Some Customers Can Be Truly Calculating

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(I serve a family of five, and they leave a really generous tip. When I am cleaning their table, I find a napkin with notes:)


“Waiter was smiling 2%
Menus given quickly +5%
Waiter accurately told approximate time to receiving food +5%
Allergen information +5%
Substitutes offered +5%
Asked about taste only once +5%
Wished a good day +2%”

(Yep. Some customers are really calculating their tips!)

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(Reading the final legal stuff to finish the sale through the phone. Suddenly a client asks:)

Client: “Does this phone have an amoled?”

Worker: “Let me check Hey, this guy wants to buy some f***ng amulet!”

Client: “Not f***ng, just an amoled.”

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