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(A friend and I sell items in an online store. Someone makes a purchase, so we pack up the item and purchase and print a shipping label through the website, which also sends a notification to the customer. Then, we drop the package off at the post office. Several days later, I get a message from the customer asking if the order has shipped yet. I check the tracking info only to see that, for some reason, that package has neither shipped nor even been checked in to the post office. My friend confirms she definitely dropped it off. We try calling the post office, but apparently, this branch is notoriously bad at ever answering the phones. Instead, my friend resolves to go to the post office in person and find out what’s going on. When she arrives and inquires about the package, it is quickly found on the floor in a corner, the label never having been scanned in. As my friend is making the employee scan the package into the system in front of her eyes, this interaction happens:)

Post Office Worker: “In the future, you should just hand packages directly to workers, rather than dropping them in the dropbox.”

Friend: “Seriously?!”

Post Office Worker: “What?”

Friend: “I did! You are the one I handed it to!”

(The customer finally got their package, and we don’t use that post office anymore.)

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(I am in line behind one man at the post office to use one of their self-service mailing machines, and the woman using it is taking a while to get her package mailed.)

Woman: Turns to those of us in line and says, “Sorry I’m taking so long, this is the first time I’ve used this machine.”

Man in Front of Me: Seems to be annoyed with the lady, makes a gesture with his hands and says, “Yes, hurry it along.”

Me: “Excuse me sir, there’s no need to be rude. She apologized. I’m sure all of us in line have places to be as well, but you don’t see us berating someone for taking a little bit more time to use a machine she’s unfamiliar with.”

The man in questions shut up for the entire time he was in line, and the woman even stuck around after he left to thank me for sticking up for her and calling the man out on his rudeness.

Thinking Outside The Post Box

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(It’s the holidays, and because I am unable to go back home to Italy and celebrate with my family, I decide to put together a package with gifts for all of them and send it early, so they would have it by Christmas. At the post office, I am filling out the form with their address and mine and bring everything to the clerk.)

Clerk: *after looking over the forms* “So, your address seems to be fine, however, the shipping address does not… There is no PO box here.”

(Note that in the UAE everyone uses PO boxes, as they usually don’t have street names and numbers.)

Me: “No, it’s correct; we don’t use PO boxes. While we don’t have street names, you see…”

Clerk: “Well, are you sure this is the correct address?”

Me: “I lived there for over 20 years. I can assure you, this is the address.”

Clerk: “I will not take any responsibility if the package doesn’t arrive.”

Me: “It will arrive. I take the responsibility. Plus, I live in a very very small town with only one post officer. He knows everyone personally, which means even if the street name is wrong, he will still be able to deliver it because he knows my parents.”

Clerk: “All right, but as I said, I am not sure this will arrive, as there is no PO box, and I will put a note that says I informed you about it.”

Me: *sigh* “Put that note and just send it, please.”

(The package arrived just fine and my family received their presents and were very happy about it.)

Your Gift Is All In The Delivery

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(It is very close to Christmas. Not unexpectedly, the line-up for the post office is very long. The lady ahead of me has probably been waiting for at least 20 minutes by the time she reaches the counter.)

Lady: “How much to mail this package to [Province]?”

Clerk: “$3, ma’am. $5 if you want to be guaranteed that it will get there by Christmas.”

Lady: “$3? Are you serious? That’s more than the gift cost! Forget it!” *leaves*

(So, to recap: she spent less than $3 on someone’s Christmas present, waited in line for almost half-an-hour to mail it, but balked at a $3 mailing charge. I feel sorry for the would-be recipient!)

Oversized Service!

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(I have to send a small package overseas to a friend. Unfortunately, the German postage system is somewhat difficult to understand because there are so many options and regulations of what size and what weight can be shipped with which postage, so I go to the counter to ask and become “that” confused customer, sadly.)

Me: “Hi! I want to ship this to the United States. It’s a ‘small parcel’ according to size, but it’s far below ‘small parcel’ regulations in terms of weight, so I don’t know what the postage would be. Also, the smallest parcel option is without tracking, so would I have to ‘upgrade’ to a larger parcel and pay more to get tracking?”

Postal Clerk: “Let me check.” *typing into his computer* “Actually, it seems like we can just ship this as an oversized letter. You’ll pay [lower price than I expected], and it comes with automatic tracking for overseas shipping.”

Me: “But it’s not a letter. It’s clearly a cardboard box. Won’t that cause trouble?”

Postal Clerk: “No, our system just scans the code; it doesn’t care about size.”

Me: “But there are postage regulations concerning size.”

Postal Clerk: “That’s just set as guidelines to ensure that shipping containers, vans, and such don’t get overloaded with large packages.”

Me: “Okay, sorry. I’m just worried it won’t be shipped, or it will get lost or something.”

Postal Clerk: “Of course. But watch this.”

(He prints the postage and puts it on my parcel. He then starts waving his hands above it in the way a magician might show off a trick, ending with, “Abracadabra!”)

Postal Clerk: “Tada! It is now… an oversized letter!

(He made me laugh, saved me money, and made sure I got tracking. The package arrived perfectly on time in the US. Best post office visit ever!)

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