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(I’m a server in a large pub, and it’s quite a busy night. I’m clearing empty glasses off a table in a coworker’s section that has two 19-20 year old white girls sitting at it, when one of them grabs my arm.)

Girl: You had better music before, I don’t like what’s playing now! Could you put some n***** beats on?

Me: *thinking I misheard* Sorry?

Girl: N***** beats. Like, you know, The Weeknd.

Me: Umm…you can ask the bartender, the music controls are behind the bar.

Girl: No, I want you to do it.

Me: Okay…

(I wander off feeling a little dazed, and never did try to get the music changed.)

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(This happened years ago. I went for a carvery meal at a local pub with my parents and brother. I’d just turned 18, he was 15. My brother and I both ordered an alcholic drink with our meal. This is back when pubs were just starting to get strict about ID, so sometimes you could get one with a meal without showing ID. I didn’t drive or have a valid passport at the time).

Waitress: “I’m sorry, do you have any ID on you, please?”

(My brother and I don’t, so we just order soft drinks instead.)

Mother: *angry, to us* “What are you doing?” *to waitress* “Why won’t you let them have alcohol?”

Waitress: “It’s illegal for us to serve alcohol under 18s. I’m sorry.”

Mother: “That’s ridiculous!” *points at me* “SHE’S 18! Give her some alcohol. What’s the matter with you?”

Waitress: “I’m sorry, but without ID, I can’t confirm that she’s 18. We can only offer under 18s soft drinks, unless they have ID.”

Mother: “But they’re having a meal! What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with this place?! It wasn’t like this when I was young! We used to go to the pub when we were teenagers! It was much better in the seventies, before this country turned into a FASCIST STATE!” *shouting* “This is how Nazi Germany started, controlling what everyone wants to do! Why can’t young people just have some alcohol. It’s not like this in the rest of Europe! It’s just this bloody country! Why are you doing this?! You don’t even look any older than they do! Do you drink alcohol? Do you?!”

Waitress: *calm but uncomfortable* “I take ID with me when I do, so it isn’t a problem.” *reads back our order, then looks at me and my brother* “And that was two colas for you? Ok, I’ll go and get your drinks, and you can go for your food whenever you’re ready.”

(We went up to the hot buffet to get our food, and the drinks were on the table when we got back. I kept going to the loo, hoping I’d see the waitress on the way to apologise, but I didn’t see her again. My dad told me later he left a big tip for her (me and my brother were outside with my mother at the time, listening to her rant). We didn’t go back to the pub again).

This Policy Is Kwakkers

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I worked in a pub that mostly catered to students. A “Kwak” is a specialty beer, to be served in a special glass with a bulbous bottom. As such, it cannot stand on its own and needs a wooden frame to be hung from. 

As you can imagine, these are rather expensive and also very much loved by the students. In order to avoid the glasses disappearing like ice on a hot day, my boss required the student who ordered a Kwak to give a shoe — as they were inclined to “lose” their ID but walking home on a sock or barefoot is too big of an inconvenience… especially as it can get cold or very wet. One day, a student who was a regular, came in grinning from ear to ear and asked for his footwear behind the counter. 

The owner sighed, remarked on the fact that if anyone would leave his shoe behind, it would be [Regular] and let him keep the glass.

The shoe rule remained in place but students leaving the pub had to pass a “shoe check.”

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We Don’t Want Your Eggs Contaminating Ours  

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My wife was heavily pregnant with our second child. She had cravings for full English breakfasts. So, one Saturday morning my wife said we should go out for one. Never being one to turn down a cooked breakfast, my wife and I and our young son headed to a well-known franchise of pubs known for food and drink.

My wife, clearly pregnant, explained to the bar staff that she needed her fried eggs well done and not runny, due to being pregnant. Note that in these establishments you pay in advance for your food. Before paying, I relayed the importance of the eggs being well done. I was told this was not a problem.

The food arrived quickly, but the fried eggs on her plate were underdone and very runny. Naturally, my wife complained. We were told we did not ask for them well done. My wife said that she clearly asked and I stated that this was double-checked before I paid. I asked to speak to a manager.

The manager came over and barked, “We do not do refunds or substitutions!” loud enough for many other diners to hear. I began to lose my cool and explained the situation bluntly. 

I then stated that, as there is a higher risk of food poisoning from runny eggs, pregnant women (in the UK) are advised to avoid them, and that’s why I confirmed that the eggs needed to be well done before I paid for the food. I was told I had made that up. A simple Google search on my mobile phone proved the manager wrong. 

We were then told it would be fine and my wife should eat the eggs. I then said, “Can we have that in writing?” The manager swore loudly under her breath and then refused to replace the eggs. Due to cross-contamination, we were within our rights to demand a totally new plate of food. 

At this stage, we decided to leave, after spending £30+ for undercooked food served to a woman with child.

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I Am Well And Truly Done

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(My family and I all go out to a pub and have a meal there. This pub was recommended to us by a lady who lives nearby so we decided to check it out. I order a salmon dish and the rest of my family has meat or vegetarian options. When I cut into my salmon it is raw.)

Me: *politely* “Excuse me? Could you cook my salmon some more, please? I like it quite well done.”

Worker: “No.”

Me: “Why not? I can’t eat this.”

Worker: “That’s how we serve our salmon.”

Me: “Yes, I can appreciate that, but I would like mine more well-done. So, could you possibly just grill it for a minute longer?”

Worker: “No. That’s how we serve our salmon.” 

Me: “Yes. I got that, thank you. Can you maybe take it back and cook it more?”

Worker: “No.”

Me: “Why not? I’m literally just asking you to put it on a grill for two minutes.”

Worker: “That will ruin the salmon and you’ll get food poisoning.”

Me: “Oh. Well, can you make me another salmon? I haven’t eaten anything else on the plate so maybe just tip it off and put a new one on.”

Worker: “Our customers like their salmon like this.”

Me: “What, raw?”

Worker: “Yes.”

Me: “Okay, well, I don’t. So, can I have another dish?”

Worker: “Oh, you want a new plate?”

Me: “No. Another salmon. That’s cooked.”

Worker: “No, that’s raw. I feel like you’re not understanding me.”

Me: “Can I speak to the manager?”

Worker: “Why?”


Worker: “Why didn’t you say you want a new salmon? I can get you another one.”

Me: “And cook it? Properly?”

Worker: “Yes. Honestly, you should have said earlier. Everything else will be cold now.”

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