Number Blunder

| Boston, MA, USA | Extra Stupid, Technology

(My coworker is on the phone with a customer:)

Coworker: “All right, the phone number you need is xxx-xxx… Ma’am? … MA’AM! Please do not dial the number into your phone while I’m giving it to you.”

Has Some Hang-Ups About Your Answer

, | Sacramento, CA, USA | Crazy Requests

(A customer calls my print shop to ask about pricing on self-inking stamps. I speak with her briefly, and then she accidentally hangs up on me. She had been nothing but friendly and polite while on the phone with me. While waiting for her to call back, other customers enter the print center, so I begin to help them. The phone rings, and a coworker answers. My coworker and the stamp customer have the following exchange.)

Coworker: “Ma’am? I’m sorry about the wait. The lady that was helping you earlier is with a customer. I could give you the stamp pricing and information if you want?”

Customer: *angry* “What?! Can’t you find that girl I was talking to?!”

Coworker: “She’s currently helping another customer. I can place you back on hold if you’d rather wait for her.”

Customer: “NO! What if my phone hangs up again?!  You put that girl on the phone RIGHT NOW!”

Coworker: “Ma’am, she’s helping other people. If you just wanted some information on stamps, I can give you the information you need.”

Customer: “This is outrageous! Your customer service is terrible! I can’t believe you’d make me wait when my phone might hang up again at any minute! Never mind! I’m going to [Other Store]!” *hangs up*

(The coworker and I exchange glances.)

Me: “It’s probably best that you didn’t tell her [Other Store] and ours are the same company.”

Can’t Escape The Pull Of Stupidity

| GA, USA | Extra Stupid

(Our office has two sets of glass doors, both of which swing open like French doors. There are door handles on the outside leading in, and a push bar to get out. For some reason customers can not figure out how to get into the shop using the handle. I walk out of the office to bring some paper work down the hall to two more offices. While walking to the second office I see someone standing right in front of the office/shop doors. I make it back to the office doors, where the person is still standing.)

Customer: *who doesn’t realize I work there* “The doors are locked and the woman in there won’t get up to open the door.”

Me: “Well, she’s not getting up because the doors are not locked.”

Customer: “How do you know that’s why she won’t get up?”

Me: “Because I also work here, and I don’t get up when I know the door is unlocked.”

Customer: “If the door’s not locked, why won’t it open?”

Me: “Did you try pulling the door towards you to open it?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Go ahead and try that.”

(The customer pulls the door open.)

Customer: “…Oh.”

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