m a Christian and am quite involved in my church. However, I’m very uncomfortable with “forcing” religion — or any opinions or beliefs, for that matter — onto anyone, so I tend to avoid “street corner preachers.” They make me uncomfortable.

My cousin and his girlfriend traveled to London for work so I met them at Heathrow airport. We were on the Tube on our way home in a train carriage. Next to me was a sweet elderly lady reading a book, opposite me were two well-dressed elderly ladies having a quiet conversation, and next to them was a young man with a shaved head, neatly dressed, also minding his own business.

And then there was a strange creature: a man standing at the entrance dressed from head to toe in gold. And when I say head to toe, I mean that even his skin was painted gold. And he was busy preaching, loudly, to anyone who would listen. And nobody wanted to listen; we were all uncomfortable.

The two ladies across from me couldn’t hear themselves talking over the racket and gave him a few glances. The guy with the shaved head asked him politely to please be quiet a few times. Unfortunately, Preacher Man just kept going.

The train was slowing down into the next station. The doors opened and one or two people got off, including the guy with the shaved head. Preacher Man kept screaming after him, leaning halfway out of the door.

The sweet lady next to me reading the book promptly stood up, shoved him out the door, sat down again, and continued reading her book. The doors closed, the train pulled away and everyone on our side of the carriage had a good chuckle.

I get that people are passionate about things, but you’re doing more harm than good trying to shove your beliefs down someone’s throat.

And thanks to the little lady for being such a bada**!

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Friendship Has Healing Powers

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I was waiting for the bus and started chatting with the guy sitting next to me. He was an elderly man and he explained how he grew up in the neighbourhood but moved to a village about twenty-five kilometers further away upon retirement.

As he missed his mates, he made the trip almost daily by bicycle just to play pool, have a beer with his old friends, and chat. One fateful day, about six months ago, it all went wrong and he collided with a car. I can’t remember whose fault it was but it had dire consequences for him. 

The helmet he wore saved his life but he still had a severe concussion — the helmet was a throwaway due to the damages — and some broken ribs and limbs. He was in a coma for a while and, due to him being almost eighty, doctors had given him up. However, he pulled through and had a successful recovery, stunning the doctors.

He had to accept the fact that he probably would never ride a bike again, unless it was an electric-powered one, and for now, he had to be content to take the bus to and from, but he simply wasn’t done with life as yet.

I was in awe and I hope that when I’m his age I can dismiss such an adversity stating that I’m not done with life as yet.

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You Didn’t Yell, Because They Remember The Ones That Do

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Over the summer, our local bus service has changed some routes and added new routes and stops. I am very glad about one change because the stop is much closer to the buildings that my classes are in. I end up missing the first bus, likely because I wasn’t close enough to the stop. I wait just over twenty minutes for the next bus. I make sure that both the bus stop sign and I are visible.

I try to make eye contact with the bus driver, but he speeds past the stop anyway. It is Friday and it is hot outside and I am uncomfortable due to washing dishes for a long time and clearing for a work-experience class.

I get very upset and call the main office for the bus. Since I am not used to letting myself be angry and show it, I think I sound like I am doing a mix of crying and yelling.

Customer Service Rep: “Hello, this is [Customer Service Rep], how may I help you?”

Me: “Hi. I was just at one of the bus stops for the [route letters] and the bus completely skipped my stop, twice.”

Customer Service Rep: “Where was this?”

Me: “It was at [Stop]. I mean, why would there be a stop there if no one is going to stop there?”

I don’t recall exactly what she says, but she tries to get information about the stop, such as the time that the bus was supposed to get there, where I was, and more. By now, I am calmer and feel bad for yelling at her. I also realize that I counted the one that I figured I missed, and make sure to let her know.

Customer Service Rep: “All right, I am going to put in a report for you. May I have your name and phone number?”

Me: “It’s [My Name] and my phone number is [number]. Thank you.”

Customer Service Rep: “No problem. And can you tell me the bus, stop, and time once more?”

Me: “Yeah, it was the [route] at 2:29, but it was supposed to be there at 2:26, but that part was okay. And it was the one on [Road] across from [On-Campus Hotel]. I think the stop number was six.”

Customer Service Rep: “Okay, I’ll submit that for you. There is also another [route that has the same destination, but takes longer] at the library [the on-campus transit center] in about twenty minutes, if you don’t mind taking a bit longer to get home.”

Me: “I’m headed there now, thank you.”

