The Power To Express-o

, | Romantic | March 7, 2012

(My boyfriend has just sent me a text message. I hate coffee, but my boyfriend adores it.)

Boyfriend: “I wrote you a poem! It’s about coffee!”

How I love my coffee,
How it fills me with life.
How it soothes my heart,
How it calms my soul.
How it awakens my senses,
And makes me feel warm.
Oh [my name],
My coffee is you.

Me: “Aww thanks. But I am NOT coffee.”

Boyfriend: “But, I made it sound so good!”

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Rhyme Crime

, | Romantic | February 28, 2012

(I receive a self-typed content of an e-card that my boyfriend, sent to me for Valentine’s Day.)

“Girls can be annoying too much (you hit the top of the list)
But you aren’t as such (please don’t hit me with your fist)
Because I love you too much

Your eyes shine like the moon
Please stop waking up at noon
Or I’ll whack you with a spoon

I don’t know why my rhyming
has such odd intent
But that’s how I am
I didn’t even waste a cent

You’re the best (and only) girl friend I’ve ever had
You really aren’t that bad
You comfort me when I’m sad
And get scared when I’m mad

I’ll love you forever
When does that end? Oh right, never!
I await the rest of our little endeavour
My rhymes seem so clever

I hope this isn’t a caper
But I’ve run out of paper.”

(I wasn’t sure whether to be shocked, annoyed, or amused. Most likely the latter.)

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