When They Think They’re The Only One Entitled To Indoor Plumbing

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My husband, seven-month-old daughter, and I go to a popular furniture store. My daughter needs her diaper changed, so I let my husband know I’ll be in the bathroom while he gets a cart. The only changing tables in this particular store are in the family restrooms and there are two of those on the bottom floor: one by the front door next to the regular restrooms and one across the store.

I pick the one closest to the front door. As I start to change her, I hear this loud thud against the door, as if someone expected the door to open when it is, in fact, locked. I hear the handle jiggle, so I shout out that the restroom is occupied.

Thinking the person has left, I continue with my diaper changing duty. Not ten seconds later, there are three loud bangs on the door. Now, when I say bangs, I mean that it sounds like missiles are hitting the door. My daughter is surprised by the sudden noise and she starts crying, so I angrily shout out, again, that the restroom is occupied.

I calm my daughter down, finish her up, and exit the restroom. I expect to find this insane person hanging around but I only find my husband. He didn’t know I was in this family restroom, so he has been waiting by the women’s restroom nearby. The following is what he witnessed.

A lady with a baby and a toddler comes running up to the restroom and the lady slams herself into the door. Then, when the door doesn’t open, she bangs so loudly on the door that a worker comes over to see what all the commotion is about. And, yes, she is screaming the entire time.


Worker: “Um… okay?”


Worker: “Ma’am, I can’t kick someone out of the bathroom. You can wait for this family to finish or you can go to the family bathroom over there.”


Worker: “Ma’am, like I said, I can’t remove other customers from the bathroom. Our family rewards cards do not give anyone special access to bathrooms, only special prices throughout the store. Please either wait for this customer to leave or choose another bathroom to use.”

The customer let out a fierce pterodactyl screech and ran away, with her toddler being dragged behind her.

The worker shook his head and walked away.

If my husband had known I was the one getting terrorized, he would have said something. I told him he should have said something regardless because the poor worker clearly couldn’t but definitely wanted to! We only saw this lady and her kids once more… as she was being escorted out of the building by security. Guess someone was in the other bathroom, too!

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I was using a public bathroom in the mall and saw this awkward situation happening as I wash washing up.

Teenager: *nervously talking to the cleaning woman* Excuse me, but I was just in that stall and the toilet won’t flush. *points*

Cleaning lady: Yes, it does

Teenager: No, it doesn’t, I tried

Cleaning lady: You have to push down *makes a big mocking show of pretending to flush an invisable toilet*

Teenager: I did that, it doesn’t flush. I think its broken

Cleaning lady: You stupid child, don’t even know how to flush a toilet!

Teenager: *washes hands and leaves without a word*

Cleaning lady: *to me* What a stupid girl, she can’t even go the bathroom by herself!

Me: *watches her go into stall and realize that it really is broken* Maybe don’t assume next time!

Cleaning lady: *Glares at me as I leave*

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Let’s Hope They Really Didn’t Need To Go

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I work in a museum. There is an information kiosk that is literally fifteen steps from the bathroom. If you are talking to me, you need to turn around 180 degrees, decide if you want men’s or women’s, angle your feet 45 degrees, and walk fifteen feet. The bathrooms are large and can be entered from either end of a long hallway. Most people are able to find them.

Some people are both obtuse and rude. It’s like they expect me to hold their hand and walk them into the stall. Those people get directed to the “other bathroom.”

I send them up the stairs, across the main hall, down the other stairs, and into the other door of the same bathroom. The look on their faces when they exit and see they were back at my kiosk is priceless. If they are really, really obnoxious, I send them to the bathroom at the complete opposite end of the museum, assuming correctly that they will never find me again.

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They Can’t Clean Their Hands From Their Crimes

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I work the lowest-paying job at my local grocery store, as I am too young to be a cashier; you have to be twenty-one or older.

Part of my job is to clean bathrooms. I block off the women’s restroom with our cleaning cart so I can clean it. A lady comes up and completely ignores the fact that I’m cleaning and shoves the cleaning cart out of the way of the door.

Me: “Oh, sorry, I’m cleaning this. I’ll just be a minute—”

The woman pushes past me into a stall. I give up and start to clean the mirrors before I mop the floor, since she’s technically in the way. She finishes in the stall and starts washing her hands. When she’s done, she FLICKS her very wet hands right in front of me. Water goes EVERYWHERE. All over the floor, all over the mirrors, and all over… me.

Me: “Excuse me?”

The woman just left, pushing the cart farther out of the way. I was stunned. I’ve started making sure no one can get through while I’m cleaning!

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I suffer from an invisible disability. Because I’m relatively able-bodied, I tend to use the regular bathrooms as often as possible. On bad days, I use the disabled stall.

The stalls in my area tend to be button-open, button-lock. You push the open button, it opens the door. On a timer, the door shuts automatically, then you can press the ‘lock’ button. I walk into the disabled stall and wait for the door to close. Just as it touches the frame, and I reach to touch ‘lock’, the door swings open again! Weird. I wait for it to close again – again, it swings open!

I look outside to see if something is the matter. A woman is standing there smirking at me. It’s pretty clear that she’s been pressing the ‘open’ button so I can’t lock the door or use the loo.

Woman: Serves you right! You shouldn’t be using that toilet!

Me: *stunned* Not all disabilities are visible, ma’am.

Woman: *snorts* You kids are all lazy, and it takes the stall away from people who actually need it! You should be ashamed!

(By now, reality has caught up to me and I’m angry. I look her up and down – she has a shopping cart, so probably wanted to use the disabled stall herself)

Me: I should be ashamed? *You* should be ashamed! I could have epilepsy and need a larger stall in case I seize! I could have a degenerative disorder! I could be profoundly claustrophobic or have a sensory disorder! And you’re standing here opening the bathroom door again and again like some sick pervert to teach me – what? How much it *sucks* to be young and have a disability? Congratulations, lady, mission accomplished!

I have gotten loud – people are staring. The woman goes bright red and I grab the door (she’s still holding the open button) and use brute force to get it into its door jamb, then lean on the door until it stops trying to open and I can lock it. Outside, I can hear random bystanders begin to scold the woman, who seemed to leave pretty quickly. I was finally able to use the loo!

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