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[I’m working as a cleaner at a train station, walking along the platform with my trolley. There’s an Asian man talking into a mobile phone in a foreign language and sounding very agitated. He glances at me as I’m walking by and comes over, waving the phone at me.]
Me: Is there a problem?
Him: *heavy accent* Talk. Talk to them. [thrusts phone at me]
Me: What? Why? I can’t…
Him: Talk to them!
(I hear the person on the other end of the phone sounding confused and asking questions. From what little I gather, they seem to be from a bank)
Me: I can’t talk to people on your phone for you, I’m sorry. Especially not a bank. I have to go now. Sorry.
Him: No! Come back and talk to them.
(He follows me, waving the phone and insisting I talk to them, until I enter the staff-only area. I feel bad for him having difficulty, but I’m not going to get involved in a stranger’s personal business like that. And why he was so desperate for *me* to do it and no one else, I don’t know!)

Meet My Mother, Karen

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(I’m going to a train station with my mother to sort out an issue of me losing 50 dollars in one of their machines. Unfortunately, we’ve come in on a day they’re closed, so my mother decides to talk to a man at a nearby information desk.)

Company Representative: “Hi, can I help you?”

Mom: *before I can say anything* “I sure hope so! My daughter lost fifty dollars in one of your machines!”

Company Representative: “Unfortunately, I am not affiliated with [Transit Company]. All I really know is [gives some basic information on which lines go where]. If you want their number to call, it’s—”

(I am going to say that I have their number but would rather know the times the station is open, but once again, Mom butts in.)

Mom: “She’s been calling you people all week! This is an outrage.”

Company Representative: “Well, you might not have the right number; you can find it on their website.” *starts pulling it up for us*

Mom: “Yeah, you’d better tell us the f****** number, Mr. Expert!”

Me: *mortified* “MOM!”

Company Representative: “Ma’am, please calm down or I’ll call security.”

Me: *tries to apologize, but Mom cuts in again*

Mom: “FINE! Call security! Go ahead!”

(I went to wait in the car out of embarrassment. Later on, she blamed me for the situation and called me “A Stepford Wife” for not standing up to the man like she was. If you’re reading this, rep guy, I do apologize for that. She overreacted big time.)

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He Has No Change But Has Plenty Of Attitude

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(As I wait for a bus home, I notice a man going up to other people waiting and quickly moving on to the next person. I have only been at the bus stop for a few seconds when he approaches me.)

Man: “Have you got any change? I haven’t eaten in days.”

Me: “No, sorry. I haven’t got any change.”

Man: “So you don’t care. What a horrible person you are.”

(The man starts pacing back and forth, shooting me dirty looks each time he passes me and shouting abuse.)

Man: “Scumbag! Tramp! Evil! Scumbag, scumbag, scumbag!”

(Two minutes pass and, thankfully, my bus pulls up. As I hurriedly get on, the man gets right in my face for one last comment.)

Man: “I hope your bus crashes.”

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He Must Really Hate Walking

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(The bus I’m on stops and picks up a passenger. He pays the standard $2.75 fare and takes a seat, and the bus drives off. About two stops later, the chime rings. The same passenger who just got on stands up. As the bus comes to a halt…)

Passenger: “Don’t ask.”

(The bus driver opens the door and the passenger leaves. After the bus has started moving again…)

Driver: “He paid $2.75 for only 150 feet!”

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They’re Sewn Into Their Uniforms  

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(As a train station coffee joint in a small town, we often get the same customers, including railway staff, recognisable mostly by their Dutch Railway uniforms. A man comes in and orders. I recognise him as a regular and greet him happily. My coworker looks at him, puzzled.)

Coworker: “I apologise for staring, but you look exactly like a regular we have here who is a train driver.”

Me: *snickering and pointing at the customer* “[Coworker], that is him!”

Coworker: “Really?” 

(The customer says nothing, just smiles and obviously waits for the penny to drop. That takes a while.)

Coworker: “Wait… You are not kidding.” *finally he realises and face-desks* “You people are so hard to recognize without a uniform!”

Train Driver: “Yes, even railway staff wear their own clothes from time to time.”

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