We end the conversation and I get home. I feel bad about yelling at her since she didn’t do anything wrong. She was very helpful and she remained calm the whole time. It was the bus driver who skipped me, not her. I call the office back the following Monday.

Customer Service Rep: “Hello, this is [My Name]; how can I help you?”

Me: “Hi. I called last Friday and ended up yelling at the woman I was talking to. I don’t remember her name, but I want to apologize to her.”

Customer Service Rep: *Surprised for a moment* “Oh? Hm, I don’t think it was me. I think I’d remember that.”

Me: “I had called because the bus I take skipped my stop Friday afternoon.”

Customer Service Rep: “Oh! That was me! I remember that!”

Me: “I am really sorry if I yelled at you. You didn’t do anything wrong, so you didn’t deserve to be yelled at. I had gotten really upset and ended up yelling.”

Customer Service Rep: “I don’t think you yelled. But you had every right to be upset. That is a frustrating situation. Thank you for apologizing, though!”

She sounded surprised, as though no one usually apologized for that kind of thing. I am very glad I called, though. I can’t be sure, but I think that we were both happy when we hung up the phone.

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No Borders On That Guy’s Rudeness

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I’m the OP of this story.

My border collie and I are on our way home from work. We are on the bus, which is quite crowded as it is rush hour. There are no empty seats and we are standing in the area close to the back door. My dog is sitting down and I am standing in front of him so other passengers don’t accidentally step on his paws when walking past us. He is used to taking public transportation, so he is sitting down calmly and doesn’t pay much attention to the people around us.

At one stop, [Man #1] gets on the bus and stands next to me and my dog. He’s on his phone and doesn’t pay attention to us for quite some time. However, at some point he puts away his phone and, I assume for the first time since he got on the bus, takes note of his surroundings. As soon as he sees my dog, he shrieks and tries to knee my dog in the face. Luckily, he misses and his knee only brushes my dog’s shoulder, but he still flinches and yelps. I immediately step between my dog and the guy, who now seems very agitated. 

[Man #2], who I guess saw what happened, squeezes past me to step between [Man #1] and me, further shielding my dog from another potential attack. Instead of confronting either man, I check on my dog to make sure he isn’t hurt, which isn’t easy because now he is trying to squeeze under the seats trying to hide from the attacker. I am busy trying to calm down my dog when the following conversation happens.

Man #2: “What the f***, dude?”

Man #1: *Yelling rather aggressively* “That dog has to get off the bus! Dogs shouldn’t be allowed to be on the bus!”

Man #2: “That’s not gonna happen, man. Dogs are allowed on public transportation as long as they are well-trained. And this dog was sitting quietly without bothering anyone.”

Man #1: “He is bothering me! I want him off the bus!”

Man #2: “Listen, if you have a problem with him being on the bus, I suggest you get off. The dog didn’t do anything and you just kicked him in the face. If you don’t get off the bus now, I will report you for animal abuse.”

[Man #2] is still talking when we arrive at the next stop and the bus doors open. Fortunately, [Man #1] gets off the bus — though not without protesting and cursing. Unfortunately, by the time I have managed to calm down my dog and convince him that hiding behind strangers’ grocery bags isn’t necessary anymore, [Man #2] appears to have also left the bus.

So, in case you read this: thank you stranger, for stepping up and protecting my dog from this idiot!

I totally understand that some people are afraid of dogs. But if you are, please pay attention to your surroundings! You may actually get hurt pulling a stunt like this when a dog less mild-mannered than mine decides to defend himself in a similar situation!

No Borders On That Lady’s Crazy
No Borders On That Kid’s Kindness

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This Conversation Is A Ride!

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I work for a train station and we have a deal with a public television station that if patrons donate enough money they get vouchers they can use on our trains.

Me: “[Business], this is [My Name]. How can I help you?”

Customer: “Yes, I’d like to make reservations for your train to [Town about thirty miles from here].”

Me: “Okay, what day?”

Customer: “September 14th.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but that day is sold out.”

Customer: “Are you serious?! I have tickets!”

Me: “You said you wanted to make reservations, though. If you have tickets, you’re good to go.”

Customer: “I didn’t make reservations; that’s why I’m calling you.”

Me: “Well, I’m sorry, but the train is sold out.”

Customer: *Getting very heated* “Why in the h*** did I give that organization my money if they didn’t get me a spot on your train?! I want my money back!”

Me: “They don’t actually make reservations for you, and you’re more than welcome to ride other days.”

Customer: “I can’t f****** ride the other days!”

The customer yelled at me for the next minute, called me disgusting, and hung up.

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