Happy Random Holidays!

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I’m heading home after a dreadful day of work. Customers were having trouble staying nice to each other and me. During transit, it’s not much better. I’m going home by train and a lot of people loudly complain about everything: non-existent delays, not enough seats — there are, you just have to sit next to someone else — and trains as a whole. My frustration level is rising.

I realize I might lash out to someone innocent if I can’t get rid of my frustration. When I arrive at the station, I spot a Customer Service employee. She doesn’t look pleased. I decide she will be my “victim.” 

I walk up to her, do my best to smile, and exclaim, “Happy holidays!” I leave immediately after. 

My frustration is gone and hopefully, so is hers. I just hope I didn’t confuse her too much.

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Making You Want To Cash Out Early

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I work at a small kiosk for public transport doing customer service. We don’t accept cash for safety and security as there’s a flimsy bit of plastic on the front window and there’s only one person on per shift. There’s no protection if someone tried to rob us.

Due to the “no cash” rule, we do have a lot of arguments on a daily basis. What we tell people is that they can use the fare machine on the platform or go to the convenience store down the road.

This particular gentleman isn’t having it.

Me: “Hi, how can I help?”

Customer: “Why don’t they take cash?”

Me: “Sorry? Do you mean the fare machine?”

Customer: “No, here!”

Me: “We don’t take cash for safety and security. We’re so out in the open that anyone could try to rob us.”

Customer: “That’s a load of bull. You should take cash!”

Me: “We have no protection against rob—”

Customer: “That’s no excuse! What about customers that only have cash?!”

Me: “Well, there’s the fare machine on the platform or the [Convenience Store] about a two-minute walk from here.”

Customer: “I don’t know how to use the machine and I’m not going to [Convenience Store]! This is appalling!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we don’t take cash for our security and for our safety.”

Customer: “I don’t see any other stores having that problem! The [Adult Store] down the street takes cash! They have a safe! Get a safe!”

Me: “That won’t help us, though. As I said, we aren’t protected here.”

Customer: “Whoever made that policy should be fired! It’s ridiculous! It’s not about safety and security! It’s making it less work for you to do! Those people should be fired and you should take cash! I pay an extra charge every time I use my card! This is just the worst customer service I’ve ever had! I’m going to file a complaint!”

I’ve worked there for six months and that is the worst I’ve dealt with so far. People just don’t care about our safety. It’s either we’re being inconsiderate or we’re just lazy. I’m considering quitting.

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Finding Interesting Ways To Conduct With The Conductor

, , | Right | November 21, 2020

Standing next to me on a train is a disheveled-looking man wearing what looks like pajama bottoms and a weird multicolored hat. We are about to arrive at a station in a little town that is locally notorious for its many institutions for people with mental problems. A train conductor comes to check for tickets.

Passenger: “I have a ticket! But it’s with my wife. She always buys my tickets. Don’t worry; my train tickets are always paid for!”

Conductor: “Where is your wife, then?”

Passenger: *Pointing to the carriage* “There… At home…”

Conductor: “Sir, if your wife has your ticket, she has to be here.”

Passenger: “Yeah, she’s right here!” *Trails off* “At… home…”

Conductor: “That doesn’t help me. If your wife has the tickets, she has to be travelling with you.”

Passenger: *Happily* “I don’t even have a wife! Oh, here’s my stop, though.”

Conductor: “Okay, you know what? For now… just leave.”

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Got Them Wrapped Around Your Finger

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I’ve got tendonitis in my right index finger, and due to the pain, my physiotherapist prescribes two weeks of complete rest with my hand and wrist in a cast. The cast goes from the tips of my fingers to halfway down my arm. I’m unable to drive to work, so I’m taking the bus.

Driver: “Oh, honey, what happened to your hand?”

Me: “I fought a guy.”

Driver: “Oh, dear, he’s hurt you quite badly.”

Me: “You haven’t seen him.

The next day, another driver asks me the same thing. This time my answer is, “Bear fight.”

The third day, I tell yet another driver that I got thrown out of a hot air balloon. I keep making up ever more incredible stories about how I got hurt.

After two weeks, we visit my dad and stepmom. My stepmom is a bus driver.

Stepmom: “Wait, you have a pink cast?”

Me: “As you can see.”

Stepmom: “Are you the young woman who makes up all these stories about how she got hurt?”

Me: “I might be… Why?”

It turns out that the drivers started telling each other the stories I told them in their Whatsapp chats. They loved the ever-increasingly strange things I kept coming up with.

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Where The Mississippi Meets The Hudson

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I’m driving a leg of a bus route that goes from Dallas to New York. My portion of the run is from Atlanta, Georgia to Raleigh, North Carolina. The bus clearly says, “NEW YORK,” on the destination sign, but that doesn’t stop people from asking where the bus is going.

This exchange happens while I’m waiting for my passenger to come out of the station to the bus. A random lady walks up to me:

Lady: “Is this bus going to Jackson, Mississippi?”

Me: *Dumbfounded* “No, ma’am, it’s going to New York.”

Lady: “Oh… Well, is it going to Jackson, Mississippi after that?”

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