I Want A Money-Order And Make It Snappy

| PA, USA | Working | November 23, 2016

(My boyfriend is trying to do a money order, and I have gone with him. Note that he is a very well-mannered British man with no patience for impoliteness. He has also never done a money order before.)

Boyfriend: “Hi, I’d like to get a money order.”

(The cashier glares at him but says nothing. There is an awkward pause.)

Boyfriend: “Um, sorry, I said I’d like to get a money order.”

(Another pause. The cashier glares at him again. Finally, she snaps at him.)

Cashier: *loudly and rudely* “For how much?!”

Boyfriend: *taken aback* “Sorry, for $[amount].”

(He then turns to me with a very calm look on his face.)

Boyfriend: *in his very level, polite British accent* “I have never met someone so rude in my entire life.”

(Though I am bad at confrontation and have nothing to reply with, the cashier freezes. Her tone and demeanor immediately change.)

Cashier: “Would you like cash back?”

Boyfriend: “No, thank you.”

(The transaction finishes with the cashier being much meeker, and as we walk away:)

Me: “Some people just like to take their misery out on others. Sorry, love.”

On Autobot Autopilot

| ID, USA | Right | October 21, 2016

I’m the customer in this story. I got a necklace at a Renaissance Faire not too long ago that’s essentially a tiny book on a chain, and since I work as a librarian I’ve been wearing it to work every day and I’ve gotten a LOT of compliments on it.

A couple weeks after getting it I end up going to the post office on my lunch break to send a package, and as she’s helping me the clerk compliments me on my necklace. Without thinking I reply “Thanks. I work at the library.”

The clerk gives me a weird look but says nothing, and finishes up with my package. It’s not until I’m out the door that I realize I’m NOT wearing the book necklace today, but a pendant with the Autobot symbol from Transformers on it.

I can only wonder what was going through that clerk’s head when I responded to a compliment on my “geeky” necklace with a complete non-sequitur about my job.

Kids These Days Are… Pretty Alright

| Athens, Greece | Friendly | September 12, 2016

(I am 10 years old. I’m with my older brother in the post office. My brother is waiting in a queue and I decide to sit down on a nearby sofa because we’ve been walking a lot. Soon afterwards, an angry-looking old woman comes in; she has a cane but is surprisingly fast. She ignores other chairs nearer the entrance and makes a beeline for me.)

Old Woman: “Get up! I’m tired! I want to sit!” *gesturing away from the sofa*

(Surprised, I get up and go stand next to my brother, still in the queue. She sits in the sofa for a few seconds at most and then stands up and goes back out the door, still looking angry.)

Brother: “Somebody’s disappointed she didn’t get to prove that kids today are rude.”

Honesty Not Included

| UK | Right | August 12, 2016

(I am the customer in this story. I am posting a present to a relative in Finland.)

Post Office: “What is in the parcel?”

Me: “Children’s toy.”

Post Office: “Does it contain batteries?”

Me: “No…”

Post Office: “Okay, then that’s fine. Please pass it through the window.”

Parcel: *starts singing jaunty nursery rhyme as I accidentally hit a button whilst passing it to her*

Post Office & Me: *avoid eye contact and pretend we heard nothing*

Small Parcel, Big Reaction

| Cornwall, England, UK | Right | August 10, 2016

(I am sending a parcel at the local post office and take it up to the counter to be weighed and measured. It is slightly too long to be considered a small parcel although it is fine weight and width-wise.)

Me: “I’d like to send this parcel first class.”

Cashier: “I’m very sorry but it is too large to count as a small parcel.”

Me: “Not a problem. I should have folded it smaller.”

Cashier: “You’d have probably not fitted the width restrictions then.”

Me: “Oh, yes, typical!” *said with a smile and a laugh* “Just tell me how much it is and I’ll pay.”

Cashier: “Oh, really? It’s [amount].”

Me: “I’m guessing most people don’t have the same reaction?”

Cashier: “You wouldn’t believe…”

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