Entitlement Isn’t Just For Young People

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I am on the bus today heading home. Some seats are marked for disabled, elderly people, but everyone can sit there, especially if some are free. A mum and her daughter are sitting on these seats but there is one free just in front of me. An elderly lady enters and stands in front of the child.

I’m usually very polite with people, especially elders.

Elderly Lady: “I want this seat! Give it to me.”

Me: “You have a seat there, madam.

I point to the empty seat in front of me.

Elderly Lady: “No, I want this one!”

The kid stands up silently and the old lady literally pushes her to sit.

Mum: “Please, could you at least let my child move out of the way?”

Elderly Lady: “She should move faster!”

That makes me really mad.

Me: “You should be ashamed, madam. You know what you are? An old hag!

Elderly Lady: “…”

And you know what? She was getting off at the next stop one minute later!

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Fail To The Bus Driver, Part 2

, , , , | Working | March 25, 2020

(I am riding the bus from New York City to Toronto, Canada. The bus stops at a town in upstate New York to let off some passengers. One man who is in an aisle seat gets up, probably because his seatmate wants to get off. The man gets off the bus so he won’t block the aisle, to get back on after the passengers headed for that town get off. After the passengers finish getting off, the driver closes the door and leaves. Outside the bus, the man is chasing the bus. The remaining passengers shout to alert the driver, but the bus driver ignores the passengers. One of the passengers even gets up to the driver to tell him that they left a passenger stranded, but the driver keeps going. Eventually, the bus stops at Buffalo, a city just before the Canadian border, switching drivers as the previous driver’s shift is over. When the bus stops at the border so the passengers can clear customs, the Canadian customs officers freaks out upon seeing a bag without an owner.)

Driver: “Whose bag is it?”

Passenger: “The other driver stranded a man somewhere in upstate New York.”

Driver: “What the f***?”

(So, the bus and the passengers crossed the border, leaving a bag stranded at the Canadian border.)

Fail To The Bus Driver

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Will Not Conduct Themselves To The Passenger’s Level

, , | Right | March 16, 2020

(I’m on a local train and I overhear this conversation between an irate passenger and the conductor.)

Passenger: “The bathroom is filthy. It’s disgusting.”

Conductor: “I apologise for the inconvenience.”

Passenger: “I don’t want an apology; I want you to clean it.”

Conductor: “I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do. I have no access to cleaning supplies.”

Passenger: “This is outrageous. I will press charges against you personally for causing a health hazard.”

(The conductor takes out a pen and a notepad and starts writing something down.)

Passenger: “Hey, what are you writing?”

Conductor: “My name, so you know whom to press charges against.”

(With that, the passenger realised the ridiculousness of his threat and wandered off without another word.)

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You Probably Shouldn’t Tackle Civilians, Either

, , , , , , , | Friendly | March 13, 2020

I take a ferry to get to work most days and the ferry dock has a lot of interesting people hanging around. I utilize the time on the ferry and the walk up to work listening to audiobooks on my earbuds or planning my meetings.

One day, I am suddenly tapped on the shoulder by a tall man who does the most interesting Inspector Clouseau impression saying, “You slowed down suddenly and my face hit your bag.” 

This is almost physically impossible but I just say, “Okay, look where you are going.”

Next thing I know, he is in my face saying, “I did not hear you. Are you going to say sorry or say something smart?”

I just say, “I am not going to say anything to you,” and start walking away along the walkway along the river.

I go maybe ten steps before instincts from years as a front line public safety officer get me to step sideways; I move just in time for the idiot from before to barrel past me for what must have been a charge meant for me. He runs unchecked into a support column for the shade structure and splashes into ankle-deep stinking muck from the preceding day’s stormwater discharge.

I would have the guy arrested but he just had karma served right in front of my eyes. Also, his female companion has spotted my badge and is hauling the stinking idiot towards the tap, muttering, “Of all the people, you pick on one with a badge.”

For the record, I am not a street cop.

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This Bus Terminates At I Don’t Care

, , , | Right | March 5, 2020

(I work as a bus driver and I’m at the end of my run when I notice a young man asleep at the back of the bus. I wake him up…)

Me: “Excuse me, but we’re at the last stop; you have to get off.”

Customer: “Oh, f***, you were supposed to drop me off at [Street]!”

Me: “Sorry, but you didn’t ask me to let you off there when you got on.”


(I check my pockets and come up empty-handed.)

Me: “I seem to have left my ability to read minds in my other pants.”

(It wasn’t the answer he wanted and he couldn’t stay on as I was on my last run. He did ring and complain about it, but I had already told my dispatch about it.)

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