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(I am a shopping at Target with my boyfriend, I’m 20 and him 21, helping him pick out jeans when a girl who looks about 15 years of age comes up to us, she is wearing red hipster sunglasses and a red One Direction t-shirt)
Girl: “Hello, mind if I tell you guys something?”
Me:*curios* “Go ahead!”
(suddenly What Makes You Beautiful starts playing from somewhere)
Girl:*sings us the whole song with dance moves and everything*
Girl:*after the song is finished* I really meant what I said, you are very pretty and your friend is quite handsome, stay you and don’t change” *walk away smiling*
Boyfriend:”That was interesting but it made my day”
Me: “Yea that was very sweet.”
(a couple minutes later We see her, singing to someone to an old couple, then the manager walks up)
Manager: “Exuse me miss, please turn off your music and exit the store, you are disrupting the customers.”
Girl:” Oh did you receive a complaint?”
Manager: “No but I think you are being annoying and pestering our customers. This is obviously a YouTube stunt, and I don’t appreciate it.”
Girl:” The only thing hidden here is my amp *gestures to her Beats Pill on a shelf*, I have no cameras, I just believe the world should smile a little more often and cry a little less, so I make people smile by singing to them, which will hopefully prevent them from crying for a bit”
Manager:*shocked* Well I’m sure these costumers did not enjoy it* gestures to older couple*
Older Woman:”I loved it, she made my day”
Boyfriend: “She made mine as well”
Older Man: “Who is that band, I like their music and would like to hear more”
Girl:” That was One Direction, I can show you to their new album in the music section. That was one of their old songs however I can play their new ones for you before you buy the album so you know if you like it”
(She leads the older couple the the music section, leaving the manager standing there shocked, I later see the couple with quite a few One Direction albums in their cart. Not only did the girl make customers happy, but she convinced them to buy a product they would not have without her)

Have To Be Tough To Deal With Holiday Shoppers

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(It’s about seven pm on Thanksgiving night. A customer approaches my register with a cart of college t-shirts. As I ring them up and say the price ($4.99) she stops me.)

Customer: “Excuse me! Those are 50% off!”

Me: “Yes, ma’am. They are ticketed $10 and the sign says 50% off the ticketed price. That is why they are $4.99.”

Customer: “I don’t think so. They should be 50% off the price on the sign! I want to go look!”

(She walks over to the section and storms back to my register.)

Customer: “Scan all of them! I don’t believe you!”

(I scan all 20 of them one by one, each coming up $4.99.)

Customer: “Here, I don’t want these few.”

(She throws about five onto the register and I hastily put them to the side.)

Customer: “Ring me up for the rest of these.”

(I’m very flustered at this point. I’m still new to the job, and I take an audible deep breath.)

Customer: “Are you getting annoyed with me?”

Me: “No, ma’am, I’m just very flustered; it is Thanksgiving night, it has been very busy, and I only started a few weeks ago.”

Customer: “Well, tough s***! It’s your job to be annoyed. And you can’t do anything about it.”

(I rang her up in silence, completely baffled by her attitude. She left and I had to walk away from the register, it was so upsetting.)

Never Shopping Here, Starting Tomorrow!

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(It is a quiet Saturday afternoon, a few weeks before Father’s Day. I work in the men’s department so my register is supposed to get boxes for customers, but they haven’t come yet. A woman approaches my register with at least four big bags of already purchased items.)

Customer: “Do you have any boxes down here so I can get stuff wrapped?”

Me: “No, unfortunately, but they do have them upstairs at customer service.”

Customer: *in disgust* “UGH! How ridiculous! Such horrible service! This is why I never shop here!”

(She walked out of the store and I chuckled to myself. How was it that she had four bags of items if she ‘never shops here’?)