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I need gas. I am at nearly empty. I pull into the pump, insert my card for discount points, insert my debit card. Machine can’t read it. Message pops up “Please see attendant”. I go into the store with my debit card in my hand and inform him “The machine doesn’t like my card.” He asks where I am, I tell him. He then looks at me and says (while I have my debit card in my hand), “Will you be paying cash for that today?” Just shook my head and said that I’m going somewhere else. The card was in my hand and I informed him that the card reader wasn’t working. I think he left his common sense at home that day.

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I work at K-mart as a cashier and we have a policy that if the price is .98 or .97, it’s not included in any sales we may be having.
Customer- who looks around 70-80 ish- *walks to my register with cart full of clothes*
Me- Hello, how are you today?
Customer- Good thank you now your sign says that anything in .99 is on sale for 30% off but this ends in .98 will I still be getting the sale?
Me- Unfortunately no, as the sign says it’s only for items ending in .99( by this we mean anything ending in .99 like $5.99 or $21.99 etc.) since it’s .98 it’s considered everyday great pricing.
Customer- But it’s only a penny difference!
Me- I know but that’s our policy and it is on the sign in the fine print.
Customer- No one reads that! This is fraud! What would your manager say?!?
Me- The exact same thing, I can have them come over
Customer- Yes go that!
Me-*walks over to my manger and explains the situation*
Manager- you explained to her? and she still wants me over there?
Me- yes
Manager-ok I’ll be there *rolls eyes (she’s been there since 9 am and it was around 3 PM so she was very much tired and not amused.*
Me-*walks back to register and see customer left and went straight to my manager*
Co-worker- what happened?
Me- *Explains everything*
Co-worker- oh ok, I’ll be right back and tell you what happens. *Walks over where manager and customer are talking and overhears conversation*
Me-*Continues to do work and sees customer leaving, looks straight into her eyes and smile, customer looks more pissed*
Co-worker-*comes back* Well you aren’t a lair and she didn’t get what she want
Me-good and that just made my day *Was in a good mood for the rest of my shift*